Carl Grimes in every episode - Service

Well, pardon me, young man and excuse the shit out of my goddamn French, but, did you just threaten me? Look, I get threatening Davey here, but I can’t have it. Not him, not me. Carl, just put it down. Don’t be rude, Rick. We are having a conversation here. Now, boy, where were we? Oh, yeah. Your giant, man-sized balls. No threatening us. Listen, I like you, so I don’t wanna go hard proving a point here. You don’t want that. I said half your shit, and half is what I say it is. I’m serious. Do you want me to prove how serious? Again?

Love at first analysis

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with every puppy you come across. But when it comes to guide dogs, pairing the right one to a blind or visually impaired owner requires much more than puppy love. Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit guide dog organization, uses Watson Analytics to screen over half-a-million canine health and temperament records in the IBM Cloud. That’s hundreds of data points for each pup to help increase the chances of a successful pairing.

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9 Little Ways To Make Life Easier For Your Server

1. When your server arrives, give them your attention!

2. Remember your order! This may seem simple, but when the food comes out, it’ll help tremendously if you’re watching for it.

3. …and then create a spot for the incoming plate.

4. Remember if there’s a problem with the food, your server did not make your food!

But your server is your only hope of getting your order corrected; being kind to them is in your own best interest.

5. After you finish, make your table easier to bus by placing your silverware on your plate.

6. Remember your server is a real human who is responsible for multiple tables.

7. Don’t touch your server!

8. Do say, “Thank you!”

9. And finally… leave the pen.

Seriously. Don’t take the pen. They need the pen.

(by @nathanwpyle)

Pres. Obama and the First Lady helped put the final touches of paint on a mural in the community room of the Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter in Washington, DC, as part of a service event to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday.

The mural, “Wall of Hope,” was created by artist Omatayo Akinbolajo and features a painting of MLK.


Women’s March, Washington DC 2017. Some pics I took today. Let’s encourage women to run for office because this is not enough.

Women need to run for office, volunteer on local boards, draft bills (yes, you can draft a bill!), and inspire others to vote. Marching is great, the next step is getting in office.

The current GOP is extremely powerful. More than most of you know. 46 states have Republican majorities (e.g., led by a Republican Governor and state legislature).

Let that sink in.

The GOP, majority white male, now control Congress, Senate, and the Executive. They’ll get two Supreme Court justices and hundreds of judges. They have full control of the US government. And they’ll easily brush aside protest.

Run for office. Run for office. Run for office.

Richonne “Service” Scenes: Analysis

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Scene 1

The other two times we’ve seen them in bed, they’re either touching each other (like in “The Next World”) or Rick is on her side of the bed (like in “East”).  Rick’s back is to her, but its curved, like he’s crouching inward, like a fetal position, which would suggest a longing for comfort.  It’s possible he wants Michonne to spoon him, on a subconscious level.  But what’s important to note is, the position one finds oneself in upon waking is not the same position one was in when first going to sleep.  For those who have slept overnight with a partner, someone you’re close to, show of hands of who went to bed while spooning, and woke up like this the next day.  I know I have.


Rick wants to be held is what I take away from this body language.  Also, since he knows Michonne’s been creeping out before he wakes, maybe not holding tight is his way of giving her an easy out if she so wishes it.

The “Annie, get your gun” scene–

I won’t discuss that one as it’s been discussed ad infinitum.  Michonne sneaks out, but not as well as she thought she did.

For the beginning of this scene, it’s clear that Michonne is quietly seething–the Saviors being there, Rick holding that bat, Rick confronting her on her extra curricular activities and asking for her gun…it’s not until Rick passionately says, “I’m not losing you or Carl…” that the damn breaks.  Her stance is instantly not tense and her shoulders drop and she hurts for him.

In the final scene, Michonne seeks out Rick.  To follow up on the gun sitch, but also, I think, to check on him.  She knows he tried to barter that gun for Daryl.  When he asks if she hid more, she realizes he’s serious.  They both know it’s something he would have done.  She tells him no, and turns to leave.  The old Michonne would have kept walking–kept her distance.  But not this time.  She turns back and tries to plead the case for why they should fight.  It’s clear she’s not all there when she mentions Hilltop–the place ran by someone like Gregory and has few guns and zero bullets.  Michonne sees this as a prison, but Rick has made himself see it as an out–a way to survive [for now].  When he tells her about Judith, Michonne finally gets it.

What’s important to note is, the realization of the lengths Rick has gone through to keep this little girl safe–this little girl who he knows biologically isn’t his–does not hinder how much he loves her or what he would do for her.  I just know Michonne’s ovaries were crying at that or at least mine were.

The way Rick cares for not only his people, but particularly his children, is one of the things that drew her to him in the first place.  Knowing this about Judith, peeling back this extra layer, probably made her love him more.  She goes to help him make the bed, and tells him she’ll try.  It doesn’t mean she thinks he’s right or that this will work, but it’s something he needs her to do.

What she is saying here is, “I’m gonna try [for you].”  This is a clear echo of Rick telling her that even though it went against everything he believed in, that he was “gonna see” about Alexandria for her.  Even when they don’t agree, what it boils down to is this: They are still, and will always be a team.

She’s still with him, y’all.

Service dogs

What I wish able bodied and healthy people understood more is that service dogs aren’t to oogle at, they aren’t to pet, and they aren’t meant to be a distraction for people around them. Service dogs exist for one purpose only, and that is to assist their humans in whatever way is needed. Don’t go up to service dogs and try to pet them, don’t distract them with food, and just generally don’t do anything to interfere with the dog doing its job, unless the owner says it’s okay. This has been a PSA.