9 Little Ways To Make Life Easier For Your Server

1. When your server arrives, give them your attention!

2. Remember your order! This may seem simple, but when the food comes out, it’ll help tremendously if you’re watching for it.

3. …and then create a spot for the incoming plate.

4. Remember if there’s a problem with the food, your server did not make your food!

But your server is your only hope of getting your order corrected; being kind to them is in your own best interest.

5. After you finish, make your table easier to bus by placing your silverware on your plate.

6. Remember your server is a real human who is responsible for multiple tables.

7. Don’t touch your server!

8. Do say, “Thank you!”

9. And finally… leave the pen.

Seriously. Don’t take the pen. They need the pen.

(by @nathanwpyle)

profoundlytenaciousgalaxy  asked:

I was reading about your analysis about Holly Blue and a thought came up. Could Holly Blue adopted the physical reaction from being mingled with the Earth Gems for so long? I'm seeing that if she was in charge of a different group of gems, she wouldn't be nearly as physical? Using other methods of getting them in shape and in line?

That’s a really good point and now that you bring it up I do think that as well! In both the Holly Blue Character Analysis and the new Pearl Class Analysis I bring up why it’s significant that these gems are put in the service sector. 

They’re separated from gems of their kind, so the socialisation process that we usually see, like Peridot still being able to compare herself to Era 1 Peridots in Too Short to Ride, the Ruby Squad, or Jasper talking about Jaspers as a collective, is largely absent.

In fact, there is an attempt from them to distance themselves from similar gems. Holly talks about the specific prestige of serving on an outpost in the middle of nowhere that no one visits. 

So like Pearls, HBA’s may be expected to assimilate into the lives of their wards as well in order to get them to listen to her and respect her.

We needn’t go to my now, very tired example of the Ruby Squad. Let’s go to the Famethyst. 

They grab.

They play fight.

They’re not too into personal space.

They pick each other up without asking.

And none of it is seen as threatening or an invasion of space. In their social sphere, the norms for what is acceptable is different. And that doesn’t meant in the slightest that they’re less “civilised.” Some cultures in our world speak louder than others. Some cultures accept what most Western societies would describe as a “too close for comfort” distance when talking to one another. Some cultures go right for the kiss when they greet one another. 

Taking a culturally relativism standpoint, we can’t say one is more valid than the other. 

So in order to appeal to that, Holly Blue’s “get in your face” tactic may have been learned as well.

Seeing HBA’s as middle-level managers, I could see them acting differently if in case they were in charge of another group of gems, depending on the way they socialise. 

One day, the whole world looks like an open page
and you’ve been dancing as fast as you can with a smile on your face
and then the earth and the sky they open together
and carry me away as light as a feather
chase the clouds from the ground
in the big blue sky don’t wanna watch it all go by so I’m gonna fly

What You Lost (Calum Hood)

if house fires are triggering to you, you probably shouldn’t read this one (no deaths, but i don’t want to be attacked for not putting some type of disclaimer)


It was a call as routine as any other – someone called 911 about a house fire and the crew was now on the way to put it out. Calum was the station’s go-to paramedic – even though no serious injuries were reported, he was always right alongside his coworkers just in case – so he quickly grabbed the keys to the ambulance and followed the firetruck to the scene.

The firehouse dog – a black lab named Rusty – was sitting shotgun in the ambulance. He was there as a form of comfort to victims of car accidents and fires, and while he was mainly taken in by the department to help kids feel better, adults were also comforted by the canine as well.

Calum pulled up to the curb and got out of his ambulance, taking Rusty’s leash and letting him jump out of the vehicle as well. But as he was standing there, getting his bag from the back, the dog immediately took off, causing Calum to drop the leash.

Rusty!” he called, spinning around. His eyes immediately found the lab as he trotted up to a (h/c)-haired girl sitting on the ground in front of the burning house.

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