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It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with every puppy you come across. But when it comes to guide dogs, pairing the right one to a blind or visually impaired owner requires much more than puppy love. Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit guide dog organization, uses Watson Analytics to screen over half-a-million canine health and temperament records in the IBM Cloud. That’s hundreds of data points for each pup to help increase the chances of a successful pairing.

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The Sharp Dressed Man provides gently-worn suits for men who are trying to get back on their feet after incarceration, homelessness, or significant life challenges. 

“I’ve never worn a suit before. Now I feel like I can take on anyone and win.”

“I felt special getting attention from the staff. When I looked at myself in the mirror I felt so handsome. It made me feel like I am ready to get a job.”


9 Little Ways To Make Life Easier For Your Server

1. When your server arrives, give them your attention!

2. Remember your order! This may seem simple, but when the food comes out, it’ll help tremendously if you’re watching for it.

3. …and then create a spot for the incoming plate.

4. Remember if there’s a problem with the food, your server did not make your food!

But your server is your only hope of getting your order corrected; being kind to them is in your own best interest.

5. After you finish, make your table easier to bus by placing your silverware on your plate.

6. Remember your server is a real human who is responsible for multiple tables.

7. Don’t touch your server!

8. Do say, “Thank you!”

9. And finally… leave the pen.

Seriously. Don’t take the pen. They need the pen.

(by @nathanwpyle)

Family Choice Boiler Repairs in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Family Choice Boiler Repairs are an expert plumbing company based in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

While they are adept at a wide variety of plumbing jobs and task, they very much specialise in the repairing, maintaining and servicing of boilers.

All brands of boiler are serviced, using the manufacturers recommended parts.

All engineers are gas safe registered and fully covered with liability insurance.

Gas and combi boilers installed, repaired and serviced.

They have a 100% success rate with boiler repairs, and are considered to be one of the best boiler repair companies in the whole of the Manchester area.

You can contact them using the details below.

Family Choice Boiler Repairs

12 Higherbrook Close, Horwich, Bolton BL6 6SQ


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Love this! Pics from Bey’s SoulTrain themed BeyDay Bash

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Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.
—  Martin Luther King Jr.