Photography by @lauradyerphotography
“The gorgeous serval cat, definitely one of the most beautiful small predator around, and my personal favourite! They are so slight and delicate, with beautiful long legs and markings! This relaxed cat was photographed in the private @andbeyondtravel Kleins Kamp concession in the #Serengeti! #serval #smallcats

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I need to explain a thing.





Snow Leopard

Leopard Cat

Iberian Lynx

Geofffroy’s Cat

Fishing Cat

Clouded Leopard

Black Footed Cat


Marbled Cat

Margay Cat

Pampas Cat

Oncilla aka Tigrina


I’m so tired of seeing posts about cats and they aren’t even correct. Just because it has spots does not mean its a Leopard or Ocelot. I wouldn’t be so mad if when I politely try to correct them I get a rude message that I have no idea what I am talking about. No. I’ve made it my life passion learning about cats and the different species. So go fuck yourself.