Serrina Sims


Yup, Jon tearing shit up on drums with Sweethead. Lucky Aussies

I really hope they come back to the UK soon, they were amazing as Qotsa’s support in Manchester, I miss them….


so let’s just talk about how unbelievably gorgeous (and funny as hell!) ms. serrina sims is. oh and have you heard her sing? if not, then you should probably go find and listen to sweethead.

just an appreciation post. :D

(oh, and i grabbed these from sweethead’s facebook and myspace pages…so the pictures are obviously not mine, i just appreciate the hell out of them.)

Spaceland (now The Satellite) | February 11, 2009 | Los Angeles, CA

My first Sweethead show way back when and it was a blast. Troy and the boys were on point and Serrina prowled the stage like the badass she is. I even remember Troy’s equipment picking up a spanish radio station between songs! A long, drink-filled, night ended around the bend at the Cha Cha where more talk was had and more celebratory drinks were shared. I can’t wait for them to play LA again…