Serpent Squad

radi0-h3ad asked:

I'm just gonna send you a bunch of random stuff by UPS and see how many it takes before you go on a homicidal rampage.

I’m game! That could be very entertaining for one and all. I suggest anyone wishing to participate send:

Open Character

Name: Ophelia Sarkissian
Alias/ Codename: Madame Hydra (Viper)
Age: 31
Designation: Hydra
Alignment: Hydra
Species: Post Human 
Threat Level: High 
Facial Match: Svetlana Khodchenkova


Orphaned at a young age, Ophelia Sarkissian was born in the 1920’s but aligned herself with the mysterious Chton, a great dark power, to slow her aging process. Under Chton’s orders, she became a mercenary and was eventually recruited by HYDRA. Ophelia moved quickly up the ranks, coining the name Madame Hydra and taking control of their New York operations. 

During her quest for power, Ophelia then took over the Serpent Squad, a group dedicated to ruining Captain America’s reputation using false advertisements; Ophelia killed their leader, a man who called himself The Viper, and took the name for herself. This position was not enough for Ophelia, however, and she continued to rise in power, seeking world domination. However, Chton’s ties on her continued to hold her back, and he eventually used her to attack Spider-Woman who he wanted to use to help him emerge on Earth. Spider-Woman resisted Chton long enough for Ophelia to escape his control, and once she was free, she killed him. 

A later fight with Wolverine left half of Ophelia’s face extremely disfigured and scarred, so much so that years of cosmetic surgery have been unable to hide the marks completely. Ophelia is known to wear her hair over this side to hide her “weakness.” 

Current Status:

Ophelia Sarkissian was last seen in New York City, working with Hydra’s city department to fight against SHIELD and the city’s growing collection of super-heroes. She has been deemed a credible threat and should not be approached under any circumstances. 

Personality Assessment: Ambitious, Strong-willed, Intelligent, Ruthless, Calculating, Selfish

Powers and Abilities:

  • Immunity to all toxins and poisons, including, according to her, the “toxin of man.” 
  • Can produce a venom through kissing, using her tongue to secret it on her claws, or breathing in a victim’s vicinity; this venom causes extreme pain and then death. If blown, the toxin of this venom can only enter the body’s system through a wound.
  • Can heal her own injuries by shedding her skin
  • Elongates fingernails at will to create claws
  • Snake-like agility 

Known Acquaintances:

Additional Information:

  • Ophelia is known for her cold-hearted behavior and is not above poisoning a stranger who gets in her way
  • Maintains well-to-do contacts in Japan 

Gifs and other Resources for Ophelia Sarkissian can be found [here]

          {♠} —; “The serpent. Hirako’s squad is in charge of his case, yet I can’t help but feel drawn in.” Akira had been mumbling over her work life, buying coffee from a nearby store. “He’s elusive, and I’d really like a dangerous ghoul like him to be put down….” she could hardly pick on a brand, and stood up straight to face another shopper. “Is this kind any good?”