Come Make Magic!

Have you ever wanted to wake up for work and realize that, for your job, you’re headed somewhere to go work on a card game, in a room with your friends, in a building that has a dragon in the lobby?

Well, now is the perfect time to make that your reality.

We have several new job postings that just went up in Magic R&D, including an Editor, Graphic Designer, and Producer!

You would get to come and literally work on Magic cards all day. Plus, in addition to your job duties, you have the opportunity to create Magic cards, playtest future sets, and otherwise make Magic happen!

Seriously. Apply. After all, you can’t get your dream job if you don’t try to make it happen.

I’ve been working at Wizards for nearly 5 years now, and it’s been an incredible experience. Come join me!

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i can't believe yooki are real and in love wow my pores have decreased in size, my skin is clear, ship yooki ppl


crossover ships are the most beautiful things ever, and i just… I JUST I LOVE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU CAN DO SO MUCH WITH THEM, and that’s what i do with Yoongi and Kihyun :”)) i’m so glad to have created them when kihyun touched the suga butt. 

They are clearly a match made in MY HEAVEN LOL

their goofy smiles

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their body rolls lolol

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them laughing super hard

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their “whaaaaaa?” look

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being derps

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  • and how they’re ‘93 
  • friends before debut
  • still friends after debut
  • yoongi mentioned of a friend being in a hip hop group (he talked about kihyun ; _ ;)
  • yoongi is rapper
  • kihyung is singer
  • and they can make beautiful duets together and kill me
  • kihyun probably featured in yoongi’s mixtape 
  • yoongi is older but shorter
  • kihyun is younger but taller
  • and their height differences arent very different but it’s so cute because kitty can have turtle lean against him when they’re standing at a bus stop together after their cute little dates because turtle is tired and kitty doesn’t mind having his adorable manly turtle leaning against him and i am crying because I SHIP YOOKI SO HARD.
Tamlin is Gaston??

Ok so im sure many people who have read ACOTAR and ACOMAF (sarah j maas) have already figured this out but…
So a court of thorns and roses was said to be based on the tale of beauty and the beast, right? Its pretty clearly seen throughout the book.
So im going out on a limb here and guessing most of us assumed Tamlin was the ‘Beast’.
But what if we was always meant to be the 'Gaston’? It’d explain alot about the way he treats Feyre in a court of mist and fury. So if hes the Gaston then Rhys would be the Beast, and again would explain alot of the differences between how the world sees him and the night court, and how Feyre and the inner circle see him. (By the way i just realized that if this theory works then the inner circle is the furniture)
And that is my rant over.

no matter how many times i’ve tried to shake off living in california or hawaii, of working on a sustainable farm through an apprenticeship or wwoof, of living in a tent or in my car and leaving most of my material things behind, the thoughts always come back, and stronger than ever. i can’t tell if this is a God thing or if this is a Sarah thing. do i want this for myself, or does God want this for me (as much as I want it for myself)?


How could I forget that this masterpiece exists???

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Hi Pidgy, I have a pokemon story and you're the only one I know who'll appreciate it. Last night we were watching star wars when Noriel leaps to his feet shouting "pause it pause it we have to go!" and we ran to Coal Harbour to catch a dragonair. When we got to the corner there were about 30 people there, cars pulling up left and right, a dude on a skateboard yelling "did I miss it!?". All this at 11pm. We caught it though and today i was triumphant in a gym for the first time!

THAT’S THE FUCKIN’ BEST!!! I’M SO JELLY!!! (^O  [   ]O)^ I haven’t come across anything epic yet!!!! There was a scyther controlling the gym near my house yesterday though!!! I WAS SO JEALOUS! OMG!!! I love scyther!!! And congrats on beating a gym!!! I’m only level 7 so i have no hope yet!!! (T [ ]T) But today when we were out we came across another adult couple playing Pokemon Go and they were like “what team are you guys on?!” and we were like “INSTINCT!!” and they were like “US TOO!!!” AND THEN WE ALL HIGH-FIVED LIKE HUGE DORKS!!! HAHAHHA! XD ahhhhh~ Pokemon Go <3 <3 <3 bringing people together <3 <3 <3 even at 11 o’clock at night! HAHAHAH!

Valtteri Bottas looking for an alternative to Renault as an alternative to Williams

Valtteri Bottas feels as if his time at Williams is up, with the imminent arrival of Jenson Button and Lance Stroll. The Finn is diverting his focus to Renault, a team that is being considered by other drivers, such as Perez…

Last year, Valtteri Bottas was one of the main free agents of silly season, with Ferrari being interested in retaining the Finn (as a substitute to Kimi Raikkonen). A deal that then fell through due to the economic requirements that the Red team would have had to pay to Williams to allow the Finn to break his contract prematurely.

After twelve months, the Finn finds himself in a very different position. Now Bottas is hoping that Williams will re-confirm his contract, whom is still undecided if they should retain him after this season.

Rumors in the paddock are saying that the English team is interested in Jenson Buttton, who will have to leave his spot at McLaren to Stoffel Vandoorne. And as a teammate to the Englishman, rumors say that Lance Stroll is the favorite to get a seat. Stroll is the current leader of European Formula 3 and is very close to getting his superlicense.

If this line-up were to become a reality, Bottas would be without a team. Which is ironic, considering that twelve months ago the Finn was trying to leave the English team. But for Valtteri, despite the complicated situation, it should be easy to get a new seat.

His best chance in Formula 1 would be Renault. The team is said to be considering him as an alternative to Sergio Perez, if the latter decided to stay with Sahara Force India for another season. Bottas is hoping for a long term contract, and Renault would be a good opportunity as the team is willing to spend the money to obtain WDC and WCC results in the long run.

Furthermore, the Finn has the trust of the team principal, Frederic Vasseur, whom had the Finn as a driver in his ART team during his GP3 year, when he became world champion in 2011. Bottas has recently talked about him wanting to become more involved in the management of his future, despite still being linked to Toto Wolff.

source (Any mistake in the translation is sorely mine)

This is worse than when they were trying to figure out who would take Kimi’s spot at Ferrari!

Linked to a Renault seat so far: Sebastien Buemi, Carlos Sainz (although he is out of the run for it now), Esteban Ocon, Daniil Kvyat, Sergio Perez, Felipe Massa aaaand Valtteri Bottas.

Ironically, all news outlet so far are not even considering the fact that Renault may confirm Jolyon or Kevin for next year. It’s simply not happening.