Sleepy Bear

“You need to go to bed earlier. I always hear you pacing around at night!” I laughed looking at Dan through the camera.

“I’m a busy guy, Phil. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep, other times I’m fearing for my life because of demons,” Dan joked. “But that’s a good segway to introduce the Surgery! Hey Aled.”

“Hello boys,” Aled smiled sliding in between us.

“Could you tell us about your show tonight?” I asked handing over my microphone.

“Well, like Dan said, we’ll be talking about sleep issues. If you’re a person who has trouble sleeping at night, you can give us a call and talk to us about it,” Aled said eyeing Dan. “So why can’t you sleep, Dan?”

“I dunno,” Dan smiled, raising an eyebrow. “I just always freak myself out before bed so I’m just sat there clutching onto my duvet waiting until the sun rises.”

“Then you could call us! We’ll have a nice little chat about it.”

“Of course,” Dan nodded. “So that means don’t call for us anymore. All lines are going directly to the Surgery. Bye Aled.”

“Bye guys.”

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Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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’We sort of look alike,’ Russell points out, and says their disguises are often planned that way so that, undercover, the characters will look as if they should be together.

When even Julie Plec can’t take Caroline’s pregnancy storyline seriously

I told you she couldn’t explain this storyline with a straight face! 

Scarecrow from Gotham Knight  requested by anonymous

I don’t care what anyone says. He is frickin’ adorable. When i first saw him i couldn’t stop laughing because he just looked so ridiculous.

I stumbled upon a post loooong ago about it just criticizing his design. I think he was referred to looking “like a confused slug”. ahahaa! and he does! omg

and then he has like gloves on sticks on his shoulders and i’m just, “jon how do you go through doors??”  sideways perhaps. i’m pretty sure he smacked a couple people when turning away akin to smacking someone with your ponytail. haha.

nevertheless i wish there was more of him ;(