Seriously though they really could have had it all

I never realized how painful it must have been for Gabriella to hear Troy’s words that day. I mean, for all we know, she had always felt that she was an outcast, a nerd. And I think that for a moment she thought she had found someone that could actually look at her like something more than a math genius, but then she saw that video and became that shy girl again.
This is seriously so sad, and I think it really broke her heart even though he apologised. #troyboltonistillloveyou

Day 7 of 437. Goodnight.

It’s okay. c: I understand, and I wouldn’t really expect you to. Thank you though. cx I’m sorry I didn’t either. I hope you did too. cx I spent all day thinking about you, as usual. You’re the absolute best, seriously. I really was happy for you being able to go to Disney. cx omg you having Minnie ears on is the cutest!!! You’re the cutest!!! Just😍!!!! I really hoped you enjoyed yourself and had a great day. Cx I really wish I could’ve gone as well though. :c I’d have loved that so much. xc and thank you so much. You really seriously shouldn’t have. Whatever it is, I’ll love it. c: Don’t worry about that. It doesn’t have to be big or anything, coming from you, everything is the best. cx but idk either. :c just whenever we can or maybe next year? Xc thank you. I hope you do too, though I won’t be able to without you. I won’t ever forget. c: I love you too. cx 💖💕

stephentstone asked:

I’m in my mid-thirties, I’m socially awkward, and I’ve never been on a date, so I wouldn’t know how to do all that “talking to people” and “dating” stuff even if I had the chance. Reading your post gives me hope that maybe, one day, I might have the courage to ask someone out and get rejected! (Seriously, though: reading stories like yours does give me the hope that even I could find someone to date someday. Thank you for sharing it.)

I don’t think anyone really knows what they’re doing when it comes to dating. And I’ve been rejected so many times and I’m still alive(allegedly), so don’t stress about that so much. The right person will come along eventually. :3

Cute Lil’ Limpet || Scarlet&Jimin


Headquarters was not a friendly place, not for Scarlet– most people wouldn’t put up with her attitude; truth to be told she was too blunt sometimes, and that smug face she carried around most of the time was quite annoying for a lot of people, though she didn’t really cared much. However there was this kid who was all the opposite, he was the most persistent, annoying little cutie one could ever imagine– seriously, whenever she heard his voice cooing at the end of the hallway along with his rushed steps towards her, Scarlet wished he would hate her like everybody else does.

She was not quite sure what she did to gain his respect– to have him so attached to her like limpet; though she had to admit it was quite amusing, she enjoyed attention after all, but she feared growing attached to him as well; he reminded her of herself on her younger ages too much, so she just pushed him away every time to keep him on his own lane. 

“What do you want now, kid?” she said keeping a dull expression as she didn’t even bothered to raised her gaze from the mirror she was holding up in front of her.

Beautiful yogini @alee_inwonderland tagged me in the #mybodymovement ❤❤. I love every part of my body. From my five head to my size 9 feet 😂😂. Seriously though, I used to have major body issues. I grew into my body at an early age and had big boobs by 10 while everyone around me was a size 2 or 3. Throughout my teens, I would eat less at lunchtime so I could lose weight and cried every time I went on a scale. No one really knew I had these problems because I kept it to myself. People would tell me all the time they wish they had my butt and boobs but all I wanted was to be small. Until prom night and I looked at myself in the mirror right before I went downstairs. I looked at myself and saw beauty and curves. I wasn’t a size 2 and I wasn’t 120 lbs, but for the first time, I embraced it. I have something that women are going under the knife to get. And I was proud. I’m still a work in progress with my weight, but I’ve learned to love my curves and body so much that I don’t wanna lose them. I love the curves of my hips and the fullness of my chest and even the little tummy that comes with it. ❤❤❤
@inf8nite_soul would you like to pass the movement around? 😍😍❤