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Death(s) in Infinity War??!!

My purely speculative ideas on what might happen to our heroes.. I hope none of it happens but in my mind, it’s possible.. Lets hope no one actually meets these fates.. 

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I don’t hate any of these characters, unless I state so, I don’t mean any beef with anyone because again, these are just ideas that have been bouncing around my head since the trailer was leaked.. I thought I might as well let my thoughts out instead of letting them consume me at 5am or while I’m trying to take a relaxing shower. 

They aren’t in like a countdown order either, I just need to number them because you know… OCD. I DO SWEAR SO BEWARE IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT. Now, without further stalling. Lets get to it. 

1. Vision

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Vision is probably on everyone’s lists because of the same reason which is an Infinity Stone literally being in his face. Thanos needs the Infinity Stones to complete his gauntlet. Considering the Mind Stone has the biggest spot on the gauntlet, perhaps it gives him the most power? Anyways, I think Thanos will want to take the stone from Vision and I’m willing to bet like my left big toe that he wouldn’t be gentle about it and Vision wouldn’t be able to survive the process. That’s why he’s on my list. 

2. Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

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As much as I hate to put Wanda on my list, it seems likely and makes sense that she could die or get seriously injured during Infinity War. Why? Because she may still be harbouring guilt over what happened in Lagos in Civil War. Yeah she did say to Vision that she couldn’t control everyones fear and seemed to have accepted that she had made a mistake but I can’t help feel like because this is Wanda, one of the sweetest little smol beans in the MCU, she still feels bad about it and would die trying to prove to people that she is one of the good guys. That or her other most likely cause of death is trying to protect Vision from Thanos and dying in the process. I would honestly hate to see Wanda get hurt let alone die. 

3. Drax The Destroyer 

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Everyone loves Drax and if you say you don’t you’re lying. But if you genuinely mean it… We can’t be friends. Perhaps everyone thinks Drax is going to die in Infinity war. Due to the fact that since the first Guardians movie he has been out for revenge for the death/killing of his family. That has been majority of his story arc. At first, he thought the killer and target was Ronan, the Accuser but in the first Guardians he declares Thanos the “real mission” after finding out Ronan was acting under his orders. Although Drax did literally punch Thanos’ heart out in one storyline, I feel like Marvel/the MCU won’t let him get away with it and survive. I have a feeling they might kill one Avenger and one Guardian so each team has a reason to fight for one another or remain allies after the war. Drax will probably be the one to kill Thanos. That’s very likely. (But between you and I, I kind of hope it’s Nebula. After years of him shitting on her, I hope she seriously gets a few licks in or honestly fucks him up). Though he’ll probably be the one to do the deed, Drax will probably die doing it. This way, Marvel gets their victory and Drax gets his vengeance and doing so, is reunited with his family. But also saving his friends doing so. Making him not just Drax the Destroyer, but Drax the Hero. 

4. Nick Fury

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I know this one seems kind of far fetched, I mean I pitched it to one of my friends and she looked at me like I had sprouted a second head. Just hear me out though… So, basically The Avengers have broken up that’s obvious. 

Side note: (For Friends fans…) It would be funny if like Cap or someone that got arrested because of Tony and his team brought it up and Tony just goes “We were on a break!” I would literally cackle myself into an early grave.. 

With the Avengers at odds, what could possibly bring them all together again emotionally more than physically? The death of Director Fury. I mean it worked for the first Avengers movie when Agent Coulson “died”. Since Fury has roots with pretty much all the Avengers, they may feel a need to unite to avenge Fury as well as protect the Earth but as a team. Marvel sometimes reuses plot ideas, perhaps they would do it for this one? Plus, Nick Fury is a fan favourite and it would no doubt have a very big emotional impact not only in the MCU but with the fans as well. 

5. Thor 

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Now I would honestly rather rip my own intestines out of my ass than see Thor die. He’s one of my favourite characters from the MCU. He had the potential to be such a bruiting, tough guy character but instead we get our version and I couldn’t be more in love with him. I mean this guy is literally a Norse God and he’s sitting there in his trailer telling Hulk/Bruce about how he “So much has happened since I last saw you! I lost my hammer like, yesterday so that’s still pretty fresh.” Like this guy is literally huge and I love that he’s not serious. “Did I win?” “No. I won. Easily. I was laughing the whole trailer. Just fyi. Anyways, enough about my crush on Thor…

I hate to think that we could lose Thor. But, his death makes too much sense. The Thor movies don’t make as much as the others (Cap, Iron Man). After Ragnarok, The Thor movies are done. Ragnarok ends his individual storyline. The movie also brings Asgard into the war. It’s likely Marvel will kill off Thor because they had even said they wanted to switch up the Avengers team line up, and getting rid of Thor who is one of the strongest could prompt the Avengers to recruit not one but multiple heroes to fill his place. My theory us sadly also backed up by the fact that Thor/Chris Hemsworth is not yet confirmed for the following Avengers or Marvel movies. Perhaps he has signed a contract and they’re keeping it under raps because they know we look into that shit but that could also be my wishful thinking… 

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fandomsnstuff  asked:

This can be prompt or not but what if Mabel, in desperation for her family to be all happy and fixed, uses the memory thing to make her Grunkles forget about the whole science fair thing. So, as far as they know, Stan never "sabotaged" Ford's project.

How about a really sad headcanon scenario? 

Stan and Ford wake up and discover that they aren’t mad at each other anymore - in fact, they can’t really remember what they were mad about in the first place. Ford comes downstairs and says, “Stan, I have no idea why I haven’t said it yet, but thank you for saving me by the way.” And Stan’s like “actually I was just thinking about that too - I never apologized for pushing you in!” and then kinda laugh about it and then go about their day and Mabel’s all smiley because finally she found a way to fix things - but then Dipper comes down he he realizes immediately that the dynamic between his uncle’s has changed. Stan’s actually smiling a little, while Ford is in the room. He remembers Mabel asking about the memory gun the night before and just shoots her this look like I-can’t-believe-you-did-this, it’s-wrong. Mabel can tell right away she’s in trouble with him but she just stuffs it down, because this is her way of proving to herself that things WON’T end badly with her and her brother. If Stan and Ford can get along again, so can she and Dipper. 

But over the next few weeks Mabel starts to realize what a mistake she’s made. Stan and Ford are starting to lose more of the memories - because if they can’t remember the science fair, they can’t remember why they didn’t speak for 10 years in the first place. Stan can’t remember what he did for those ten years, and Ford has to flip through the journals to remind himself of things he used to know like the back of his hand. It gets worse and worse until one day, Stan walks into the shop and sees Mabel at the counter and for a moment Mabel can see in his eyes that he’s forgotten who she is or why she’s there - but then it all comes back and he just goes on with his day. But Mabel saw and she knows what’s happening is her fault, and Dipper knows too. And as their grunkles slowly forget everything Dipper begins to retreat from Mabel more and more, until eventually by the end of the summer he can’t even meet her eyes because she did this to them, she destroyed them, all for her own selfish reasons. Dipper has never felt so betrayed in his life. 

He expresses concern to their parents about Stan and Ford and how he’s worried they won’t be able to live on their own for much longer - hell, Ford could wake up one day and have no clue why his house is a gift shop, or Stan might not know where he is or how he got there. They might not recognize themselves in the mirror. So his parents agree to let Dipper go back on his own a few times a year to check in - school vacations and stuff like that - but Dipper makes it very clear that Mabel does not need to tag along, he can handle it. So Mabel stays behind and when the next summer rolls around, Dipper asks if she’ll be coming to the Mystery Shack with him and she can tell by his voice that he’s hoping the answer is no, no I’m not, so that’s what she says. The years pass and Mabel visits less and less - she can tell when she’s not wanted - and Dipper spends all the time he can up in Oregon. After high school, Dipper finds a college close to the shack that he likes and moves up their permanently, and Mabel is left behind. On their 23nd birthday Mabel sits alone in her apartment and realizes it’s been 10 years since she and Dipper got along, exactly the same thing that had happened to her uncles, the thing she was trying to avoid, and it’s her fault. 

She decides its high time they fix things and plans a trip up to the Mystery Shack. When she gets there, she finds that the shack has been closed indefinitely and there’s only one car in the driveway. Mabel lets herself in and finds Dipper alone in the basement, mindlessly scribbling in one of Ford’s old books. “Dipper? Where’s Grunkle Stan and - what are you doing down here? Where’s Ford?” 

And Dipper just slowly turns around and Mabel sees bright yellow glowing back at her and someone else’s voice tells her, “tsk, shooting star, they’ve been dead for years.”

So yeah sorry now you all have to deal with that mess^

There was no way I could fit that all into a one-post fic but maybe someday if there’s interest I’ll write it all out as an AU? Who knows. Thank you so much for this prompt and I hope this is satisfactory! Lol seriously though, I’m so sorry this is just a mess of a headcanon instead of something actually readable this was a really great idea!!! 


As many of you know, I, Lillie, have decided to leave this blog and focus on my life. I’ve had an interesting journey on this blog (to say the least), supporting Fifth Harmony and calling them out on their problematic as fuck behaviour. It’s been fun. This fandom has gained insight on so many levels and it’s great to see. We failed to educate a lot of Camillizards but we did educate a lot of them, so that’s cool. We had amazing discussions that we’re deep as hell and went beyond Fifth Harmony and I learnt so many things, as I’m sure many of you did as well. I’m going to miss ranting about things on this blog and talking to all of you because it was a good time. But it’s time to move on. 

And that brings me to my next point - we are ALL leaving this blog, not just me. Victoria and Ames have decided to also leave. This isn’t because of Camillizards at all (you’ve all seen how much hate we get and how well we handle it, so that isn’t a factor that comes into our decision at all). We’re leaving in light of recent events (the disgusting racism that Normani has received as a result of this fandom). We’ve realised that it’s too exhausting dealing with RACIST people all the time, who come on our blog to excuse Camila and her stans behaviour and attitude to what has happened. We have our own lives and this blog was meant to be a side project with no implications but we cannot deal with the racism in this fandom, especially since we are all women of colour ourselves. 

We’ve enjoyed making posts about how problematic Camila is, arguing with her stans (and winning) but the racism is something that we will never be able to put up with. 

We’re going to leave this blog as it is (we won’t delete it, so that anyone who comes on it can see all the posts we’ve made). We also have a backup blog, which I wont say the name to (i don’t want it to be deleted), but you should be able to find really easily by doing a quick search for “exposing 5h” on Tumblr. 

We’re not going to give this blog to anyone, so please don’t ask. We’ve had a discussion about whether we should allow someone else to run it but we have come to the conclusion that we just want it to stay as it is. 

I hope somebody else makes a blog to continue calling Camila, and the other girls, out on their shit. If you do - let us know and we’ll give you a shout out before we leave. 

Also, I’d like to address: all Camillizards should know that they shouldn’t be proud of their racist behaviour and they need to get educated and no, we didn’t stop running this blog because of you. 

Finally I’d like to thank all the beautiful people who have always supported us, backed up our thoughts and shown us love when we were surrounded by multitudes of ignorance. You all are absolutely the most amazing people, and are so woke and lovely. I’m trying to fit in as many compliments as I can, LOL. But seriously, without you guys, this blog would’ve faded into dust. It just shows that we weren’t alone in our opinions, so many Harmonizers feel the same way as us. It’s good knowing that. 


Our last day on this blog will be the 31st of August. We hope you support this decision and continue to call the girls out on their shit. We’ll probably keep up with Fifth Harmony in our spare time though. 

Victoria and Ames would like to convey a message to you too:

V - Hey yall. Thank you so much for listening to all the crazy stuff I have to say. Seriously, this blog gave me the voice I thought I never had. If any of y’all want my personal just ask off anon! Also, I met so many cool people on here. I just wanna mention all of our dedicated followers and mutuals:  @not-another-queer @exposing5sosblog  @5secondsofexposed @tae001 @raccoonchild1 @dream-in-hearts @starapril87-blog @myprofoundstudentcrown and so many more but Tumblr is giving me a huge pain! Thanks for being with us since the beginning! Anyways I’m gonna miss y’all, I’m not gonna miss the racist Camillizards. This isn’t the last y’all will see of me. HOW EVER if any of y’all want to run an exposing account for 5h feel free to! I just don’t suggest wasting your time on these people. Lastly, stay shady y’all 💕💋 V out.

A - Hi guys! So by now you know that we’re leaving and I’m honestly not sure what to say. It’s been fun here. I’ve followed this blog since the beginning, and becoming an admin and getting to be so active in the discussions was amazing. But it’s good that we all move on. There’s been a lot on our plates + the racism and other behaviour we’ve seen is very emotionally draining. I’ll still stan ANAL (and yes, I’ll still call them that too), but I no longer feel like being involved in fandom drama. If you care to talk to me on my personal blog, it’s @theachillesfeels (and when I say talk, I mean about non-5h related topics please!). It’s been a good run here. Thanks to our lovely followers, for always spilling tea and making us laugh and just generally being cute.


And remember! We do have some upcoming posts before we leave:

  • A’s first post (about camren) - Wednesday 10th August
  • 7/27 tour review - Sunday 14th August
  • A’s second post (about another band member) - Sunday 21st August



GUYS! wouldn’t it be sooooooo cute if in season 4, there are scenes of AUSLLY like the top 2 gifs where Austin caries Ally marriage style and twirls her around so happily. I mean I guess he did that in Road trips and Reunions where they finally reunited but you know what I mean. haha I’ll be even more happy if their was a scene of auslly just playing around with either paint or water just like in the second gif ! THAT BE TOTES CUTEEE! Thinking about it gives me feels though. I want it to happen real bad! <333 I’ll be praying and hoping for it! 

& thank you for making me reach 100 followers! YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I love you all <3 It took me a while to reach a 100 but I’m finally there. Next, reaching for that 200, 300, 400 and so on! 

wow guys. honestly i don’t what to say that i haven’t already said 900 million times. literally thank you to everyone on here. i literally love every single one of you whether we talk all day every day or have never once spoken i am in love with you. thank you for putting up with all my dumb ooc posts, thank you for putting up with my trash son, thank you for putting up with my weird reply speed. and honestly just thank you for all the love and support like i can’t believe this blog is as big as it is. in case you haven’t noticed its not very quality lmao. honestly though like it just makes me so happy that so many people have told me that i am the reason they watched reservoir dogs and that just makes me so happy like heck yes ily. honestly like i want to give you all a irl hug cause you all really mean a lot okay okay.


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I’m going through the recent posts on the DWH tag and I feel like I’m going to throw up. All I wanted to fucking do was spread kindness and you assholes are attacking me and everyone else doing something that’s supposed to be wonderful.

Great job making us trans folk and allies look like complete asses. I hope you’re happy.