I honestly hate the phandom so much rn. it’s not aimed at everyone, just a selected few. it’s aimed at the ones that twist every little thing D+P to make it seem like Phan is real. it’s aimed at those who follow them and didn’t leave them alone while they were on tour. it’s aimed at those who reply to Dan or phils tweets with ‘Phan is real’.

And this is the whole thing that’s being said atm. Dan wasn’t ‘coming out’. he was saying the fact that society SHOULDNT PUT LABELS ON SOMEONE and he doesn’t want to be someone who is just known for being gay or being bi. he might be saying he’s confused about his sexuality but if you look at it from far away, it’s more that he wants people to stop putting a label on him. and that was really brave of him.

so the people that this is aimed at, the ones who don’t respect what either of them want, stop. because YOU’RE the ones that’s dragging the phandom down. YOU’RE the ones that gives the phandom a bad name. YOU’RE the ones who put a label on them both when you know nothing about their sexuality. STOP!!

But no I don't think y'all understand

When Scott took Corey’s pain after Corey got stung by Lucas he almost passed out.
It was so much pain to take that Scott, the true alpha, almost passed out and his mom and Kira had to help him to let go of Corey.
And Corey is not as strong as Scott is and he had to deal with this pain way longer.
But literally no one really cared


To the person reading this: you are beautiful. You are strong. You matter. Seriously <3

All of you are so beautiful, so unique, and so amazing. You create such amazing things and are such kind people <3 When you don’t feel like you are, you stay strong and keep fighting. You keep going on until it’s the next day, until you can rest and take a break, until you feel like you’re amazing again.

Thank you for being so strong, friends. Thank you for being so beautiful and amazing. Thank you for being the kinds of people this world needs. As @markiplierswhatifs Oosh says, thank you for existing.

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

So this hysterical thing just happened.

Mini Cap and I (Mini is my kid, for those of you who don’t know, and he has his own tag (???) which you can find here and it explains a lot of why I do these random updates (this is for the 100+ new followers I got and also HI)) went to go get his haircut. He starts school tomorrow and it’s his first day of middle school. So he asks me, “Mom, what’s that thing that people do where it’s cut kind of high but it’s like long on top and then lays over to the side?”

And I tell him, “Pretty sure that’s an undercut.”

He googles it, finds a picture and saves it on my phone. He shows the stylist, they talk, she starts, I sit back in the little bench and watch Dr. Phil lecture someone on TV.

What catches my attention is this small little gasp I hear from Mini’s chair.

I look over and it’s A LOT shorter than the picture. And higher.

I make sure that I have this impassive face on because if he sees ME freak out, he sure as fuck will lose his shit.

Then he turns back around and I’m already texting @yall-mothafuckas-need-misha and losing my mind because it’s getting to the point when Mini takes a lot of pride in how he looks and tomorrow is the first day of school and it’s so short…

The whole time I’m texting Hannah, I’m saying over and over to myself, “Oh god, oh god, he’s going to hate it, goddamn it.”

Then this teenage girl sitting next to me glances over as I am furiously texting and looks up to Mini and says, “Is this the first time he’s had his hair like that?”

And I said, “Yeah and I can already see that he hates it.”

She sort of smiles and says, “Nah. It looks good on him.”

I just want to take the time to say that this girl is gorgeous. Long dark hair and hazel eyes and she’s just very pretty, ok?

So Mini gets off the chair and his eyes are all bright and shiny and I can see that he’s trying not to cry and I ask him, “What do you think?”

And before he can answer, the girl next to me, she smiles and says, “I think it looks really good. Like the guys at the high school. Pretty grown up.”

I wanted to sob and tell her thank you and hug her and buy her a cupcake because Mini’s face just lit up and he blushed and looked down and mumbled that he liked it too. When Mini wasn’t looking I just told her thank you behind his back and she nodded.

Whoever this girl was, thank you.