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There's literally so much incest, child soldiers, domestic abuse, kidnapping, and murder in the PJO series and people are mad over one queer kid? Smfh

*clears throat* AHEM

Rick Riordan:

percy and his mom were physically abused by gabe
luke fucking committed suicide
annabeth was emotionally abused
leo was forced to kill his mother at the age of 7
and then spent the next 8 years in abusive foster homes
jason was a fucking feral child for the first 12 years of his life
reyna, her sister, and most of the other girls on circes island were kidnapped and raped by pirates
the entire series is one big INCEST
literally the one ‘safe spot’ turns out to be a fucking child army what the hell
nico was kidnapped, tortured, and held for ransom
during which jason and the others almost let him die because ‘there wasnt enough time to save some kid they didnt even know’
hazel was forced into labor practically trafficked by her mom, forced to MURDER people when she was like 9 years old
luke was also abused and neglected by his psycho mom
leos babysitter tried to kill him like 20 times
thalia died but was forced to turn into a fucking tree for like 5 years
not to mention percy has this bad habit of murdering people to make sure his friends are ok
nico announces he’s gonna kill himself and everyones like ‘oh cool have fun with that’
grover was kidnapped, held hostage and almost forced into a sexual relationship with a fucking cyclops
annabeth jumped off a cliff and was kidnapped by psychos forced to hold up the sky for weeks
piper was so ignored she thought she had to hurt herself/other people to get her dad to notice her
chris rodriguez was so traumatized and just needed ptsd recovery but everyone gave up on him thinking he was nuts, almost leading him into self harm
tyson is in physical labor, mentally delayed from childhood neglect and abuse


cool omg this is such a cute book for my 7 year olds to read!


nico is forced to admit that he had a crush on a boy who saved him and his sister from being brutally murdered when he was 9 years old, oh yeah and btw if he didnt say that he and jason would be murdered




I’m sure that many posts have been written that explains why “In The Flesh” is one of the best shows on television right now, and why you should watch it, that are much better than this one- but here is why I think that you should give it a try!

  • It is extremely well written! It is not perfect, but the story is very engaging and original, and you can’t help but to fall in love with the characters!
  • Its portrayal of discrimination is probably the most realistic I’ve ever seen, especially when it comes to homophobia and mental illnesses, and it accurately portrays mental illnesses such as depression and PTSD. 
  • It has a LGBTQA+ protagonist and a canon queer couple!
  • Even though it tackles serious issues such as discrimination and suicide, it is very witty and have many funny moments! It manages to maintain a good balance between seriousness and fun (it is heartbreaking though, so be prepared for that!)
  • It has many interesting and well-written female characters, such as Amy, Jemima and Maxine (who is an interesting and somewhat sympathetic villain), who all have their own story lines and character development which does not revolve around the main character
  • The supporting characters are generally well-developed and interesting!
  • The cinematography is outstanding and the soundtrack is beautiful! 
  • The entire show consists of only 9 episodes, so you’ll be caught up in no time!
  • You are going to love it! I can of course not guarantee this, but I’ve recommended this show to almost everyone I now, and they’ve all thanked me afterwards!
  • Series three! In The Flesh is in danger of not getting a third series, which is a real shame since it is amazing and has so much potential, and when more people watch it, the chances of getting a third series grow significantly larger! 

Thanks for reading! I know that I’ve only touched the surface of why this show is amazing and important, so feel free to add whatever you feel is missing!

you know what I really like?…We’re all a bunch of people from different countries, different backgrounds and different ages but somehow we still manage to communicate and understand each other. Whenever something happens, whether good or bad, we support one and another and express our feelings of joy and happiness or disappointment the latter more often than the first unfortunately but that’s 1D for ya. The other day I was talking to my dad and said “Oh yeah my friend from Italy…” and he said “How can you have a friend from Italy?!” but the funny thing is that we all genuinely have created great friendships among the way which is really wonderful because we are all here for the same purpose and I’ve never felt so connected to a group of people before. Basically what I’m trying to say, as sappy as it sounds, I’m really happy that you are all here and that I no longer feel lonely thanks to you lot. No matter how annoying all the surrounding problems are, we always have each others back <3

I love how no one is talking about how little green aliens were controlling a mechanical human robot from the right side of the body but then when they were discovered they committed suicide with cyanide like pills while screaming “The time has come!" and then their bodies exploded leaving no remains of their existence and then their human structure collapsed and then combusted into flames.

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That story about your mom and the housekeeper made me really happy cause my mom's a housekeeper and I'm embarrassed by it cause I know what people's reactions are and I feel terrible about it and I know my mom works hard for us and I care too much what people think it just makes me happy that there are people like you and your mom that wouldn't laugh or make bad comments if they ever saw me with her cause I help her out sometimes and try not be seen loading cleaning products onto the car :/

It makes me so upset that you feel embarrassed about your mother being a housekeeper. I have nothing but respect for you and your mother, and you really shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. Your mother is most likely a hard worker, and despite the unreasonable stigma attached to her profession, she continues to do what is necessary to provide for you. If someone ever makes a bad comment or laughs, you should only feel sorry for them. There must be something horrible so deeply rooted within them. I can’t imagine any confident and happy person who would feel it necessary to do such a thing. 

I’m so grateful of all the people like your mother who work tirelessly, but are rarely accorded the respect they deserve.


Nathan Sykes getting dunked in a dunk tank

I legit was applauding the girl for it, fucking great.

There’s an article about Lucky and Scary WHAT THE FUCK.

I’m freaking out, this is so legit. SERIOUSLY read it. They write more fancy about Lucky and Scary than I have even thought about. 

Miss writer, if you follow me, you wrote a lovely and very intelligent article about my work. Thank you. 

Good opportunity to give a L&S update: More comics are on the way. I just moved, so thats why there hasn’t been anything in the past few days.