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1. Batman Gotham Adventures Vol.1 #1 (Cover art by Ty Templeton)
2. Batman Gotham Adventures Vol.1 #11 (Cover art by Bob Smith)
3. Batman Gotham Adventures Vol.1 #48 (Cover art by Bob Smith)
4. Batman Gotham Adventures Vol.1 #51 (Cover art by Bob Smith)
5. Batman Gotham Adventures Vol.1 #52 (Cover art by Bob Smith)
6. Batman Gotham Adventures Vol.1 #53 (Cover art by Bob Smith)

To Become A Hunter [4]

*The Final Chapter*

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Characters: Dean Winchester, Winchester sister!reader, John Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Moore [mentioned briefly]

Words: 2900+

Warnings: Violence, a bit of a language, John’s A+ parenting, implied verbal/physical abuse, sort of bad mental health (I don’t really know how to describe it)

A/N: We made it to the last part! Thank you all so much for reading this & all the nice comments <3 So, it might seem odd to post two parts within two days, but it’s just because I promised you last week to post the finale early this week. And then it turned out to be so long that I had to split it into to two, and I didn’t want you to feel played, so I decided to do it like this, to sorta keep the promise :)

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”YOU!” Dean screams, his finger threateningly pointing at John, who scrambles to his feet from where he’s sitting, backing away, hands in the air.

You come to a stop, staring at the situation forming in front of you not knowing what to do. On one side is Dean; the older brother who always has looked out for you, and you can tell he’s doing this for your sake. On the other is John; your leader and biological father who you should trust and listen to. Shouldn’t you?

You are frozen. Paralyzed. Your eyes travel to Dean, who’s angrier than you think you’ve ever seen him. His usual bright, gentle eyes glimmer dangerously, and his freckled face is twisted into pure rage.

”What did you do to her!” Dean roars inching closer to John, who continues backing away.

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For everyone concerned with the use of the Starfleet delta, I.E., the Enterprise insignia in Discovery, please consider this memo from Bob Justman circa 1967.

It explains that other starships having its own emblem was a production error, not something intended. They did roll with it, but it was never the intention of the day, hence its resolution in The Motion Picture.

Yuri has decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo for his eighteenth birthday, but doesn’t realize his heart will follow.

So excited to finally share this with all of you! This is my piece for the Otayuri Reverse Bang hosted by @yurioniceshelter. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with the very talented @paxohana and I am so impressed by how she was able to transform my vague desire for tattoo artist!Otabek to be a thing into a fantastic fic. (Seriously guys, go read it. The banter is great and the characterization is spot-on.)

Read the fic here: