just a friendly reminder that the ending of how I met your mother was total crap

What bothers me the most is that Tracy died and Ted came crawling back to obviously totally egocentric Robin. And the kids where ok with it? Like what’s so hard about a happy ending. I spent 9 seasons on finding out how Ted finally becomes happy and the THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE DIES???? And the ENTIRE last season was just about Robins and Barneys wedding and Ted finally letting her go and then they spontaneously divorce??? I know it’s just a show and I respect the writers work but I’m honestly so mad right now.

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Hopeless Pt 1

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2, 838

Warnings: Blood, Language, (I think that’s it?)

Bolded= Flashbacks, Italics= Thoughts

A/N: I couldn’t get this out of my head, so this is probably going to be another mini series. Also, I could really use some feedback on this, thanks guys!

Everything was going great. In fact, it was amazing. The heads of the vamps you’d chucked off already left you outnumber only by 13 vamps. Out of the original 20, this was a step up. You left the heads next to their bodies, and you went to go to the next sleeping vamp when you accidentally kicked a head. You stilled and listened with a wince as the head rolled. It sounded like an elephant stomping ground compared to the stealth with which you had just been executing.

The head began to slow, then it came to a stop right after thudding into a wall. Which, now that you were looking at it, wasn’t a wall at all. It was jail bars forming a cage. Before you could look inside for possible hostages, a girl inside wrapped her fingers around the bars, stared down at the decapitated head that was staring up at her and suddenly, she let out a blood curdling scream. It was like a fucking siren just wailing.

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Since they already had a close relationship, was falling into domesticity easy for them? Or were there any awkward moments or speed bumps along the way?

Rampant emotions clouded your mind and pulsed through your veins.





Pushing everything into a corner of your mind, you crawled into your new king sized bed, huddling beneath the plush blankets. You closed your eyes and willed yourself to fall asleep before your thoughts could take control and worry you awake. Quiet footsteps crossed the room and the mattress dipped as Bucky crawled into bed beside you.

A cold hand brushed against your hip and you stiffened under his touch, your eyes opening in surprise. His hand wrapped around to your stomach and tugged you closer to him, his forehead pressing to the back of your head. Confusion joined the barrage of feelings flitting through your mind.

“What are you doing?” you asked softly.

“I am holding my wife,” Bucky answered, his voice already thick with exhaustion.


Forcing your muscles to relax into his hold, you shifted until your back was flush against his chest. “What are you doing?” His voice almost sounded strained.

“Cuddling with my husband,” you answered casually, and his arm tightened around you as he laughed.


Although his left arm was wrapped around your waist, the heat radiating from his chest was enough to dispel the chill of the camouflaged metal. Your eyes drifted closed agains and the steam of emotions slowly eased away. His fingers began to trace patterns on your skin and you dropped toward dreams.

Where Do the Flowers Go Masterlist

Today is all about Where Do the Flowers Go deleted scenes 🌼🌷🌹🌻

I want to hear all your theories, questions, and ideas about Where Do the Flowers Go and every ask will earn a deleted scene – even if I don’t already have one written.

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Are Sebastian and Sara the reader's niece and nephew? Or her godchildren? Or both?

“How did you meet Rebecca and the little ones?” Bucky asked, smiling softly as you watched over the two children fast asleep on your couch.

Distractedly brushing Sara’s hair from her eyes, you covered her with a blanket before standing up and walking to the kitchen bar where Bucky sat. “She, uhm,” you laughed quietly, “she and the kids got caught in a rainstorm a few years back and took shelter in the bakery. Sebby was crying and Sara was soaked, so I made some hot chocolate and found some cartoons.

“Neither of us realized we were neighbors until we walked home once the rain had stopped. Sara begged to sleep over that first night, but Anthony managed to convince her that dinner that weekend was good enough. Rebecca found out I didn’t have any family and they just, sort of, adopted me.”

“And Sebby said your name before Anthony’s?”

You grimaced. “He’s still a little bitter about it…we just don’t mention it.” Bucky chuckled quietly and stood up, walking around the counter to the kitchen. “Do you want any coffee?” he asked, starting the coffee machine you’d taught him how to use after he’d helped you move into your floor at the tower.

“Thank you,” you nodded. “Becca and Anthony aren’t going to be home for a while, and Sara doesn’t sleep well without her teddy. It’s going to be a long night.”

“Well,” Bucky started, leaning against the counter across from you and smirking, “you’re a pretty great Auntie. I think she’ll be okay.” You rolled your eyes at his teasing, giggling softly. “How did that start, anyway?”

“None of us really know,” you admitted, glancing away from Bucky and at the couch where the kids were fast asleep. “Rebecca and Anthony are both only children and Sara just started saying it one day. None of us had the heart to correct her.”

“Those kids are crazy about you,” Bucky said, turning off the coffee machine before it could make any noise. He poured coffee into your favorite mug and handed it to you.

“Yeah, well, I’m crazy about them.”

San Junipero

This incredibly beautiful episode is the shiny little light in the middle of the dark and creepy ocean that is Black Mirror… and I fucking love that

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Dark Room Pt 4

All parts here

Loosely based off of Odd Thomas, so all credit due goes to the writer(s).

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,285

Warnings: Demon, Exorcism, Language

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“Oh, thank you,” You forced a smile to Bill as he took your hand, helping out of his red sports car, no doubt attained through his demonic powers.

Looking up, you saw a restaurant, pretty fancy from the looks of it. It looked like the entrance to a beautiful, expensive hotel. On each side of the door sat short pillars with evil-looking gargoyles crouched on the tops. You snorted at the sight.

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