Most of the night, you would ask yourself about the man who broke your heart and took your soul wandering and lost, ‘Is there still love that lingers out from the ashes?’. To your surprised it answered yes – beyond dust and particles. It’s huge. It’s actually heavy. It’s brave. But somehow it slowly fade and gone with the wind. No longer worth it! The first time you were together, he was like the sun and his rays were your wings, your tail, your legs – your breath. You never felt special whenever you’re in his arms, you felt cherish. For the first time, you felt home. He showed you how much you mean to him. He convinced you that you’re the only air that fits on his lungs. Cliche but it surely distracted your nerve into beautiful chaos. You were so happy that time, no, you feel so beautiful everyday. One day, he changed and you’re proud to tell yourself that it’s easy to move on. It’s easy because you were strong, brave and independent before he came. But it never happened. The turning point of your life came, the flowers in your heart withered, your anchor shrunk, your what if’s kept you in a box. Why? Because no matter how fast you reached the finish line of your track it still felt like the starting point. No matter how excited you walk along that new road, you would still love the old ones. No matter how tall you climbed, it still look like a pit. There would always be, “I hope he’s here” that crossed along your journey. There would always be a familiar sensation that would stay as your favorite. You cried, you wanted him now to wipe your tears, to kiss your cheeks, to regain your trust. But is that what he feels too? Is that what he desires too? Of course not, he has no time for you. He’s now busy making he’s new one feel wanted. The same game he did to you. The same strategy on how he quenched your thirst to love. The same words that flattered your heart before. I know, it’s painful. I knew how it felt because I’ve been there, I mean, ‘I am there’ and I don’t know until when.

FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 2

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AN: Ahhh! So people actually like this?! This is great! Okay, well I have nothing else to say except that I hope to keep this going a little while and that you all like it. 

(Part One)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 1,926

Warnings: Well, FP is clearly older than the reader in this fic, little use of strong language

You couldn’t sleep the night after you admitted to a drunk FP Jones that you were in love with him. You were scared that he would remember what you said and reject you completely which is what you expected if you ever told him, he does have a wife after all. But you were also scared that he wouldn’t remember and you’d never get the chance to say it again. 

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It Doesn’t Make You Crazy

Here is my second part in my Mental Health Series. They aren’t connected, just different issues.

[Note: Not everyone with social anxiety, or any kind of mental illness acts the same way another person does.]

I hope you enjoy!

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Word Count: 961 words

Warnings: social anxiety

The passenger door slammed beside you, Harry running around to the drivers side, getting soaked from the rain.

Tonight was perfect for him, but for you, you wish you would have just stayed home. The night replayed in the back of your head, as tears streamed down your face.

You’d been dating for almost a year and half, and Harry knows your thoughts on crowds and new people. Which is why he shocked when you agreed to attend the Graham Norton Show with him.

You had sat backstage with him while he got ready to perform, Louise combing product through his hair. Harry would peer at you from the corner of his eye to make sure I wasn’t turning purple, or breathing into a paper bag.

You had pretty much known everyone in Harry’s green room anyway.

When you were escorted to sit with Anne and Robin, you felt off and a little nervous but remained calm, because you Knew Anne and Robin, and knew that if something happened, they’d protect you.

The performance was beautiful, the interview was witty and cute, and when it was time to head back to the greenroom, you quickly said your goodbyes to Anne and Robin.

The security guard wasn’t the same one who had walked you to the seats, and that’s what caused you to be weary.

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