"King of England"

ROBERT is a big. He ruined everything: -Jaspenor(stole the letter) -Liam(screwed up his relationship with his family) - Willow/Kathryn thing He needs to be punished. He needs a punch in the face, every time somebody look at him.

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Sunday Six

“Oh, I think she’s managing pretty good without you, Pez.” Logan’s husky voice floated from behind Veronica.

She glanced over her shoulder and did a double take, her jaw dropping open. Logan stood, leaning in her bathroom doorway, wearing nothing but the sweats she gave him, slung low on his hips. Her eyes fell to the deep indentations of skin outlining his hip bones. This time, she followed the little trail of hair upwards, from the top of the rolled sweats, to his navel, then up his muscular chest where it spread finely across his pecs.

“Who the hell are you?” Piz croaked, his voice raising in an odd high pitch.

– “Trapeze Swinger” – Part III of the “Evening on the Ground” series