Balo is back and has agreed to adhere to a code of conduct

Mario Balotelli has rejoined Milan in a surprise move from Liverpool and it can be seen as official although Liverpool have yet to make an official announcement for some reason - it should be coming soon.

With the agreement between all parties, one portion was particularly interesting. This portion being a code of conduct that Milan weaved into the contract Balotelli has signed.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the idea was partly modeled from Air Force rules and is intended to keep Balotelli out of controversy.

Aspects of the code of conduct include:

- refrain from damaging the image of the club (almost a given)
- have his social media accounts monitored
- not allowed to post news about the club (not sure of the extent of this)
- no extravagant haircuts
- only allowed to wear clothes according to the style of Milan
- no smoking
- only allowed to drink a certain amount
- no attending night clubs

To some this all may seem a bit much, and I may agree to an extent, but with the controversy that has surrounded Balotelli in the past one can side with Milan on this issue as they’re the ones giving Balotelli another chance yet again and don’t want him to mess anything up, but instead, become great.


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