ACF Fiorentina recently made the front page of the International New York Times for being the only team in Italy’s top flight to actively support a woman’s club.

The coverage has been a source of pride for La Viola and their fans. The New York Times article, penned by Sam Borden, talks about how Italy is behind many other nations in supporting women’s football, this despite the fact that Italy is one of the most successful countries in the history of the sport. However, that success has been lacking for the women’s game, due to the disproportionate focus on the men’s side of the game.

This aside, it is encouraging to note that, despite how deeply intertwined the concept of calcio and masculinity is in Italian society, the tone does contain a tinge of optimism, as the support Fiorentina has shown for its women’s team will hopefully be a catalyst that will lead to more support and funding for the women’s game in Italy. But more importantly, it will hopefully lead to more people becoming fans of women’s football, and will encourage the growth of it in Italy.