(via Sergei @ Dierenpark Amersfoort by Maxime de Boer | Flickr)

wolfgang’s mother:

i know we’re all dying to know more about wolfgang’s mysteriously missing, gloriously eyebrowed mom. here’s my theory- wolfgang’s dad killed her.

 in the christmas special, wolfgang says in the hospital that his mother told him she had “a secret inside of her” and that he “was once a secret”. we can assume that means she was pregnant. what happened to wolfgang’s sibling? i don’t know whether or not it was a reaction to finding out about her pregnancy, but it makes sense that wolfgang’s father killed her before she could have the baby. 

 most importantly in this theory: this event is the direct cause of wolfgang killing his father. he’d put up with abuse from him seemingly his whole life up to that point. what set him off? it seems unlikely that a preteen wolfgang wakes up and just decides that today seems like a good day for patricide. no, it would make more sense that the sudden horrific death of his mother (and, by extension, sibling) leads him to the alley that night. another clue- when wolfgang is about to kill sergei and confesses to murdering his father, sergei asks him why he did it, to which wolfgang replies, “you know why. you always knew. and still you did nothing.” we always assumed he was referring to his own abuse, but he could be saying that sergei knew what his father did to his mother, and never did anything about it. feel free to tell me what you think, let’s hope they address this more in season 3.