Beyblade comic: Creations

FINALLY!!! I’ve been working on this comic for DAYS now, and somehow managed to finish it!
I’ve never been interested in the russian team, but lately I found myself creating headcanons and stuff, and this is one of them!
Enjoy it!

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Top photo by Jennifer Kerrigan/NPR, family photo courtesy of Amy Tan.

Amy Tan loves jazz and classical music. “I have a Steinway, which was my life’s dream,” she says, sitting at her grand piano in the middle of her New York living room. When Tan listens to a piece of music, she imagines stories to go with it, so she always listens when she writes.

She says she wrote her new memoir to the tune of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No. 3 in D minor, a piece she used to hate. Today, the concerto reminds her of her past.

Our own Lynn Neary spent some time with Tan – but couldn’t convince her to play the piano on tape, alas. Check out her story here.

– Petra


Please check out the artist who drew the meme! She’s got quite the collection of lovely works! :) @croxovergoddess

@blitzkriegboysbop I saw the tag. It’s on my to do list. ;3

I’m sorry I’ve been slow on getting this done. I’ve had a few things come up that needed to be taken care of. :)

Definitely not as good as the last one, but I think it turned out alright, at least. 

Link to DYS Meme:

Please be sure to check out @croxovergoddess! ^_^

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