Fushimi Inari Taisha sunshine through the mist by Serge


On August 15th, 2000, Chrono Cross was released in North America for the PlayStation console. 

Happy 17th Anniversary, Chrono Cross! 

What was the start of all this? When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?

Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now from deep within the flow of time… 

But, for a certainty, back then, we loved so many, yet hated so much. 

We hurt others and were hurt ourselves. 

Yet even then, we ran like the wind. 

Whilst our laughter echoed under cerulean skies…


Rex and meaningful contact with others.

Meant to be sort of a follow-up to my last Rex related photo set post, since while the kid can be scary in a fight, it’s important to remember how much contact with others matters to him.

As the series progresses, he develops in such a way that he’s big on granting second chances, believing in the importance of free will and choice, and keeping his promises when it counts the absolute most, even if that promise is to a former foe.  He also starts to let go of the idea of “playing it cool” in holding back on letting others know that he cares, going from telling Six to “get off the sap train” in season one to embracing his team mate/mentor/friend/father figure in season three.  Rex seems to value his memories and personal experiences over material possessions, but more than anything else - even his own life and identity - he values his family, friends and allies.  Nothing matters more to Rex than other people.

30 Day Challenge 04★ Serge

Chrono Trigger without a shadow of a doubt one of the GREATEST RPGs of all time - especially on my list. That said, Chrono Cross was and is still one of my favorite RPGs to this day. Next to FF9 it’s probably had the biggest impact on me!

I got this one done late last night. I went 30 minutes over on this one but I wanted to finish anyway! Have to get faster at deciding on composition/pose! Doing this helps you discover potential weakspots in your planning and execution process. I decided to post it after I woke up today. 26 Days to go!

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Some WH characters as Dan and Phil quotes.

Liz: “I’ve been embarrassing myself since about birth.”

Fan: “Have my babies!!”
Elias: “Does she want to give me the babies?”

Luca: “Don’t hurt us! …unless we consent ;)”

 Yukiya: “I’m about as violent and intimidating as a pink butterfly that’s stuck on a marshmallow.”

 Azusa: “Can you pleeeaassee get murdered on a different road??”

Klaus: “I was unintentionally jesus, that’s what I’m basically saying.”

Randy: “Imagine if humans had butts that illuminated.”

Joel: “You’re better than toast.”

Vincent: “Lolzor.”

Leon: “I went outside and did, like, actual human stuff. Turns out it’s quite nice out there. There’s this stuff called grass…and trees. Yeah, they’re cool.”