Just a couple of shots from my floating island town. Last things I added were the well and the crop garden, but the chicken coop and the house by it weren’t there when I woke up this morning either. I also put in a stream, so I could get water to other islands.


A few shots from an old project of mine, Snow Haven. The idea behind this town being, no light sources. There are only 3 places where I bent that rule in this project, being the redstone lamps on top of the castle tower, the torches on the map marker, and the drop pool to get down from the castle does use glowstone. I suppose technically those mushrooms are emitting light too.

The town included my Ice Castle, a little garden for the castle, a farm, a meeting hall, a town hall, a few compact houses, and the fungal garden under the castle, with all those mushrooms, the icicles and the vines.