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I got a story to tell. One of my friends showed me this coin that he has. It’s probably one of his favorite pieces of memorabilia. My friend received this coin from one of his best friends 2 days before he killed himself. As you can see in the first picture, a man is walking on a path while the forest he is walking in is on fire. In the second picture, the man is gone, the forest is fine again, and at the bottom it says “SERENITY”, peace. This is so symbolic to me, that his friend that passed away is at peace now. When I saw this coin, I was absolutely astonished. There is more to life than we think @sixpenceee

My first time participating in the Character Design Challenge! I’m sad I didn’t know about the mermaid challenge until it was too late, but it’s okay, I love Sailor Moon!

Princess Serenity and Luna always reminded me of the Chinese Moon Fairy, Chang E, so I kept that in mind as I designed. I tried to evoke her iconic hair style, but also inspired by more traditional Chinese hairstyles. Not too hard at all! I also put the planetary symbols of her main five sailor scouts on the “brocade” since I wanted to tie their relationship in somehow!