(sɛr ənˈdɪp ɪ ti), (noun) | Recognized as one of the most beautiful words in the English language, serendipity is defined as the occurrence of making pleasant and desirable discoveries by pure accident. It is also deemed as one of the most difficult words to translate in the English due to its whimsical and magical nature.

  • etymology: Its origins stem from a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip, who were known for “always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of.”

Hartwin shopping!AU

For the lovely prompt my fiancée gave to me:

Harry had thought the idea of a shopping trip for clothes with Eggsy would have been good for “finally teaching you how to dress like a proper gentleman, my darling boy”. For some reason, he’s not so sure of it anymore, met with the cheery response “then I’m going to pimp you good too, old man! It’s just fair”

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There are “signs” we receive when we’re looking, and there are “signs” we receive when we are not looking. The former can be helpful; often, these can be validating. But it’s the latter, it would seem, that are ESPECIALLY deserving of our attention. And tend to be amazingly clear and direct. If you ever find yourself in a confusing dialogue with the universe, wherein you think you’re hearing two entirely different things, pause and ask yourself which messages come when you aren’t searching. Notice whether there is a pattern there. My guess is, there will be. Observe. Reflect.

If you keep getting consistent messages when you aren’t searching for them, when you’re just going about your daily life – things like wrong numbers, clerical errors, significant spam, remarks from total strangers, etc. – then pay. attention. Heaven might be trying to help you.

Those Awkward First Meetings

Day seven: Serendipity

Summary: Nalu. Modern AU. In which Natsu goes on a quest for a midnight snack and ultimately fails (but maybe finds something better instead).

AN: We need to have a Fairy Tail Awkward Moments and Sarcastic Humour Week because I would totally nail everything in it.

UPDATE: I got rid of most of the spelling mistakes, but if I’ve missed any please tell me because it’s really fucking embarrassing if I notice them myself three weeks later.


Natsu was hungry.

And hungry may or may not have been a slight understatement.

On second thoughts, maybe he was just a bit more then hungry.

Actually it was a rather large understatement.

Saying that Natsu was hungry was like saying that Erza was kind of scary, or that Happy liked fish, or that Juvia had a mild crush on Gray.

Natsu wasn’t just hungry,

Natsu was completely and utterly ravenous.

Right now he felt like he could eat a cow or six.

And then go on to eat everything else on the farm that they came from.

Including the people.

And the grass.

And the stuff in the slurry pit.

He was absolutely starving.

Now, if you told one of Natsu’s friends this, they would probably stop what the were doing, stare at you for a while, before bursting into a fit of hysterical laughter because, after all, Natsu is always hungry.

Like always.

And that was the problem.

You see, Natsu and Gray, the guy who he shared an apartment with, were both extremely lazy people who, according to Lisanna, ‘wouldn’t get up off their asses and move if there was a meteor hurtling towards their sofa at ten thousand miles per hour’. And because of that neither of them had bothered to go out and buy any food for the past few weeks, and, due to Natsu’s practically unquenchable hunger, they now had absolutely nothing in their cupboards.



Na da.


And it was now two o'clock in the morning.

And Natsu had already scoured the entire kitchen twelve and a half times. The half had been when he had discovered an packet of doritos underneath the fridge and immediately eaten the entire thing, only to have to promptly run into the bathroom and throw up because they were mouldy and disgusting and him and Gray had been living in this apartment for three years now and neither of them ate doritos.

So who knew how long those things had been lying under the fridge for.

He had also found half a packet of polos down the sofa cushions, which he had eaten whole, and a bruised orange at the bottem of his rucksack, which he had also eaten whole (skin and all).

There had been a cheese sandwich in his bag with the orange, but it was all weird and fluffy and he was ninety six percent certain that there had been something growing out of it, so he had decided that instead of devouring it with the orange and the polos he would hide it in ice prick’s bed for him to find the next time he brought a girl home for the night.

After all, although most people would say that he ate anything and everything, even Natsu had to have some sort of limit to what he put inside his body.

And that sandwich was just ew.

So Natsu lay on the sofa, staring at the ceiling miserably and clutching his empty stomach, and occasionally licking the polo wrapper desperately, as if to try and fill his belly with the dying flavout of cheap mints.

It was during one of these depressing licking sessions that a thought suddenly hit him on the head.

There was a vending machine at the end of their floor in their apartment building!

Natsu was up like a shot, rummaging around for the loose change he had found during his exploration of the kitchen. He then grabbed a random t-shirt from the floor and pulled it on backwards and, without even bothering with socks or shoes, sprinted out the door and down the corridor.

There! The vending machine was in sight! Natsu managed to slow himself down just before he ran head first into it.

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out the change, inserting it into the machine and typing in the number that would deliver him into heaven.

As Natsu watched the chocolate bar fall from the shelf he realised that he was drooling.

He picked it up, opened the wrapper, and was about to devour it whole when he heard two people having a full blown shouting match around the corner from where he was standing.

And if there one thing that Natsu loved as much as food, it was listening in on other people’s arguments and laughing at them in his head.

“Get your hands off me you cheating scumbag!”

That was a girl, and although she sounded angry he could tell that she had been crying.

“Lucy I-”

And that, Natsu thought, must be the prick that had cheated on her.

“No! I have had enough of you and your late nights and your supposed work trips and your secret girlfriend! You should be happy that I’m going, after all it means you can spend more time with her.”


“No buts! This is my decision and it’s my final one. You should have thought about me before you started seeing her! I don’t fucking care what your excuses are, I’m leaving regardless. So if you’ll excuse me I’ll-”

Something cut the girl off and Natsu, being Natsu, just had to poke his head around to see what was happening.

He was confronted with the image of a woman being pinned to the wall by her probable ex, and Natsu immediately found himself curling his hand into a fist incase that jerk tried anything.

Even though it was cold, it was nighttime, he was half asleep and he was fucking starving, Natsu was itching for a fight.

Then again, Natsu was always itching for a fight.

He loved fights just as much as he loved food and listening to other people’s arguments.

However, it turned out that there was no need for one.

“Lucy please,” the jerk begged. “If you’d just listen to me I could-”

“Get your filthy hands off me asshole,” the girl shouted. “If you wanted me to listen then you could have told me about her yourself. I am so done with you and your stupid stupid lying!”

“Lucy pleas-”

Natsu had to stifle a laugh as he watched the woman deliver a swift kick right into the jerk’s balls. But instead he quickly ducked behind the corner again before either of them noticed him.

“Lucy wait!”

“Fuck off!”

Natsu heard someone storming towards him and prepared to make himself scarce, but before he could so much as take a step in the direction of his apartment the girl came flyimg around the corner and literally ran into him.

She was pretty, Natsu noticed, with long golden blonde hair and big chocolate coloured eyes, but her hair falling around her face messily and her eyes were red from crying. Her makeup was all smudged, and there was snot coming out of her nose.

She took a step back and looked up, taking in his messy hair and his bare feet and his back to front football shirt, and slowly the upset expression on her face turned into one of pure rage.

“Were you listening in on out conversation?” she practically screamed at him. “I can’t believe someone would do tha-”

He interrupted her mid rant by shoving his untouched chocolate bar into her hands.

“You look like you need this more than I do,” he managed to stutter out, before high tailing it back down the corridor to his apartment.

Only to immediately regret it when he realised that he once again had absolutely nothing to eat.

This was going to be a long night.




The next morning he was sitting half asleep in his psychology class, with an empty stomach and a killer headache, when someone set a bar of chocolate down on the desk in front of him.

He wearily rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked up, only to find the blonde girl from last night standing in front of him, with bags under her eyes and fingers that were tapping nervously on his table.




“I’m sorry about last night,” she started to say, but Natsu cut her off.

“You’ve nothing to be sorry for,” he said with his mouth already full of chocolate. “After all, you are my saviour at the moment.”

She looked confused, so he gave her the simple version.

“I’m broke, we have no food, and I haven’t eaten properly in two days.”

She looked shocked at first, but her expression quickly changed to one of horror as something finally dawned on her. “Then that chocolate bar you gave me must have been… oh my gosh! I am so so sorry! If there’s anything I can-”

He had to cut her off again. “It’s fine, like I said last night, you needed it more than I did.”

She paused for a moment, as if she was thinking about something.

“I know! I’ll buy you lunch today, to make up for your chocolate bar. I’m Lucy by the way.”

“I’m Natsu, and that sounds amazing.”

He grinned at her, and when she smiled back part of him couldn’t help but think that, although he had failed his quest to find a snack last night, he might just have stumbled upon something better.