Simsrena: Story Time!

Serena has now moved away from her simulation game obsession. Well done lass, I’m proud of you. Can we give her a round of applause?

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Any tips for all the other simulation game obsessors out here? 😋

So with all her free time, Serena has discovered a new talent. She loves telling stories! Her specialty? Unbelievable stories, apparently.

She loves sitting Cam down to tell him a story and watching his eyes light up with delight. And of course, Bernie often joins them and enjoys the story just as much!

Actually, if you ask me, Bernie looks way more into this particular story than Cameron does! Gotta love that Wolfe! 😍

Here are several Amour moments and some casual frames!

I could not find some that I wanted, like scenes from Chapter 64 or 73, I think.

But still, I like it as it was. Many things happened between them, and I like to remember them! 


¡He aquí varios momentos Amour y algunas capturas casuales!

No pude encontrar algunas que quería,  como escenas del capítulo 64 o 73, creo.

Pero aún así, me gusta como quedó. Muchas cosas sucedieron entre ambos, ¡y me gusta recordarlas!


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