reconcile: Tom + Serena

Thomas wasn’t so much wandering aimlessly anymore, he had a direction, but he just didn’t know where exactly he was going. So when he found himself in the Room of Requirement, surrounded by the shelves he had scanned on his date with Serena, he was surprised to say the least. He walked through the aisles, running his hands across the spines of the books, smelling the parchment. That was, until, he stopped at the end of the fantasy aisle, coming to an abrupt halt and throwing himself against the shelf. A head of blond hair spun around to look at him, and he stumbled, falling against the shelf, and knowing it over. With a thunderous force it hit the floor just inches from Serena’s form, the books sprawling everywhere. He stood, fixed to the floor. “Hey,” was all he could muster.