Street Artist: Artez

Belgrade-based street artist Artez is one of the leading Serbian artists of the third generation that emerged on the local graffiti scene. He is best known as an artist that is mixing photo-realism and illustration with an amazing ability to incorporate vibrant colors in his work.  His constant craving for travelling and having the world as his inspiration effected his rapid progress and influenced his style. Follow him on Instagram and Tumblr.

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Jel Ena

“Fleurs du Mal” by Jel Ena for our current group show, See The Stars from Sep 17 to Oct 11, 2016. Graphite, Gold Paint on Moleskin, 4" x 4". Available here:

Jel Ena is a Serbian born multi-media artist living in her adopted home of Los Angeles. She comes from a family of artists in every field who supported her pursuit of the … See More — with Jel Ena and Flower Pepper at Flower Pepper Gallery.“

Milos Rajkovic

Serbian artist Milos Rajkovic aka Sholim creates bizarre animated GIFs that comment on social injustices. In his ‘World Was Wonderful’ series, GIFs depicting a homeless man holding a sign and a Ronald McDonald-like figure standing on top of a pile of trash highlight poverty and excessive consumption of fast food. He has more really cool Gifs on his Tumblr. You can also follow him on Facebook or Instagram.