“But, if I wasn’t able to protect the one person who is truly precious to me, and only I’m left alive, then there’s nothing that can be said.”

    Even if he became a l’Cie, there would be no one to feel sad for him. Then, what was the point in trying to stay human? Even if he was destined to become a Cie’th, he would have no regrets if there was even one thing for him to protect.


As if to reply ‘okay,’ the Cactuar spread out its limbs. The color disappeared from his vision. It was a vision of his Focus. For real, this time.

 Snow was there. So was Serah. The two of them were up against the jet-black Bahamut. Snow was throwing punches at it. Serah was shooting off magic. Snow stood on guard and took a hit from their enemy, while Serah watched Snow’s back.

-Final Fantasy XIII-2: Fragments After

Any line Snow says to or about  Serah legitly makes me want to just AHHH

  • “Being alone’s all right, I guess. Yep. Always was until we met. But then we did. And now I know there’s something better: being with you. We’ve come too far to quit now.”
  • “I will be with you! No matter what.”
  • “Not if I’m here. I’ll protect you. We’ll figure this out—do it together.”
  • “You and me, we’ll always be together.”
  • “Yesterday at the store, I got us something. Don’t know much about jewelry, but… I hope you like it.”
  • “I will stand by you, no matter what happens. I’m yours forever. Serah. My one. My only. Will you marrry me?”
  • “She said ‘yes’!”
  • “Before I asked you to marry me, I wished that you would say 'yes.’
  • "All we need—just you and me." 
  • "Don’t worry, Serah. Your hero is on his way.”
  • “Hang on, baby! Your hero’s on the way!”
  • “I’ve gotta find her and set her free.”
  • “I’ll protect Serah. And Cocoon!”
  • “I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll finish this Focus… and keep Serah safe. That’s my promise." 
  • "Don’t worry. This tear will be her last. I’ll make sure of that.”
  • “Maybe I will end up a Cie'th. But until that happens, I’m gonna make Serah proud.”
  • “I couldn’t bring myself to admit that this tear meant good-bye. And that’s why I kept searching for her. But I didn’t need to. Serah was here the whole time. Right here, watching over me.”
  • “Here. you hang on to this for a while. When I come back, it’ll be with Lightning. Then there’s no way she can say no to getting us married.”
  • “But hey, I’ll be back. Just… gimme some time.”
  • “Hey, that’s my girl.”
  • “See ya soon… I hope.”

 With these two it’s like “Rip my heart out, why don’t you?”

Watch on

I wish I had picked this option so bad now. It’s such a slap in the face to Noel. >:D

OTP: SerahxSnow



Why would squeenix do this to me. whhyy

I mean, with the Snow DLC, yeah, they showed Serah still loves Snow with the “If I get tired of waiting for you… I’ll come here to get you.” comment, rather than saying “fuck you.”


She died.

The Lightning DLC sure got come closure for Serah and Lightning… Hoorah. Makes sense. Secret DLC ending hints to  13-3, “yay!” right? Not quite.

What about everyone else?

I just came to a profound relization that: SNOW IS L'CIE. He will be crystallized if he completes his fucking focus. And I’m pretty sure he was.

Therefore the “Snow will be dead or too old by the time Serah is reborn” theory has been shot. By the time Serah is reborn, he, I’m sure, will come out of crystal stasis and will be able to be with Serah again.

Serah is not quite like Yuel, I’m sure, that when Serah is reborn, it will basically be the same Serah somehow.

Ohhh Etro I’m clinging to hope here. ;3;