Ser Jorah Mormont

Let’s talk about this

I didn’t know why people felt that it was different how Danny reacted to Jorah volunteering vs. Jon volunteering. Until I watched it again.

Then I saw it

This was her reaction to Jorah:

Shock, confusion, worry, the casual ‘what-the-fuck-do-you-mEAN-you’re-going?’ look. but then eventually…

Acceptance… five seconds later.

And then Jon starts talking. when Davos goes “They won’t follow Ser Jorah”, and Jon goes “they won’t have to”. Davos got it right away what the hell this boy was planning to do. 

And Danny… Oh, sweet summer child:


She didn’t get it at first. It went from … ‘what..?’ to “oh god..”

THIS is the look of utter f e a r. She is terrified right now, and she does not know what to say. Her inner feelings are conflicting with her job as a queen.

And what face does Jon give?

That face a guy makes when he’s screaming ‘I’m sorry’ in his head.

Now… here’s one of my favorite parts…

Jorah even fucking looks at Danny, waiting for her to SAY something (I think this is also the moment Jorah knew. He just knew)

And Danny… her breathing is so uneven… She is legitimately scared for Jon.

“I haven’t given your permission” 

 I don’t care what you say… This is not Danny being a Queen. This is Danny being selfish. She let her personal feelings get in the way.

But Jon’s entire speech. About strangers trusting strangers, pulls at her. Jon forcibly pulls the Queen inside of her.

And Danny looks at Tyrion. Hoping for his counsel.

And she finally breaks. She doesn’t accept it, No, no no, she is absolutely 100% against this. But if you are anything like me or probably 99% of people in this world, when you want to say something you cannot say because you are trying to hold yourself together, all you do is nod.

So she nods.

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My Game of Thrones OTP’s

GIF’s not mine

Falling asleep on Jorah would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Jorah 😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him smiling to feel you slumping over him no matter what whether it be on his shoulder, his back as you’d ride together or his lap he’d just be glad to have you to himself

-Him loving to brush your hair away just to get a better look at your features, only to smile to see how cute you are

-Him bringing his hand to your forehead and cheeks just to make sure you’re not sick or anything, only to melt to feel you snuggling to him

-Him always wrapping you up in his cape or removing some of your extra clothes to make sure you are comfortable

-Him wanting to desperately hold you in his arms but fearing he might wake you up so he tries his best to stay still as much as he can

-Him putting his hand over yours to reassure you whenever you’d seem to have a nightmare

-Him getting annoyed by people talking around you but politely telling them to keep their voices down

-Him always pulling you closer to let you rest your head against his chest before picking you up and getting you to bed

-Him smirking to feel you grip onto him and just thinking to himself about how much you must love having him so close

-Him always asking you if you had a good nap whenever you’d wake up and just laughing to see how confused you are

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Losing your virginity to Jorah Mormont would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Jorah 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him carrying you up the whole way to your bed and telling you in a whisper about how much he loves you, as you’d hold onto him

-Him laying down gently and softly pressing his lips to your forehead before trailing down finally to your lips

-Him kissing you with such passion, it gets to you both and makes you both unable to keep your hands off each other

-Him ending up ripping most of your dress off and apologizing the moment he realizes himself, making you laugh and smile and for him to feel at ease

-Him kissing down to your chest and getting rough by leaving hickeys and lovebites, making you yelp and moan for more

-Him asking you as to what you’d like him to do to you, only to surprise you before you even answer by slowly going down on you

-Him surprising you with how much he can tease you with the way he touches and grabs you all over

-Him kissing back up to your lips and slowly grinding himself against you, making you feel and understand how much he wants you

-Him grabbing his cock and slowly easing into you, only to grab your legs to wrap around against his waist as he wants to feel as close to you as much as he can

-Him carefully thrusting as he takes notices of your winces, only to end up holding you and whispering in your ear that he loves you before kissing your temple