@therealjacksepticeye I Drew you as Tiny Rick! Hope you see and like it. “TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YOU LADDIES! MY NAME IS TINY JACK!” Sorry about the bad lighting, and I know it’s not as good as your other fan art but I tried.


Sam’s out of their septic tank! I repeat, Sam’s out of the tank!

What (or  w҉͍̘̰h̦o̷̩͈̹̲̬̳̼) is that shadowy figure?

Look at that bouncing baby [eye]ball!

Also, look at them pumpkins! It even has A̛̟n̦͉̩̗̱̰t͈̤̜̹̫͇̹i̝͕͚’s Knife!

Awww, Sam’s waving goodbye with their little tail!

I love this Halloween animation!


I looked back through my Procreate and decided to re-post all of these pieces I’ve made a long time ago. So this is basically old ech0ed art.

One’s the lootcrate thing Delirious did, Two and three are old Vanotoonz classics, four’s a human version I thought of Fiery from BFDI (IDFB), The fifth piece is me trying to learn to draw like @cartoonjunkie made for @thatsthat24 . The sixth one another “try to draw it” piece of Wildcat playing guitar in the style of @kristelthecapper. The seventh one was an inspiration piece from an old Shadow the hedgehog piece, someone made back years ago. The eighth piece was how I drew Gir from Invader Zim and his anti side. Finally, the ninth piece was a character from @cartoonjunkie known as Sambot, meeting Septic for the first time.