“I have a girlfriend, but I’m a bit timid, so it’s not easy for me to express to her that I love her. So I designed a bracelet for my girlfriend for a school project. That way even if we’re far away, if I put a heart in my bracelet, that heart can be transmitted to her bracelet. Once a number of hearts are gathered, they turn into the shape of a tree. However, if I don’t send enough hearts to her, the tree will start to wither away.”

“여자친구가 있는데 제 성격이 조금 소심해서 사랑한다는 표현을 하는게 쉽지가 않았어요. 그래서 여자친구를 위해 학교 프로젝트로 팔찌를 하나 고안했어요. 멀리 있어도 제 팔찌의 하트를 누르면 그 하트가 여자친구의 팔찌에 전송이 되어서 떠요. 그리고 그 하트가 모여서 나무 모양을 만들어요. 근데 하트가 모자라면 나무가 시들기 시작해요.”

My documents made it to Korea! My boss submitted them today, and said he should get my visa issuance number by the end of next week.

As soon as I have that, the tentative plan is to take one last mother daughter road trip to the nearest Korean consulate (which is, sadly, not near at all), I’ll get my visa in person, and then most likely fly out from the airport near the consulate the next morning.

Meanwhile, the packing process has begun and my pre-departure checklist has been whittled down to just a few measly bullet points. Gotta be ready to leave as soon as that number comes~

Color of Seoul : Jul 29, 2015.

Seoul, S.Korea.

Because I was born in Seoul, I couldn’t understand the words that ‘Han river is broad’. Only after I got in years and traveled other Korean cities foreign countries, I have come to understand the words at last.

Han river is broad.

Whenever I cross the river in the evening, the whiffling lights of the buildings are flowed into the subway train. I’m usually unconscious of that lovely scenery because of the fatigue of my tiring days. But on a rare occasion, I could notice that beauty, and capture it.

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A cup of delicious Poop Coffee.. Just what I needed!

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cafe spring ☕️ 前は spring come,rain fall という店名のカフェ。いったん弘大エリアに越したことがあって…そこは6月行った時、Bluetooth cafe という店に変わっており…元の景福宮付近に帰ってました。

でも店名は cafe spring に。それでも雰囲気は相変わらず素敵✨プレートに小瓶にちっさなハーブ🌿を添える…心配りが嬉しいんです。