Seokjin moving his children (95z) out of the way @ Changwon K-Pop Festival
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who are jungkook and seokjin???? idk them???


i love this vine goodnight

BTS: When You’re Not A Morning Person

Anon: Can I have a bts reaction to you not being a morning person? Like you really hate everything about before noon. (Saying things such as ‘don’t touch me’, 'don’t look at me’, 'get away from me’, 'I don’t care’ to everything they say)? Tysm in advance.

I’m not a morning person either Anonie.


I think it would bother him a bit but at the same time there’s something about your grumpy pout or your messy bedhead that he finds cute. Seokjin would understand how you feel and may playfully scold you for being so mean to him, but he’d also be sure to prepare some coffee or breakfast to help brighten your mood for the day. Even if you brushed him off he’d still demand a good morning kiss so you’re just going to have to deal with that. He’s a sweetie though so go easy on him.

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He’s probably still sleeping (since he didn’t even go to bed until five) or already at the studio before you even wake up, so he wouldn’t really have to deal with you and your moodiness that much. When he did, I think he’d be really understanding of your bad mood and would just let you be. He might start up the coffee pot or fix the piece of your hair that’s sticking up, but for the most part he’d leave you alone. I don’t think Yoongi is much of a morning person himself so he wouldn’t be that keen on a lot of fluff or interaction either.

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I strongly believe that Hobi is a morning person. Like he can be awake right as the birds start chirping and you can be damn sure he’ll act as your personal alarm clock when it’s time to drag you out of dreamland. No matter how grumpy you are, Hoseok’s going to try and wake you up for the day with lots of skinship, cracking jokes to turn your scowl into a smile. He’d think you’re really cute. Like Jin he may playfully scold you but unlike Jin, Hoseok would scold you with aegyo to make sure you were grinning as you walked out the door.

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Namjoon isn’t a particularly social person in the mornings himself, so it wouldn’t really bother him much. He’d leave you to get ready on your own and wouldn’t bother you because he knew you weren’t in the mood for skinship or conversation, but also in part because he’d be scared of facing your wrath. But that’s only when he’s actually awake, because most often he’d be asleep after a long night at the studio. He may pat your head or give you a lazy backhug and a slurred “good morning” but Joonie would mostly let you be until you got past the early morning aggression.

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Jimin would honestly be a little hurt the first few mornings he spent with you, but when he realised that you were just like this ever morning he’d get used to it and eventually he might even come to find it a nice little quirk of yours. While he’s not all up in your face like Hoseok, he would still be somewhat affectionate and cute with you to try and cheer you up. Mostly though, I think Jimin would leave you alone if you really weren’t having it. You can be sure though he’d do little things like make you breakfast or coffee to try and help you out.

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Tae isn’t really a morning person but I don’t think he’d be grumpy, just sleepy and lazy. He might tease you a bit and pout dramatically when you tell him to leave you alone, but really he doesn’t mind. Even when you brush him off, Tae’s gonna be there with a hug or a hundred and a few kisses, flashing that cute sleepy little smile of his with his eyes turned to crescents, and that alone should make you feel way better. Even if it bugs you, he’d be all over you in the mornings, and it may even help you learn to enjoy waking up.

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Don’t worry, Kookie totally understands. He’d be on your side and would also hate waking up and would definitely be a bit grumpy. With that mutual understanding, mornings with Jungkook would be pretty quiet and the two of you wouldn’t interact that much because to be honest neither of you are in the mood for it. More than being overly grumpy though, Jungkook is mostly just tired so when he finally wakes up he’d probably be a little silly to try and cheer you up a bit.

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“Can you do a reaction when you try and turn them on but it fails to work so you try harder and it ends up working but in front of the other members. I hope this makes sense” -Anonymous

Thanks for the request anonymous!

Kim Namjoon

You would get home and Namjoon would be sitting with Suga running over some song lyrics. He had been doing this every night of the week.  Walking over to him you tried to give him a kiss but he turned away. 

“I need to work Y/N” he’d say causing you to groan and walk off to the bedroom. 

You thought for a moment before deciding to go for a shower. After showering you walked back out to where Namjoon and Suga were sitting, your towel just barely covering your naked body. 

“Baby, have you seen my bra?” you’d ask biting your bottom lip

Suga’s eyes would already be fixed on you 
“Y/N, I’m worki-” he wouldn’t finish his sentence as he looked up at you.

He’d quickly turn to Suga “I think we should call it a night and continue tomorrow”. Suga would just nod in agreement, eyes still not taken off you.

Namjoon would stand up and drag you back into the bedroom, slamming the door behind him “Are you crazy?” he’d ask.

“I just might be” you’d reply letting your towel drop to the floor.

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Kim Seokjin

Yourself, Jin and the other members will be all sat down at the table eating together, you sat closely to Jin on one side. 

When the members were talking amongst themselves, you would lean into his ear whispering “Jin..can we go to the bedroom”

He would just look at you, a little shocked. Jin would want to but he had food to finish, so he would simply shake his head and spray some more whipped cream on his pancakes. 

You would sigh and carry on eating, but your hand would wander to his inner thigh gently beginning to caress him. He would look at you wide eyed but you would continue looking at the other boys, smiling and participating in the conversation.  Your hand would slowly move over his crotch to rub his growing bulge which would cause him to bite his lip to hold in a groan. Before it got too far he would stand up abruptly causing the members to look at him.

“I’m going to finish this in my room with Y/N” he said grabbing the whip cream and leading you to the bedroom.

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would be working in the studio and Hobi would be in there with him. You would walk in and sit on the couch beside Yoongi. 

Hobi would leave the room at one point to go and get you all some snacks and drinks. 

Using this as your advantage you would begin to kiss at his neck. “I want you~” you’d mumble. He’d just pull away from you and sigh. “Y/N, I want you too, but I need to work”

You would sigh and cross your arms “Sure you do…you just can’t get it up” you’d tease. In that moment Yoongi would grab you and pull you onto his lap so that you were straddling him. Making you clearly feel the bulge through his jeans. 

“Are you sure about that?” he’d ask with a smirk before you both began a heated kiss grinding on one another. 

Hobi would open the door “I got you something to eat” he say as he looked up to find you both making out. “Never mind, you already have something to eat” he’d say leaving the room.

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Jung Hoseok 

Hoseok would be teaching the boys some new dance moves when he asked you to get up and dance with him. When the boys were preoccupied, you would place his hands on your hips and move them in time with the music, making sure to grind against him which caused him to grin. 

Before even asking he’d stop the music and lift you up, throwing you over his shoulder causing the members to look at both of you.

“I have a little problem that needs Y/N’s full attention, I will be back” he’d say to the others before leaving the room. 

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Park Jimin

You and Jimin would be sat beside one another on the couch, the other boys on the other seats in room, the room in darkness as you all sat and watched a movie. 

Due to the darkness of the room you used this as your chance to move closer to Jimin, snuggling closer to him, covering both of you with your blanket. Your lips would meet his neck kissing softly at first before nibbling.

He would tilt his head away from you, eyes still focused on the screen. You would sigh and look at the screen, letting your hand wander under the blanket and under his sweats to his length. You teasingly began to rub your hand against his growing bulge. 

When you looked up you saw his eyes fixed on you, lust-filled. He would pull your hand out and take your hand in his “Me and Y/N are having an early night” he’d announce before leading you to the bedroom.

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Kim Taehyung 

Taehyung would be really into the anime he was watching, the other boys watching it with him to, like they said they would.  He hadn’t  paid attention to you all week because of this anime and you were becoming needy.

Already wearing a low v cut top which was showing off your cleavage (but wasn’t getting his attention). You grabbed your glass of water and ‘accidentally’ spilled it down yourself, turning your white shirt transparent, showing off your black lace bra beneath. “Ahh, so cold” you’d complain placing your glass down as you tried to soak up the  water that was on your cleavage.

The other members began to eye up the view before Tae noticed “I need to go get Y/N changed, pause it until i’m back” he’d say taking you into his room, instantly removing your wet shirt. “I think the rest of your clothes are wet Y/N, let’s take them off too”

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Jeon Jungkook 

Jungkook would be distracted playing video games with the other members. So distracted he didn’t even notice you walk in and sit beside him. You decided on going to your room to change. 

An idea came to mind, you decided to slip on the night wear that Jungkook had ordered you only to wear in the bedroom.  It was black and red, the top half covering your chest like a bra as lace flowed  down to just below your thighs, in the middle was a slit lined with frillys that lead up to a small black ribbon which held your night dress together. To cover the lower half visible through the lace you slipped on a matching thong. 

Walking out the bedroom all the members eyes met yours as you walked over to a shelf purposely reaching up pretending like you wanted one of your books. 

Jimin nudged Jungkook who turned to look at you wide eyed. He threw pillows at the members who were looking at you before walking over to you and wrapping his jacket around you leading you to his room, he closed the door behind him before pressing you against in, your legs and arms wrapping around him in response. 

“You’re mine …. mine only” he groaned crashing his lips to yours.

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This ended up being so long, I apologise!

Awake >> Jin, you

Inspired by their new Album (By the teasers only XD but yeah it’s okay)

Rated: M (For mature contents like illness, violence … etc) 

I hope you will like it. I never gave Jin a chance in my writing, I should shower this boy with love he deserve it <3 

Enjoy reading 

The house in front of you was more likely to be a castle or a palace. But this one was more modern and more fabulous, leaving you in awe with its structure and how it was well built.

There was a large garden surrounding the mansion (Could you even call it a mansion?) It felt like you entered one of those fairy tale places where the prince will be waiting inside. Where trees covered the back yard and flowers grew beautifully everywhere it made an aisle toward the entrance of the mansion.

Too magical and beautiful.

However, you were never a Cinderella. You came here to work.

“Dr. Y/N?” Turning around you came face to face with a truly beautiful lady. Her hair was pulled up in a bun, her eyes were big and she was kind of tall. With her rose dress that reached just below her knees, Y/N guessed she must be the house lady.

“Oh, you must be Ms. Kim. It’s nice to meet you.” You reached out your hand for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you too, Dr.” she took your hand, before giving you a serious look. You knew right away that your work started right now.

“He is in his room. As you know he is kind of stubborn and he has a short temper.” Ms. Kim talked as she kept looking at the mansion. A worried expression was over her face.

You smiled at her, giving her a nod as you heard every word she said about her son.

Ms. Kim sighed, clasping her hands together “Can you really handle him I’m worried?”

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