“Why is there so much negativity in this fandom? I’m always afraid to support the girls because of it. It’s affected me for a long time, but it ends now! I love Yoona’s blonde hair! Hyoyeon and Yuri are amazing dancers! Taeyeon has an amazing voice! I love Tiffany’s bubbly personality! I’m so proud of Seohyun! Jessica is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! I wish I was friends with Sunny! Sooyoung is a goddess! CMIYC was pure gold! And Party is a great song to end summer on!”

- Edited by Jenni (jenniunni)

i’m not even in this fandom, and yet i could smell how underated Seohyun is from miles away, not just by the fans but also by the other members. i personally think she has the BEST singing voice out of all snsd, plus she is drop dead gorgeous, i’d fight somebody to protect her.