“It’s very embarrassing. It’s a compliment, but the word is just embarrassing. A kiss scene is like the flower of the drama, and I don’t think there’s a specific concept of doing it well. However, in order for that flower to grow, there needs to be a [good] description, and I think I was able to make it because it was beautifully drawn.” - Seo In Guk

“It felt like I was learning how to date.  I was a child actress then and they weren’t showing the whole love story, so there was no choice but for the feelings this time around to be different.  ‘Shopping King Louie’ covered the whole process from my meeting Louie for the first time and when we fell in love to when we completed our love. The love story was lovable and pretty, so all of the scenes of affection I experienced through the drama made me happy. I had not felt burdened by the kiss scenes.  Seo In Guk and the director made the atmosphere comfortable for me and I even consulted them on how to make it look pretty. During rehearsal, we threw ideas off one another and mulled over it, so I was able to be comfortable when we were actually filming.  Seo In Guk has a lot of ideas and is the type to present his opinions in a forward way.  He has a lot of good sense.  I think that’s why the Bok Shil and Louie couple were cuter and more lovable.” - Nam Ji Hyun