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sorry, this might get a little extent

Ok so first lets get things clear: Stray Kids is fortunately not the name of the group, it’s only the name of the survival show they’ll be part of. They don’t have a name yet so we just call them that

There are nine of them, and all of them will be in the final group formation, the concept of the survival is not trainee X trainee, it’s traineeS X JYP, they need to prove as a team that they’re ready to debut



Kim Woojin. 97 liner, Korean. He’s the main vocal. He also auditioned and passed the selections for companies like CUBE, Fantagio and SM, but chose JYP instead a wise man. He’s pure talent. Here is a cover he did a while ago of SOFA, by Crush.


His korean name is Bangchan, his English name is Chris. Also a 97 liner, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. This boy is a JYP trainee SINCE 2012, he can rap, sing, and dance i love stanning talented people. He’s friends with GOT7 and Twice’s Jeongyeon. He’s a member of 3RACHA, under the name CB97, and produces most of their songs. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the leader.



Lee Minho. Korean, 98 liner. He’s a rapper and….that’s all we know about him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Seo Changbin. Korean, 99 liner. He’s the main rapper. And by rapper I mean THE RAPPER™ He’s also a member of 3RACHA.


Hwang Hyunjin. Korean, 00 liner. Lead rapper, the main(?) visual. He studied/studies at SOPA (Seoul School of Performing Arts).


Han Jisung. Korean, 00 liner. He can sing and rap. Hes also a member of 3RACHA, and produced some of their songs. He’s a former student of DEF Music Academy and no, this has nothing to do with Jaebum. Here is a rap he wrote for his monthly test whEN HE WAS 15. And umm according to me he’s also their hidden visual.


Kim Seungmin. Korean, 00 liner. Vocal, dance and visual. Here are clips of his auditions as a model and as a vocal/dancer.


Felix Lee. Australian, 00 liner. He’s also a rapper like jesus all of them are rappers smh?? He cant speak korean well yet so hes better at rapping in English. AND HE HAS ADORABLE FRECKLES


Yang Jeongin. Korean, 01 liner. He’s a vocalist. Maknae.

I hope yall look forward and cheer for them 💕 If you want to know anything else about them, just message me and I’ll be glad to help you 💕

“changbin is really short,” felix says into the mic.

the crowd cheers. felix begins to walk off in glory, when a voice speaks and commands silence.

“bitch says that again,” he says. felix looks for the owner of the voice. there in the third row stands… who? felix can’t see him.

in 2018, I want:

Chan to sleep more and stop being so hard on himself. he’s known to be working on songs at ungodly hours, he carries the responsibilities of being the leader and producer of stray kids that he overworks himself one too many times. he should be able to rest and know that his members will always have his back no matter what.

Woojin to start realizing how beautiful his voice is and how beautiful he sounds when he sings. his voice wasn’t shown until the later episodes and that’s a pity because his voice is so beautiful. he is burdened with the title of ‘main vocal’ which is why he’s always pushing himself to sound the best and be the best, but he’s already perfect and just needs to realize it.

Minho to show a better side of him. in the short time he was on the show, he was always noted for making mistakes, mainly in rapping because it’s not his forte. he is a talented dancer; he choreographed hellevator, which has such a flowing and smooth choreography. he is also a wonderful singer, it’s a pity that he has to rap, but i know that he will improve in his rap and show us fans his amazing talents when stray kids debuts.

Changbin to be known more. he’s mostly known to be ½ of changlix, but he is also an amazing rapper who produces stray kids’ songs. he is very underappreciated by fans since there’s never any talk about him unless it’s with Felix and there weren’t many hq pictures of him during the final mission. he’s not just ‘dark boy’ or ‘rich boy’, he’s an all-rounder with a caring personality and people should start to realize that.

Hyunjin to be noticed for not just his handsomeness, but also his talent in dancing and rapping and gain more confidence in his abilities. yes, he’s beautiful, but besides that, he is a very skilled dancer and a growing rapper. he’s choreographed many stray kids’ songs and is improving his rap, and i’m sure that he will sound great when stray kids debuts. he also needs more confidence, it’s not a secret that he doesn’t have enough confidence in himself, it’s shown in many episodes in which he works extra hard in order to show the best of himself, but his confidence started to decrease when he was listed as one of the ‘at risk’ members.

Jisung to stay bright. he has such an energetic and positive personality and you can tell how much he cares about his members, but he doesn’t show his feelings in return. this boy is so young and talented, he’s probably going through a lot of stress as a producer and member, and it can be hard for him. i want people to not only see this boy as a bright pillar, but also a skilled producer, singer, rapper, and dancer.

Felix to be able to showcase his rapping and dancing more and not just be known as ‘freckle boy’ or “growling guy’, he is handsome, but people should also shed light on his talents. he’s 1/3 of the dance line and it’s shown that he is an amazing dancer. people should not just focus on the fact that he has a deep voice and beautiful freckles, but on the fact that he is so good at dancing and rapping and his stage presence is no joke.

Seungmin to be appreciated more, he has a beautiful voice and a beautiful personality, but mnet didn’t pay much attention to it. he’s one of the underappreciated members, which is a pity because he has amazing visuals and vocals. i want to see him get more singing lines, such as when he sang ‘young wings’, and fans to notice him more because he is a gem.

Jeongin to gain confidence as it was destroyed during the show, he has such a unique and strong voice that needs to be shown more, he shouldn’t be known as the boy who made too many mistakes. he’s been called out way too much for his mistakes that he seemed so nervous and scared whenever his name is called. he has to put up a bright facade to cover up the fact that he is struggling, and that’s sad to know. he’s definitely an amazing singer and just needs to have more confidence.

Stray Kids to be known as a group of talented boys, in which every member is well-rounded in singing, dancing, producing, and rapping. they’ve been through so much to go to where they are now and now it’s time for us fans to repay them back by supporting their debut in 2018 and that means supporting all the members.


“Jeongin’s smile is so bright that it could light up an entire room” - Stray Kids, probably