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Everything wrong with the first Flower Crew VAPP live

Well actually i can’t post EVERYTHING because there’s so much wrong with it.

First off yes, Jungkook was a few minutes late but that was because he was worried that the others didn’t eat yet and so he bough them burgers. Jungkook started off really excited and explained the burger and what was in it but Jo Seho shoots him down and says “are you sure these aren’t left overs?” he then refuses to take them and gives them to Jungkook who’s face falls as he whispers “nobody took them” eventually Kim Minseok does eat it saying he was hungry but Seho tells him to “쳐먹어" (very informal and rude basically means “stuff it in”)

Secondly Seo JangHoon was being very rude and korean fans pointed that out (International fans were relying on subtitles which I noticed were slow and not very accurate in many places) anyway he was clearly trying to ride along and use Jungkook’s popularity making Jungkook very uncomfortable. He said stuff such as “Our Jungkookie whom I already know because we were in Yaman TV together” and praised his amazing fans and said he ate food just for Jungkook because Jungkook wanted it and kept going on and on about how amazing he was, how friendly they were, he even forced Jungkook into a huge heart for the camera. Fans then repeatedly told him he was crossing the line and that he was making it uncomfortable by being overly respectful (using two hands to point to him etc) but he just said it was to be funny and that they were close that’s why.

Third Jo Seho was trying to be the opposite and kept saying stuff along the lines of “this broadcast was for Jungkook” (implying that it was Jungkook-centric) and he says that Jungkook shouldn’t go on the flower road he should “show a more humane side and just go through the dirt road” kind of forcefully making Jungkook acknowledge that “It’s okay if I go to the dirt road as long as the system is fair” which brings me to my fourth point…

Seo Janghoon kept calling the system unfair. He didn’t know how the Vapp voting worked (Basically there was the main camera and then 6 other cameras that were personal ones trained only on one cast member and the “votes” were set to zero then when voting was open the hearts counted as votes, so more hearts = more votes) As many of you know on Vapp ONE person can give endless hearts if they wait a few seconds for hearts to recharge (and giving hearts are free) so Seo Janghoon’s complaint was that it was unfair, “It should be one vote per person” implying that Jungkook’s fans should calm down.

That brings me to the last part where a excited Jungkook had to sit on his knees and that (as many would know) really hurts after an extended period of time. He ended up asking fans not to vote for him because the person with the most votes became the “flower path” leader and he didn’t want the pressure of being leader and having to choose his team mates as well as the overwhelming reminder he kept getting that it was “not a broadcast for the viewers but for Jungkook after all” (said by Seho) and that “the voting system is unfair” (said by Janghoon) He said “It’s okay if i’m in the dirt team I just want it to be fair”… nobody WANTS to suffer but near the end he was at the point that as long as he didn’t have the pressure and he could clear his name he was okay with physical suffering. That’s not right.

And also, not just for Jungkook but Seo Janghoon and Seho kept talking not giving other cast members a chance. How could Seho tell Kim Minseok to “쳐먹어"? Very very rude even if he is a senior that’s close to profanity (in fact in broadcast it IS profanity which is why so many korean fans were shocked and talking about it on twitter) It was not professional at all. Kim Minseok was kind enough to read the actual fan comments out loud to try and let the others know what the VIEWERS actually wanted, he read this one IN PARTICULAR saying “Stop making him (Jungkook) uncomfortable” but Janghoon ignores Minseok and just goes “it’s not uncomfortable it’s funny”. Also just not giving Ahn Jung Hwan much time to talk even if he’s a respected retired soccer player and making fun of Yoo ByungJae going like “ohh you actually had a fanclub”?! Is plain rude.

From the voting system to the way the MCs were taking care of this show it was all a mess and I know many people DEMAND for a better system! Please

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