Seo Kangjun


김원중 Kim Won Joong & 안재현 Ahn Jae Hyeon & 이종현 Lee Jong Hyun & 서강준 Seo Kang Jun & 홍종현 Hong Jong Hyun

<5 Skin Stars>

Photo from Vouge Korea Magazine


“I think there were some similarities between my actual personality and Cha Young Bin’s personality. In real life, I’m also extremely indecisive when I have to make my mind up about something. As expected, Youngbin doesn’t take charge but has a tendency to work with the people around him when it comes to minor stuff. You could say that he’s courteous to others. However, when it comes to ambition for his acting, he insists on being in charge.  We’re similar in those aspects. When we were filming, it was so fun and I really felt comfortable, like we were friends.” - Seo Kang Joon