If you take your Legend Of Zelda Wolf Link Amiibo and remove the Wolf Link figurine from the base and glu a toy of Goku to it, you can summon Goku in to Zelda Breath of the Wild

Goku will supply the Player (Link) with Senzu beans and will kill all of the ba dguy s until the player gets bored 

10 Lessons From DBZA

1. Do NOT fuck with Mr.Popo

2. If you’re going to fuse with someone’s body at least buy them dinner first

3. Vegeta will always be the hype. You could be a God and it wouldn’t matter cause Vegeta is always the hype.

4. Always obey Chichi.

5. Senzu beans help all. Including minor problems like paper cuts.

6. Soliciting your son for sex is a pretty bad idea

7. Learn people’s names before you give them ridiculous nicknames (ex.  Little Green)

8. Nappa is long gone, but never forgotten

9. You must never ever forget to dodge.

10. Spirit bombs do not help all.

Dragon Ball Z Senzu Beans

Become unstoppable with a few of Korin’s rejuvenating Senzu Beans! These novelty replicas can be made into a pair of earrings, necklaces, or placed into a jar for safe keeping until you’re in need of a quick power up.

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Senzu Beans are grown by Korin in Korin Tower. When eaten, the consumer’s energy and physical health are restored to their fullest; the effects are typically almost instantaneous for the recipient, making these beans a great asset both in and out of battle. Their texture is said to be a cross between an uncooked (or under ripe) bean and a celery stalk.