Senses Fail


Buddy is spitting out the straight truth right now on Twitter. I am so proud to call Senses Fail my favorite band, they’re using their stage time as a platform to talk about the real issues in between playing their music. Not only do more bands need to stand up and speak out, we, as fans, need to do the same. If you hear a band on stage talking about these issues, don’t walk away because you think they’re preaching and that they should shut up and play their music. Stay and listen to become more educated because we can make a difference as a whole in the music scene.

It amazes me that there are people still defending Front Porch Step and are telling people to “let it go” and think it’s okay that he’s playing warped tour today. Front Porch Step manipulated many underage girls, you could tell that if you ever learned about teen dating violence in a health class you would know that. Those girls still don’t think he didn’t do anything wrong or blame themselves because of the shit that he pulled and that is INEXCUSABLE. It’s not fair his many victims who are still involved with the music in this scene to go to warped tour and be scared for their own safety because of he’s abusive and a pedophile, it isn’t fair for any young girl in this scene. There is a major problem with sexual abuse and consent in this scene and so many other artists get away with it, or if they get caught they play the victim and still get to play shows which is bullshit. Props to all of the bands that have spoken out about the bullshit of him playing today, more artists need to do that.