-Spider-man fanart-

Warm up sketch from yesterday: Ben Reilly , the most prominent clone of Peter Parker in the 616 Marvel Universe(a.k.a. the standard comic universe :P ). He first used the persona of The Scarlet Spider (that’s tomorrow’s sketch) but in a storyline Peter Parker (quite conveniently ) lost his powers so Ben stepped up as the new Spider-man donning this new costume. This same costume would be later inherited by Peter’s daughter May when she became Spider-girl. This is one of my favourite alternative Spidey suit.

Pencils,inks, and Shapie Markers for the most part, some Grey Copic Ciao, and Faber Castell Pitt for the background.

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I know it’s hard. Everyone wants to come up with the next musical sensation so you have Spider-man on Broadway, you put every successful animated movie on ice, SO many things. So let’s do a telecast. The Sound of Music, a true classic. Who doesn’t love Julie Andrews? Who doesn’t love Carrie Underwood? But names don’t sell ANYTHING. When your foundations for something that actually requires an immense amount of talent and work are so shaky, the idea isn’t going to be enough to keep this house standing.

Gaga has done a wonderful job with this but let me say one thing. I wasn’t a big fan of her silly “lounge” act for the past year because it felt like she was throwing in the towel but it was smartly done via social media. Why? She was allowed to be low-key as she worked on her foundations. She worked with some of the greatest musicians and bands for a YEAR to work her way up to THIS moment. THIS crowing glory of a career comeback. Even if she never builds up her success to what it was at The Fame Monster, it doesn’t matter. Gaga just won all the awards in one moment and she doesn’t need them. As a long time fan, I’m proud of her for this. Good job working on your vocals and yourself, girly. You deserve this moment.