My trusty battleship…

Two week European run with Steel Panther

Monitor World

Customized by Clair Bros UK

Set up includes:

- Avid | SC48 w/ 2 x AO16 cards

- Waves Plug-Ins

- Sennheiser EM2050 receiver 

- Sennheiser ew300 IEM G3 transmitters

- Sennheiser WirelessSystemsManager

- WinRadio WR-G33WSM

- Professional Wireless GX-8 antenna combiner

- Lab Gruppen PLM20000q amplifier powering 2 x ML-18 drum sub woofers

Due to the high number of festivals we were playing, I customized my rig to have the smallest footprint possible, to make for a smooth load in and a quick load out.

On top of that I loomed all of my speaker, audio, and power lines.

The goal is to become a consistent, well oiled machine, adapting to every environment and stage set up.


Hayley’s Orange Sennheiser SKM 2000 microphone.

To the fans who get on stage: The microphones that are wired and taped over are Sennheisers e935s. Anyone not familiar with microphones, they can get cleaned by removing the grill part which is what you sing into (not that any of you who get on stage are worrying about germs at that moment).