My trusty battleship…

Two week European run with Steel Panther

Monitor World

Customized by Clair Bros UK

Set up includes:

- Avid | SC48 w/ 2 x AO16 cards

- Waves Plug-Ins

- Sennheiser EM2050 receiver 

- Sennheiser ew300 IEM G3 transmitters

- Sennheiser WirelessSystemsManager

- WinRadio WR-G33WSM

- Professional Wireless GX-8 antenna combiner

- Lab Gruppen PLM20000q amplifier powering 2 x ML-18 drum sub woofers

Due to the high number of festivals we were playing, I customized my rig to have the smallest footprint possible, to make for a smooth load in and a quick load out.

On top of that I loomed all of my speaker, audio, and power lines.

The goal is to become a consistent, well oiled machine, adapting to every environment and stage set up.


noozel  asked:

A while ago you made a post about your favourite pair of headphones/earphones and I can't find it, could you point me towards them?

I recommend two different pairs, depending on your budget (one low cost but still good sounding, the other high cost and great sounding). That original post is here.

For those too lazy to click through, the low cost headphones I recommend are the Sennheiser HD 201s. They sound really good for their little price tag. I use them any time I’m outside of my main listening room.

And the higher cost headphones I like are the Sennheiser HD 650s. You can see me wearing them in these pics. The 650s are my go-to, even better than my loud speakers. To get the most out of the 650s you’ll need a headphone amp. But I still find myself saying “wow” sometimes when putting them on, they sound that good.

Audio rambles

First off I have say I am in no means an audiophile like the multitudes of beautiful souls on the head-fi forums.

I merely wish to blog about the joys of switching between two different headsets for two polar opposite reasons.

My babies:
(i definitely don’t get attached to inanimate objects…)

1. Stock Apple EarPods
2. Sennheiser CX-300 IIs

(I’m going to pull from a condition I have called chromesthesia, a type of synesthesia which is neurological in basis. Essentially, certain types of music and tones are accompanied by shapes and colors in the minds eye. Pls bear with me)

Picture your minds eye (or imagination landscape) in a silent room when no music is playing. Music starts to play, then suddenly colors and shapes dance and change specifically to the sounds heard. Soundstage would be the main shape (or stage) that the sounds create in your minds eye.

EarPods have AMAZING soundstage that seems to be oval-shaped. I’ve done a few meditation sessions with this headset and my boundaries disappear in a large oval shaped arc. The beauty about this soundstage is that you’re still very much aware of your surroundings. In fact, they seem to be designed to be a direct polar opposite of noise-canceling sets and IEMs (in ear monitors)

Sennheiser CX-300 IIs is a completely different beast in terms of sound depth and I have to say, are extremely useful in the business of ignoring your surroundings. I can’t hear shit when I have these things on; the only thing that exists is the seemingly universal depth of music and wide bass. Which is perfect for any track with huge bass influences and heavy kicks. My chromesthesia creates beautiful landscapes in my minds eye when listening to trance using these IEMs. But with beauty comes pain because, you just wanna blast your slaps through this thing because the depth is really unreal lol. Which becomes a fatigue on its own then your ear starts to sweat and you lose your IEM seal. (which is critical to milking the best sound from these sennheisers, hell IEMs in general) I fucking love burning in headsets, it has always been a passion. There is a certain beauty found in witnessing sound quality rise much after the out of box experience in contrast to depreciating values of a car bought off the lot for example. And yeah the trance I’m listening to rn is fucking insane with these sennheisers not to mention the seal is flawless rn too so I am going to quit here lol (if u made it this far, I fuckin love you too)