Hey, I’m a trans girl who recently figured out a name! I submitted in the other TST I did a month or two ago as Ebe (a nickname given to me by my girlfriend) but now I’m Lorelei. (she/her/hers pronouns btw)

Anyway this is a picture from back in November of me being especially pouty. It was a day off of school and my mom made me go do senior pictures that day, but it wasn’t too bad because I was in one of my favorite sweaters. :3
I’m also thinking of coming out to more people soon. I may write a letter to my parents, maybe…? I’m not entirely sure of the plan but the thought excites me ^_^

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Oh my goodness, what happened?


So it was apparently senior skip day today, and I did not know that until I got to school. It was also free pancakes day at IHOP. Guess what me and 3 other friends did today? Yep.

I’m the only one of these friends who can drive, so we took my car and went to IHOP, got free pancakes, it was amazing. Then we were like, what are we doing the rest of the day???? We have 6 hours to kill???? So we decided to got he the mall and maybe a movie.

This was a 8:45, and the mall opened and 10:00 and the theater opened at 11:00. This meant we ended up loitering in the car waiting for the theater to open. Eventually it was past 10, so my friend was like, “hey the mall is within walking distance, wanna hang there for an hour?? So we walked along the road about 1/2 a mile to the mall. We hung out at the mall for about 1/2 hour and then started walking back.


We are almost back, so so close, when suddenly a cop car pulls off the road in front of us. A plain clothes officer steps out. My first thought, I’m not even joking, was, “shit, cop white, lewis black, not good.” So this officer asks why we aren’t in school. I say that we are seniors and have early release schedules. (my hearing friend Elana is interpreting as well as she can) The cop takes a few glances between me and elana, and then i assume asks if I am Deaf, is she gonna interpret, that whole shebang. So then he asks what we mean by early release schedule is, and my other friend star explains that it mean we only have 1 or 2 classes a day compared to a full schedule. Then he asks how that is possible. we explain that because we’re seniors, and already have most of our credits, we only need so many classes, so they don’t make us stay the whole day. This is not technically a lie. Star and I do have this early release schedule. But- Lewis and elana do not. Stressful.

The guy told us to stand in from of the car and he sat in there for like, 15 minutes doing whatever, then asked what school we were from and then CALLED THE FREAKING CAMPUS SECURITY FROM THAT SCHOOL!!! internally I’m freaking out, but while we were standing in front of the car we decided to all try and look innocent by joking around about it a little, and just kinda wait. We kept up the same charade when he told us this.

While we waited for the security to get there, he asked if we wanted to change our story, we said no, because it was a pretty solid story. He asked about college plans and such, and then asked why I didn’t just talk to him instead of relying on elana!! My first instinct was to get pretty angry, naturally, but elana told me to calm down because we didn’t want to get into more possible trouble. She was right, so I just said that I didn’t know how to talk or read lips, and Sign Language and written english was my only form of communication. He looked confused but accepted it.

The security finally got there, and a lady got out and asked if we had our school ID’s. We told her that they were in the car we were walking back to, and that I also had a sticker in my windshield proclaiming my early dismissal status. She said she needed ID, so I pulled out my driver’s licensee. She took it back to her car and did something or other, then went to talk to the cop. Elana told me that he laughed (I couldn’t see at my angle), and then he told us to get back to our car and do what we were doing, but don’t walk on the road anymore. We thanked them profusely and went on our way. Later we realized that the school security lady must have told him that it was skip day.

It was quite the “senior” experience I think. XD

Something to Ask - CHAPTER 1



JACK’S POV - same time as part 1

"Madison Beer, will you be my girlfriend?" "Oh my, of course I will!"
I woke up from my sweet dream with a smile on my face, ready for the first day of senior year. The girl I met over the summer, Madison, said she would be going to Westside so I was excited to see her. I got out of bed and quickly got ready for the day. I threw on my signature RVCA shirt, some khaki shorts, and black vans. My hair looked on point today so I was ready to go. When I went downstairs, my dad was making some pancakes so I took a couple and ate quickly. Then I got in my jeep and drove to pick up the boys and head to school.
When we got there we got all of our shit together really fast so we could just chill. Nothing about Westside changed; I got my boys, the school is nice as hell, and the girls are still cute. But I’m still waiting on Madison. Shouldn’t she be here by now? I decided to text her:
J: Hey:) u at school or nah?
M: nah. I got sick last nite so I decided to skip today. It’s not like it’s important lol
J: aw I wish u told me. I could take care of u
M: haha it’s ok. Not like ur my bf or anything (; I’m ok. But thnx lol
J: k hope u feel better soon

It kind of sucked when she pointed out we’re not dating. I mean she’s a little younger than me, but I really like her. I would have asked her out already but I can’t tell if she likes me or not and I ain’t gonna embarrass myself by getting rejected. I gotta think of a way to see if she likes me back. Kiss her? No, too forward. Ask her? HA-HA no. Make her jealous? Oooh I like that idea. Maybe if I try to make her jealous I can see if she likes me or not. Before I could make a plan, I get distracted by Johnson telling a joke which made us all laugh. I went to take a quick glance around the hallway but my eyes landed on someone who was already looking at me. I saw that it was Amelia. I’ve known her for a long time even though I’ve never actually talked to her, but I always thought of her as cool. She was wearing a pretty dress which seemed a little different than her usual outfit when we would pass each other in the hall in previous years. But she looked good still. She suddenly looks away and back to her friends in front of her. I looked at her a little longer and then BOOM- I had an idea.
I was going to make Madison jealous by pretending to already have a girlfriend! Then if Madison gets jealous and confesses her love from me then my gf and I can “break up” and I’ll date Madison! It will be perfect. And if Madison doesn’t actually like me, then I won’t be as embarrassed and we can still “break up.” And I think Amelia will be the perfect fake girlfriend.
I had all my morning classes and then came lunch. I was sitting with my squad and we were all just chillin and snacking on some sandwiches and fries. I found myself staring at Amelia again while I thought about how I would ask her. It’s a little awkward to say, ”Hey will you be my fake girlfriend to make someone else jealous?” Y’know? But suddenly she was looking around and we caught each other’s gaze again. I didn’t want to look away as I studied her, and she just turned back to her food. Lunch ended and I headed to my AP Chem class with all my boys because we had it together. I am ass at chemistry but with the guys there it’ll be fun. We got there a little early and chilled while everyone came in. The teacher finally told us to sit down and when I did I looked up to see Amelia in here looking for a seat. Wow we have this class together. And she’s coming towards me oh shit. She slowly sat down like she didn’t want to sit here I think, and didn’t say anything. I caught her looking at me a couple times while I looked at her. Then the teacher basically forced us to talk to each other after he explained the project we have to do now. He said to make plans to meet outside of school and since Amelia wasn’t saying anything I just said, “Well I guess you can come over to my house after school today around 4 so we can try to just get it done. Then we can hang out or something.” This will be great so I can ask her to be in my plan! It’s so strange but I’m desperate and she’s cool enough to get it, right? Then she said, “Um, sure. Just give me your address,” so I put my info in her phone and we chose the element Platinum. Like platinum records, baby!
After class ended, I had choir with her too but she already had another friend in that class. I think it’s the friend from this morning. And I got my dude, Nate. Then I had math with Sam, which was aight. I went home at 3 when school ended to go clean any thing that might be at my house and plan how I would ask Amelia to be my girlfriend. Well, my fake girlfriend.
At exactly 4 pm she showed up with a bunch of stuff and changed clothes. She really looked cute in anything. I still thought about my plan as I directed her to my living room so we could get work done.
A while later we both decided to stop for the day. I stretched out on the couch and decided to try and ask her, “We can just chill if you want.” She replied with, “Yeah I guess that’s cool. I don’t have to be home for another hour or so. What do you wanna do?” Oh good she has some time. I sat up to look her in the eye, “Well this might seem a little weird, but I have to ask you something…”


OKAY! This is part 2 to my first story on here! Pls let me know if you like it or nah. I plan to make this a series and want to know any ideas you have, so put them in my ask. Thanks! xo



So i’m supposed to admire this guy, just like the protagonist. And he’s handsome, smart, great at sports, and kind, isn’t that right? Then why doesn’t Senpai like me!? I don’t get it!


Hey guys this is a master post of tons of different Broadway, off Broadway, etc. musicals/plays. I hope you find what you are looking for. If anything is wrong I will try to fix asap just message me. And follow me for more Broadway. 


9 to 5:  

13 on Broadway: 

13 Full Show 


A Little Night Music - New York City Opera 1990: 

A Very Potter Senior Year: 

Aida with Idina Menzel, Maya Days, and Matt Bogart: 

Aladdin-pre Broadway: 

Aladdin Disney’s California Adventures 1 2 3    

Annie 1982: 

Annie Get Your Gun with Jane Lynch   

Annie Get Your Gun- 1950 

Anyone Can Whistle Sutton Foster Raul Esparza 

Anything Goes Full Show with Sutton Foster and Joel Grey 

Arcadia Broadway Revival Raul Esparza 

Assassins 2004  

Avenue Q 



Bare The Musical 1 2      

Bare: A Pop Opera 2013 Los Angeles Revival 1  

Bat Boy 

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical- Pre Broadway 

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical 

Beauty & The Beast Benet Academy 2008 1 2    

Beauty and the BeastUS Tour 2010 

A Bed and a Chair Bernadette Peters and Jeremy Jordan 

Billy Elliot Trent Kowalik 

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson 

Bonnie & Clyde on Broadway 

Bonnie & Clyde Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan 

Book of Mormon Original Broadway Cast 

Book of Mormon US Tour with Gavin Creel 

Book of Mormon London 

Book of Mormon Nic Rouleau and Ben Platt Chicago 1      

Boy From Oz 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 


Bridges of Madison County 

Bridges of Madison County 2

Bring It On 1 2 3 4 5     

Broadway The American Musical 1 2    

Broadways Lost Treasures 2003 

Broadway’s Lost Treasure 2004 

Broadway’s Lost Treasures 2005 

Bye Bye Birdie 1963 


Cabaret on Stage with Alan Cummings 

Cabaret Broadway 2001 Raul Esparza 


Camelot 1982 

Candide 2005 

Caroline or Change 

Carousel Live From Lincoln Center Kelli O Hara Jessie Mueller 1 2 3   

Carrie OBC 

Carrie 2012 Off Broadway Revival 1 2 3 4 5 6   

Carrie Seatlle Dress rehearsal 

Catch Me If You Can 

Catch Me If You Can Broadway 2011 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1984 Tommy Lee Jones 

Cats 1988 

Cats Stephanie J Block 1 2 3 4 5

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 




Chess In Concert Actors Fund BC/EFA New York Josh Groban Julia Murney Adam Pascal Raul Esparza 

Chicago US Tour 2005 

Chicago Broadway 2007 

Children of Eden 

Children of Eden amateur production  

Chitty Chitty Ban Bang Broadway 1 2 3 4    

Chorus Line OBC 

Chorus Line 2006 Broadway Revival Opening Night 


Cinderella 2013 


Company 2006 

Company 2011 Neil Patrick Harris 

Cry Baby 1990 

Cry Baby stage 

Cry Baby 

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time 2 3 4

Curtains 2007 


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 2005 1 2       


Dogfight 2012 

Dogfight alt. 

Dreamgirls Original Broadway Cast 

Drowsy Chaperone 


Elf 1 2 3 4   

Equus 2  

Evita 2012  1 2 3 4   


Fantasticks Fairfield Community Arts Center 1 2  

Fame 1980 

Fame 2009 

Fiddler on the Roof 1971 

First Date 

Flower Drum Song 1961 


Footloose 2011 

Frankenstein Benedict Cumberbatch 


A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder November 2013 1 2 3 Sorry 3rd part doesn’t work I will try to find a replacement asap 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes New York City Center Encores 2012 

Ghost OBC 

Ghost UK Tour 

Ghost the musical London Mark Evans Siobhan Dillon 

Godspell Broadway revival 2011 

Grease 1978 

Grease on Broadway 

Grey Gardens

Grey Garden 

Guys and Dolls 1955 1 2     

Guys and Dolls 2009 1 2     

Gypsy 1962 

Gypsy 2008 Revival 


Hair 1979  

Hair 1 2 3 4    

Hairspray 2006 Aaron Tveit 

Hallelujah Broadway 

Heather The Musical 1 2  

Hedwig and The Angry Inch Original off Broadway cast 

Hedwig and the Angry Inch 2001 

Hedwig and the Angry Inch Anthony Rapp 2003 

Hello Dolly 1969 

High Fidelity 

High Society 1956 

History Boys 1 2 3 4 5 6     

Holler If Ya Hear Me Broadway 2014 

Homecoming Broadway revival Raul Esparza 

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 1967 

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying- Darren Criss 

Hunchback of Notre Dame Berlin 1999 


If/Then Pre Broadway 

If/Then Broadway preview performance 

In the Heights 1 2 3

Into the Woods 

Into the Woods OBC 

Into the Woods 2002 

Into the Woods Central Park 2012 Amy Adams 1 2 3 4


Jekyll & Hyde 1 2  

Jersey Boys Broadway 2006 

Jesus Christ Superstar 1973 

Jesus Christ Superstar 2012 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 2000 


Kinky Boots Chicago 

Kinky Boots Broadway 1 2 3    

King Lear 2008 

Kismet 1955 

Kiss me Kate 1953 

Kiss me Kate 1999 


La Cage aux Folles Broadway revival 2010 Kelsey Grammer Douglas Hodge 1 3 4   

Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill 2014 Audra McDonald 

The Last Five Years Original Cast 

The Last Five Years Off Broadway Revival 1 2 3 5   

The Last Five Years 2014 Katie Rose Clarke, Adam Halpin 1 2

Leap of Faith 2010 

Leap of Faith Broadway 2012 

Legally Blonde Sing a Long 

Legally Blonde The Musical 

Les Mis 10th Anniversary Dream cast 

Les Mis 25th Anniversary 1 2   

Les Mis 2000 Sutton Foster 


Lion King 2010 1 2 3 4 5 7 8       

Lion King 2000 

Little Miss Sunshine 2011 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8    

Little Night Music 1990

Little Shop Of Horrors pre Broadway 

Little Shop of Horrors 1986 

Little Women 

Little Women Full Musical not Broadway 

Love Never Dies 

Love Never Dies Melbourne Production 1 2 3 4   


Mamma Mia London 

The Man Who Came to Dinner Broadway 2000 

Mary Poppins Broadway 2006 1 2 3 4 5

Master Class Sierra Boggess, Tyne Daly, Alexandra Silber 1 2 3      

Matilda Broadway Oona Lawrence 

Matilda Broadway Sophia Gennusa 2013 

Matilda Broadway Bailey Ryon 

Matilda London Elise Blake 1 2   

Man of La Mancha1972 

Merrily We Roll Along 2002 

Miss Saigon Broadway 

Miss Saigon National Tour 

Miss Saigon 2008 

Monty Python’s Spamalot 1 2    

Much Ado About Nothing West End David Tennant, Catherine Tate 2    

Murder Ballad Caissie Levy 1 2 4 5    

My fair Lady 1964 

My Favorite Broadway The Leading Ladies 1999 

Mystery of Edwin Drood 


Never Forget

Newsies Live 2012 

Newsies Pre-Broadway 2011 

Newsies 2013 Corey Cott 

Next to Normal 

Next to Normal Broadway Original Cast

Next to Normal Alice Ripley Jennifer Damiano’s last  performance 

Next to Normal with Jessica Phillips and Kyle Dean Massey 

Nice Work If You Can Get It 

Nine 2003 Broadway Revival Antonio Banderas 

Nine 2009 

No No Nanette 1940 

Normal Heart 2004 Off Broadway Revival Raul Esparza 


Oklahoma 1999 Hugh Jackman 

Oliver 1968 

Oliver 2010 Kerry Ellis 

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever 1970 

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever 2011 Broadway 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9     


Once Arthur Darvill 

Once 2006 

Once  Broadway 

Once Us Tour 2013  

Once More With Feeling Complete Stage Production 

Once Upon a Mattress 2005 Movie Version  



Pacific Overtures 1976 OBC 

Paint Your Wagon 1969

Pal Joey 1957 

Passion Original Broadway Cast 

Parade OBC preview performance 

Parade 2009 

Peter and the Star Catcher 

Peter Pan 1960 

Peter Pan Tour 2012 1 2

Phantom of the Opera US Tour 2014 1 2  

Phantom of the Opera Broadway Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess 

Pippin 1 2 3     

Pippin Live in Toronto 1972 

Pippin Broadway Ben Vereen 1982 

Porgy and Bess 2012  

Potted Potter 


Rabbit Hole Broadway Cynthia Nixo and John Gallagher 

Ragtime poor quality 

Rent 2005 1 2     

Rent Broadway 2008 

Rocky Broadway 2014 


Saturday Nigh Fever 1977 


Shrek the Musical 2013 

Shrek the Musical Sutton Foster, Brian D’Arcy James 

Side Show 2013 

Sister Act Patina Miller Broadway 

Six By Sounheim HBO 2014 

South Pacific Laura Osnes 

South Pacific 1 2 3 4 5     

Song & Dance 1984 


Spiderman Turn Off the Dark 

Spring Awakening with Lea Michele 

Spring Awakening  Full on Broadway Lea Michele Jonathan Groff John Gallagher Jr. 

STOMP Out Loud Full 

Sunday In the Park With George 

Sunday in The Park with George with Santino Fontana 

Sunday in the Park with George 1986 Stephen Sondheim 

Sunset Boulevard 1 2      

Sweeney Todd Broadway 1982 

Sweeney Todd Live in Concert 

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barver of Fleet Street 2007 


Taboo Broadway Raul Esparza 

The Addams Family 

The Addams Family obc 

The Apple Tree 1 2      

The Book of Mormon

The Bridges of Madison County 2014  

The Drowsy Chaperone 

The Full Monty 1997 

The Glass Menagerie 

The Kind and I 1956 

The Light in the Piazza 

The Little Mermaid Sierra Boggess 

The Mystery of Edwin Drood 

The Phantom of the Opera 1989 

The Phantom of the Opera 1990 

The Phantom of the Opera 2004 

The Pirate Queen 1 3 4   

The Producers 1968 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 

The Sound of Music 1965 

The Tempest 2010 

The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown 

The Wedding Singer 

The Wiz 1978 

Thoroughly Modern Millie Orginal Broadway Cast 1 2     

Three Musketeers with Aaron Tveit 

Tick, Tick….. Boom Off Broadway Raul Esparza 

Titanic the Musical Peace Players Production 1 2 3 4 5    

Tommy Closing Night 1 2    

Twelfth Night 



Urinetown Orginal Broadway Cast 

Urinetown Full Performance Arlington Martin High School 


Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike 

Victor/Victorie 1982 

Victor Victoria Broadway 1995 

Violet New York Concert 2003 


Waiting for Godot 

War Horse 

Welcome to Night Vale The Musical Genericon 2014 

West Side Story- 1961 

West Side Story Revival 

We Will Rock You UK Tour 2013 

Wicked Kristin Chenoweth’s Last Performance 

Wicked with Annaleigh Asford and Stephanie J Block 2      

Wizard of Oz Andrew Lloyd Webber US Tour 

Woman On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 

Wonderland 1 2   


Xanadu 1980 

Xanadu OBC 


You’re a Good Mann, Charlie Brown 

Young Frankenstein 


Zanna Don’t 

*I do not own nor did I record any of the above. 


30 Days of Doctor Who Day 11: Name a who-ism you use irl! Do you like to run around saying allons-y? Do you tell people not to blink?

"And we definitely added to his pile of good things."