Senate Republicans censored Elizabeth Warren for quoting Coretta Scott King on Jeff Sessions

  • On Tuesday night, Senator Elizabeth Warren took to the floor of the Senate to give a speech opposing the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as attorney general.
  • But Warren’s speech came to an abrupt end when she was silenced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for attempting to read a letter penned in 1986 by Coretta Scott King, activist and wife of MLK, to oppose Sessions’ appointment to a federal judgeship.  
  • McConnell prohibited Warren from reading the letter on the grounds that it “impugned the motives and conduct” of Sen. Sessions. Read more

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Why does everything Republicans do these days look like a poster or trailer from a horror movie about secretly crazy middle-class serial killers from suburbia?

A question we might need to ask at some point.

Christ. The way her face just falls. That is honestly unsettling.  


Wondering what a call to Congress actually sounds like? We got you.

If you’re on this website (or a human alive today) there’s a really good chance you’re afraid to call your Senator/Representative because you don’t know how the phone call will go. We’re trying to remove some of the mystery around calling your elected representative to show you a few different examples of first time callers leaving a comment with their Congressional office. It’s so easy!

On this call, you see Victoria learning that sometimes you have to call a few different offices to get through. You should also know that if you’re not calling from a big state like New York or California, you’re much less likely to have this problem. Either way, on average even the long calls take less than five minutes. Just make sure you call during standard work hours. Take a bathroom break to make the call if you have to. Promise it won’t take too long.

Read more about how to call your congressional representative here.


Democrats stage all-night sit-in to protest Betsy DeVos’ confirmation

  • Having exhausted all other options, Democrats in the Senate announced Monday afternoon they will hold the floor all night to draw attention to the looming confirmation vote for Trump’s secretary of education nominee Betsy DeVos.
  • “Democrats will hold the floor for the next 24 hours, until the final vote, to do everything we can to persuade just one more Republican to join us,” Sen. Patty Murray of Washington said, reported the Hill. Read more

President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaking in Syracuse at the New York Democratic State Convention in 1936.

FDR’s satirical rebuke against Republicans who opposed Social Security and the New Deal during the 1936 election.

80 years later the very same Republican Party used the same rhetoric unironically to justify taking away health insurance from 20 million Americans.


Bernie Sanders slams Senate for silencing Elizabeth Warren, he and others read the letter she didn’t get to

  • Bernie Sanders took center stage Wednesday during the Senate confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions as attorney general, first slamming the Senate for silencing fellow Senator Elizabeth Warren, then reading the Coretta Scott King letter she was barred from reading.
  • Sanders called the Senate’s censure of Warren “an outrage” and stated that “all points of view” must be heard on the matter, People reported. 
  • He then read the 1986 letter King penned in an attempt to stop Jeff Sessions from being appointed to a federal judgeship. Read more