Vans are for lovers.
# You’re It: Five of our favorite photos from this week.
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1. handriaaan
2. shelbyylouwho
3. gheeii_
4. jay_sen
5. wulandyh

10 Things we learned on the drive to Bronycon

1. We all really hate the song Rude by Magic
2. Variety radio doesn’t exist
3. Sen goes insane after about 10 hours in the car
4. We definitely know all 151 original pokemon
5. Falkamir doesn’t know what speed he’s driving
6. Tiny little bear, tiny little bear
7. Gummy bears have a potent smell
8. Delilah radio is the best radio station
9. Slug loves when you text him super early in the morning and wake him up
10. Dickfoot