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Natsume Yuujinchou x Spirited Away

Quick Sketch of this lil’ crossover of mine

At this point, I think Haku would very much dislike Natsume due to his ownership of the book of friends. In that way, taking names makes him similar to Yubaba. He won’t let Natsume explain himself long enough to get that he’s trying to give those names back (Not that he could in this Au). And quite possibly, there is a chance Haku knew Reiko when his river was being developed, and lost his name to her. The appearance of someone similar can def. set off memories Haku didn’t know he had lost. As Sen serves as a freeing force for Haku, Natsume can serve a tie to the life he’s trying to escape. While Sen heals his heart, Natsume’s very existence rips it up again. While Reiko may never have used his name against him, the loss of power that goes along with losing his name can very well be another reason he lost himself to Yubaba.