can’t get no respect

[or, how to lose the respect of each sign]

aries can’t stand those who back down from a fight. If you’re the type that doesn’t deal with shit head-on, hesitate during a crucial moment, or use underhanded means to achieve your ends, aries won’t give you no respect!

taurus can’t deal with impatient, temperamental, or controlling personalities. If you’re competitive, always in a hurry, and have no chill, chances are, they think you’re an idiot. Overly-emotional, impractical people get no respect from taurus.

gemini hates boring people. That’s pretty much it- you might be the most horrible person ever, like a serial killer or some shit, but as long as you’re interesting, gemini is down to clown. The second you start to bore them, you won’t get no respect.

cancer doesn’t like people who joke about emotions, lack sympathy, or poke fun at their flaws (even playfully). If you’re a sagittarius loud, flaky, and always have to be out and doing something, instead of enjoying the comfort of family and home, cancer can’t respect you.

leo doesn’t like stingy, serious, reserved personalities. If you’re a capricorn tight-fisted workaholic who can’t just let loose and have fun, stay away. If you withhold praise and affection, the lion won’t give you no respect.

virgos are grossed out by lots of shit egotistical personalities. If you’re the type to brag, fish for compliments, or hog the spotlight, keep away. People who are irresponsible, gloss over details, and don’t play by the rules, get no respect from virgo. 

libra can’t stand selfish people. If you put yourself first, take more than you give in a relationship, or are prone to being blunt and tactless, do libra a favor and gtfo. Those who create awkward situations or hurt others, even inadvertently, get no respect from libra.

scorpio hates lots of shit, but if you’re shallow, fake, or prone to bending the truth for any reason, you’re basically dead to them. Tbh, scorpio is tied with gemini when it comes to hating boring (uncomplicated) people. If you’re not deep, or only pretend to be ‘deep’ to seem cool, scorpio will give u NO respect.

sagittarius can’t stand nit-pickers or worry warts. If you’re afraid of roller-coasters, spiders, etc, that’s fine. Sags understand fear. But, if you’re too much of a coward to try to conquer your fear, sagittarius automatically loses respect. If you’re bogged down by fear or focus on little details/flaws, just stay away.

capricorns don’t have respect for whiners or rule-breakers. If you can’t deal with your problems independently and maturely, if you stir up unnecessary trouble, and if you half-ass your work (esp in a group project) cap will give u no respect.

aquarius doesn’t care for stupidity. If you’re ignorant, bigoted, and let your emotions run amok instead of thinking things through logically, aquarius has no respect for you. Republicans and traditionalists, keep your distance.

pisces is a lot like libra. If you’re selfish or lack sympathy, you are not okay in their book. Also, if you’re too focused on material details, like being on time, thinking too much about money, and preoccupied with fleeting, earthly issues, pisces will give u no respect. 

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beeeeee what to you think jace's favorite things are about simon?

slakg;laksg ANON as u know I’m on a semi-hiatus right now but I screamed into the void when I saw this message!! There is no world where I do this justice (especially with the promo that came out yesterday LORD GRANT US MERCY) but I will try my best to articulate my thoughts.

Disclaimer that this is a severely incomplete list and should be labeled like, 4/∞

  • Simon is funny, honestly funny, and can draw a smile out Jace even in the most inappropriate of times and places. It’s something that’s been true since Jace first met him, even when he was just a frustrating mundane causing Jace unnecessary trouble. It almost gets Jace killed multiple times, most notably when they’re trying to be incognito during a stakeout – “I’m paying you a compliment!” says Simon defensively, even though the wide grin on his face indicates that he’s full of it. “Captain America’s from Brooklyn, you’re from Brooklyn, you’ve both got the same fantastic ass – and has anyone seen the two of you in a room at the same time? I think not” – and Jace has to resort to begging, “Please stop, between bursts of laughter and Simon just touches the wrinkles at the corner of Jace’s eyes and says, “Nope, never.”
  • Then there’s the matter of how Simon is strong. Jace isn’t losing any competitions in that department, but it’s no question that Simon can throw him around like a ragdoll and it’s a thought that does something to Jace, causes lightning to shoot up his spine and travel down to the ends of his fingers, the tips of his toes. Simon’s careful with him, of course, keeps a tight leash of control on his instincts to consume, possess – and maybe that makes it better, knowing that there’s so much raw power waiting inside Simon but with Jace he’s only ever considerate. Too much harshness has touched Jace, evidenced by the scars of his skin all the way to the scars of his soul, and Simon’s not going to add on to that – not if he can help it.
  • Simon’s genuinely sweet, in a guileless and unguarded way that’s rare enough in the world we live in, never mind in the world of demons and angels and shadowhunters. More often than not, Jace doesn’t know how to react to it. The physical part of it is already too much – how easily he takes Jace’s hand in his own and tangles their fingers together, the carelessness with which he presses his lips against Jace’s forehead, the apple of his cheek, a quick peck on the mouth accompanied with a rushed, “hey, sorry I’m late.”
  • But then there are the other parts: how Simon says, “I’m here, I’m here,” after Jace violently wakes from another nightmare and never forces Jace to talk about it; how his responses to questions on their relationship is always to grin and say, “yeah, he’s pretty great, huh?” and, “I’m a pretty lucky guy.” There’s never a hint of irony in his voice. Jace sometimes wants to take him by the shoulders and shake him, ask, how can you be like this?, but he already knows there’s no answer beyond what he already knows: Simon is wholly exceptional. Even being someone who has literally felt it stop beating in his chest, Simon’s got a heart that doesn’t stop giving.

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I meant to say the swan boys as yandere with there s/I like how would they act around them

Sen: For this idea of yandere, we used someone who is usually sweet but has threatened people for the guys but have not exactly acted out against them just yet. The yandere states that they are absolutely devoted to the STZ and says that they will give everything to him.


While he’s bad at communicating, he simply just knows how to be firm with his s/o. Breaking up with them is a danger to everyone and all, but distancing himself as soon as possible from them is the first thing he needs to do. Restraining orders are definitely an option with him as well. Anyone who poses a threat to people he cares about, no matter how close they are to him, is no longer welcome in his circle.


He doesn’t hesitate when he says that he won’t stay with his partner. The quicker he cuts himself off from them, the better he thinks his chances of protecting his loved ones it. Calling the police and compiling evidence against them comes before this though, since he knows that if they’re so bold as to proclaim to kill his loved ones that they’ll have some sort of backup to protect themselves as well.


He doesn’t exactly believe that they’re evil. Reon believes in being (too) fair, giving his s/o a chance to help them change and show that they don’t have to act against others to keep him. Yes, he’s honestly terrified of what they can do but he knows that it doesn’t have to be this way. Though, trying is only one option and he’s prepared to cut them off if they show no signs of change.


He’s watched enough anime to know where this is going and he’s going to get the hell out of this as fast as he can. While this may be ‘exaggerating’ when he tells his problem to people, he wants to just hightail it to anywhere else in the world but with his s/o. He doesn’t know how ‘yandere’ his s/o is so he’s just getting the hell out of this.


He’s bold about what he says. The instant that his s/o makes the threat, he shouts that he can’t love someone who would do such a horrible thing and that they must be joking. He wants to love them. He gives his trust to people way too easily, but to hear such words from his s/o, even as a joke, makes him terrified. Despite his trepidation, he’ll stand up for those his s/o dares to threaten.


He doesn’t see why this is a problem. Though it’s cruel, using his s/o could prove useful. They’d do anything for him, right? He can let them do things that he wants and if they get in trouble along the way, they’d get arrested or something and taken away from him. He’s a good actor so he’s going to at least play through this as best as he can, all to protect the people he actually cares about.


In all honesty, he’s too scared to do anything. He can’t be brave when people’s lives are on the line. While he isn’t a pushover, he has no idea what to do but to just keep with his yandere s/o, just so that the people he loves are safe. Maybe he’ll grow to like them but deep down, he knows that he hates his partner for their actions, but he hates himself even more for being walked on in this situation.


The whole yandere trope appeared cool in anime but it isn’t great to be the object of one’s actual adoration. He’s terrified for his friends and has no idea what to do; if he flees, his loved ones are in danger, if he stays, he has to fake it until they lose interest or kill him. After thinking it through, he comes to the decision that he’s only going to stay but act as distant as he can to make them lose interest.

   This passage from Ehren to Tavi really struck me as an emblematic strength of the series as a whole. Because so far, each of the books in Codex Alera has been its own distinct, unique conflict that’s felt whole, and like a complete challenge to the characters at the time. And time has progressed naturally; several years have passed. Tavi and his friends didn’t become superhero prodigy badasses over night, like I’ve found sometimes in the dregs of other fiction; they actually had to train, because they started out without their skills and had to rely on their wits.

   And each book has built upon the previous story as a series of stepping stones; each challenge when overcome has informed the next, so the next challenge when presented already has the fearsome scope of it presented, and the accomplishment of overcoming it feels earned.

   This progression is something I’ve really been enjoying and feasting on, because I’ve been absolutely devouring this series when I have a chance.


JoJo and Caesar’s Authentic Switzerland Experience

Look, I’m not done shitting on how expensive my country is, and there’s not a lot of fiction taking place around here, let me have this

Hello lovelies!

So the second I saw the preview image for @theslyd‘s most recent dress, I knew I had to get my hands on it. This dress is GORGEOUS and even if you don’t download my recolors of it, I definitely recommend that you download his dress at least. I used a kind of extended version of @citrontart‘s “The Only Colours I Would Wear in Real Life” palette, which is absolutely gorgeous and amazing. Poses by @catsblob and most definitely others that I don’t recall completely (sorry I’ll be better next time)


SLYD’s Lily Dress: