Characters you should fight in Penny Dreadful
  • Vanessa:Do not fight under any circumstances unless you want to get completely fucked up.
  • Ethan:Probably has a gun on him, and if he doesn't, he'll probably turn into a fucking werewolf. Don't fight Ethan.
  • Victor:Punch that motherfucker until he's bleeding on the ground. Do it. He's too wimpy to fight back, and he fucking deserves it.
  • Malcolm:He's old, so you can probably fight him if you wanted to. He's a piece of shit anyway.
  • Sembene:Why the fuck would anyone want to fight Sembene? He's done nothing wrong. He doesn't deserve this. Fuck you.
  • Evelyn:You can try, but she'll probably kill you before you even get anywhere near her.
  • Brona/Lilly:Oh fuck no run for your life.
  • John Clare:Beat the shit out of him before he has the chance to fight back. Once he becomes aware, run the fuck out of there.
  • Lyle:He already has enough to worry about already, but you could easily take him down if you wanted to.
  • Dorian:He probably wouldn't fight back or care, but you can punch him a few times if it makes you feel better.

I’m basically just wibbling at the screen going I DON’T WIKE IT

I mean, there still are a couple of nice things - Ethan and Vanessa holding hands when they’re threatened, Victor patching up Ethan, Victor and Vanessa’s little moment of comfort - but on the whole there’s just so much stuff that irritates me that I get annoyed at even the thought of writing it all down.


(Sembene placing his life as lower than Ethan’s “chosen one”, the continued portrayal of femdom as evil, whatever the fuck’s going on with Dorian, ANGELIQUE, evil side=all female versus the majority-male good guys, the female infighting with the witches and their obsessions with youth and beauty, the casual murdering… just UGH)

coopershangover asked:

top five characters on Penny Dreadful! (just finished up season one and LOVED IT!!)

im so glad  that you are watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome to the fandom!!!!!!!

  • my bisexual werewolf, ethan
  • mother of evil, vanessa
  • my baby girl, brona/lily
  • the one who deserved better SEMBENE!!!!!!!!!!
  • and ppl are gonna hate me for this but
  • caliban (i love his poetical side)

Memento Mori | Penny Dreadful 2.08

“In the great war for the Heavenly Throne, we were vanquished, so God looked down on His defeated angels and found us to be evil angels, so He cast us out. He took us by our winged backs and raised us over His head. Thence did He fling us from His Heavenly Throne and cast us down, to Earth and to Hell. So we were cleaved apart… two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to Hell. And thus were we set in eternal enmity. My brother on Earth, to feed on the blood of the living by night. And myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the Mother of Evil who will release us from our bondage and allow one of us to reconquer Heaven and topple God from his bloody throne. And so will the Darkness reign, on Earth, in Heaven… everlasting.”

Penny Dreadful: a summary
  • Vanessa:*Looks pained*
  • Malcolm:*Makes bad decision*
  • Victor:*Licks dead body*
  • Caliban:"Screw you, Victor! You're not my real mom!"
  • Dorian:*Has sex with everything and stares in the mirror*
  • Brona:*Coughs*
  • Sembene:*Judges silently*
  • Vampires:*Chow down*
  • Ethan:WHAT THE FUCK-