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↳ House Baratheon of Dragonstone is a cadet branch of House Baratheon of Storm’s End. Its seat is Dragonstone, an island that sits off the mainland to the northeast of King’s Landing. Its founder and current head is Lord Stannis Baratheon, who seized the island at the end of Robert’s Rebellion and received it as a reward from his brother, King Robert Baratheon.


“Eastwatch is not safe.“ The queen put a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “This is the king’s true heir. Shireen will one day sit the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms. She must be kept from harm, and Eastwatch is where the attack will come. This Nightfort is the place my husband has chosen for our seat, and there we shall abide.” (A Dance with Dragons)


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cerellelannister  asked:

What's your opinion of Selyse and how do you view her relationship with Stannis?

Hiya! Selyse is considerably more into the people-burnin’ than Stannis; that repels me, yet I’m also sympathetic towards her. I yield to no one in my love for Stannis, but lbr, being married to the man must be very lonely and unfulfilling, and Dragonstone, as Cressen tells us, is not exactly an enlivening place to live. My heart breaks imagining Selyse on her wedding night–she’s already marrying this fierce solemn loner who very visibly has no interest in her, and then she gets shown up by his brother and her cousin fuckin’ in their marriage bed. Speaking of which, among the Florents, Selyse is downright loveable next to Axell or Alester. And unlike in the show, Selyse loves Shireen. 


“The best hope that remains is to try and salvage something with a peace. That is all I meant to do. Gods be good, how can they call it treason?”

“My lord, what did you do?”

“Not treason. Never treason. I love His Grace as much as any man. My own niece is his queen, and I remained loyal to him when wiser men fled. I am his Hand, the Hand of the King, how can I be a traitor? I only meant to save our lives, and … honor … yes. … I penned a letter. Salladhor Saan swore that he had a man who could get it to King’s Landing, to Lord Tywin. His lordship is a … a man of reason, and my terms … the terms were fair … more than fair.”

According to this London Evening Standard article, it appears that British actress Tara Fitzgerald has been cast in season three of Game of Thrones. The article focuses on her athleticism and then drops this line at the end.

Fitzgerald will require such running skills as she begins shooting fantasy war series Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland next week.

Speculation: Selyse Florent? Carice van Houten (Melisandre) tweeted saying she was ‘returning to Dragonstone’.


“I am no maiden in need of rescue, I am a queen and I can save myself.”

shut-upheather  asked:

Hey quick political question: why did Stannis marry a Florent?

Thanks for the question, friend!

I actually love this question, BTW. Gives a wonderful insight into the cleverness of Jon Arryn (who arranged the match).

We know the Florents are one of the oldest families in the Reach.  Like every good lordly reacher family, the Florents are supposedly descended from one of Garth Greenhand’s equally legendary; in their case, their mythical ancestress is Florys the Fox, cleverest of Garth’s many children. Though the current Florents haven’t shown the wits of their mythical ancestress, the Florents are nevertheless one of the most important reacher families. This importance derives from their exalted bloodline:

The Florents of Brightwater Keep are Tyrell bannermen, despite a superior claim to Highgarden by virtue of a blood tie to House Gardener, the old Kings of the Reach. (“Appendix”, A Storm of Swords)

The Queen of Thorns acknowledges the truth of this claim, even as it undermines her Tyrell power:

If truth be told, even our [the Tyrells’] claim to Highgarden is a bit dodgy, just as those dreadful Florents are always whining. (“Sansa I”, A Storm of Swords)

Lady Olenna is not the only person who notes the Florents’ open bitterness at not being raised to the leadership of the Reach after the Field of Fire. Jaime Lannister cites the Florents in his litany of fractious banner houses:

“Every great lord has unruly bannermen who envy him his place,” he told her afterward. “My father had the Reynes and Tarbecks, the Tyrells have the Florents, Hoster Tully had Walder Frey. Only strength keeps such men in their place. The moment they smell weakness … (“Jaime VII”, A Storm of Swords)

So we know that the Florents are a noble reacher house with a better claim to Highgarden than that of their Tyrell overlords. Why might this make them a suitable marriage partner for the king’s younger brother?

Keep in mind that during Robert’s Rebellion, the Reach - with the Tyrells at the forefront - was one of the two realms of Westeros which remained loyal to the Targaryens (Dorne being the other). Tyrell forces had besieged Storm’s End, and Mace Tyrell took credit for the loyalist victory at Ashford. The Tyrells had bent the knee after the war’s end, and been pardoned, but houses that had supported a Targaryen before could support a Targaryen again.

So a marriage between Stannis and Selyse Florent was a subtle reminder to the Tyrells that the new Baratheon regime would not permit any displays of disloyalty. Should the Tyrells back a Targaryen again, the Baratheons would crush them - and this time they would not be so forgiving, The Florents were always aiming to replace the Tyrells; the new Baratheon regime was prepared to support them in their ambition, should their overlords prove less than loyal to their new liege.

(Interestingly, I posited in my Alysanne essay that Jaehaerys and Alysanne were doing something of the same wedding their daughter Viserra to Lord Manderly.)

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

(AO3 Mirror)

Renly says that Robert carried the girl upstairs during the feast, and broke in the wedding bed while Stannis and his bride were still dancing. (A Game of Thrones)

“They say Lord Stannis does not dance,” Delena whispers. “They say he has no liking for musicians and singers too, for that matter.”

“They, they. Who are these they?” Selyse grumbles. “Who are they, really? What do they know of him truly?” She has heard too many disparaging tales about Stannis Baratheon; most of them lies, half-truths and exaggerations, she is certain.

Who knows what Stannis has been hearing about her? What scurrilous tales Stannis has been told about the woman he has just wed?

Delena continues, “They say he –“

“Enough!” Selyse snaps. She has no wish to listen to more scurrilous tales about her husband on the way to their own wedding feast.

Delena face falls. Her eyes start tearing up. “I am only worried about you, Selyse. What kind of home will you be going to? A cheerless one, with a grim and cheerless husband, it seems like.”

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