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Fresh Start- Part 4:  Year two.

Denim: IH-666s

Time worn: 2 Years 

Washes: 1

Soaks: 1

These photos were taken on February 17th 2013, right at the two year mark. I finally gave these their first real wash in Dr. Bronner’s and sent them in to get some much needed repairs at selfedge. They did a wonderful job patching up the damage that time and constant wear caused over the two years. I decided to patch the wallet hole before it became a problem. I also decided to shorten the length because I was tired of the stacks, then decided to to do a shallow double cuff on the bottom.

There will be a final set posted on Feb 17th, 2014 which will mark the 3 year mark for this project.




Vintage inspired chambray shirt.  I made this shirt out of a solid 100% cotton selvege chambray fabric that I purchased to make a one off sample for myself.  Unfortunately I did not purchase enough fabric to finish the whole shirt.  My friend Aylin came through with some extra striped chambray that she had on hand and I incorporated it sparingly.  I also used an antique white 100% mercerized cotton thread that I acquired from an estate sale in San Francisco. The aluminum buttons also came from A.  The buttons are not necessarily my first choice but working with a limited budget can be compromising at times.  Over all, I am pleased with the result and proud to share it with you!