Fresh Start- Part 3: Nearly a year in.

Denim: IH-666s

Time worn: ~11 months 

Washes: 0

Soaks: 1

These photos were taken on January 15 2012, nearly one year after the project began. I had felt they had made quite a bit of progress in contrast to the second set of photos. The honeycombs and whiskers are now quite defined. The crotch rip is in full effect at this point (6th photo), and indecent exposure was a constant fear.The back right pocket now has a beautiful hole right where the bottom button of my wallet was situated. There is also some  lovely roping going on the bottoms of my cuffs as well.

Imogene + Willie - Wilkins Jacket

Engineered Garments - Chambray Work Shirt

Levi’s Vintage Clothing - Crew Sweatshirt

Earl’s Apparel - Fatigue Pant

Oak Street Bootmakers - Navy Suede with Red Brick Sole Trail Oxford


Fresh Start- Part 4:  Year two.

Denim: IH-666s

Time worn: 2 Years 

Washes: 1

Soaks: 1

These photos were taken on February 17th 2013, right at the two year mark. I finally gave these their first real wash in Dr. Bronner’s and sent them in to get some much needed repairs at selfedge. They did a wonderful job patching up the damage that time and constant wear caused over the two years. I decided to patch the wallet hole before it became a problem. I also decided to shorten the length because I was tired of the stacks, then decided to to do a shallow double cuff on the bottom.

There will be a final set posted on Feb 17th, 2014 which will mark the 3 year mark for this project.

This weeks hump day denim porn is thanks to the crew @nudiejeans @nudiejeansmelbourne with their new limited edition 18oz kaihara Japanese selvage denim available in the fit Steady Eddie. Check out you local Nudie Jeans retailers for more details 👖💯✔️ #humpday #denimporn #nudiejeans #japan #selvage #selvege #selfedge #kaihara #18oz #superheavy #drydenim #rawdenim #indigo #fades #denimhead #dnmhds

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I’m back in Austin, but while in Tokyo I checked out a lot of vintage shops in the Koenji neighborhood. There, I stumbled on a Japanese-market Red Wing 8134 Round Toe in Chocolate Chrome. I dig the simplicity and supple leather, and it’ll offer more traction my Iron Rangers. So I had to buy it… I wore this pair all the way back home! . IG: @selvedge1

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