So I was tagged by @ramen25 for the selfie & bias tag! Thank u hun 🙆🏻💜

(Sorry for this kind of pics lmao, I know u can’t really see my whole face because of the mask but I was drunk yesterday when I did this pics …….. so sorry if I look like shit) I hope it’s not a problem! Anyways I took these pics of him with the mask so it fits with ma pics 👀

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I was tagged by the wonderfully beautiful @hs-1dfan to do the 6 selfies thingy and this is what I have! Obviously I am just a basic blonde who likes big hair 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

I love Narry, I am a cat mom as well as a regular mom, I love tye-dye and I am obsessed with Harry’s hands and his rings but his legs just make me feel some type of way 🙃🙃

Hmmmm I will tag @never-enough-harry @lia-is-in-love @secret-rendezvous1d honestly anyone else that wants to do it! I love seeing all y'all’s lovely faces!

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Six (or Nine???) Selfies tag 2016! 

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2016 was a rough year for selfies but these are my fave 

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