I was tagged by a beautiful @crossingbordersonmyown to do the bias selfie tag~ Thanks!

My bias is Park Chanyeol! Once again, on the left, you will see a true Hipster™ Fairy, and on the right are some faces I dug out of my camera roll.

I will now taggg @fluffyyeollie @hydranoel @kpop-state-of-mind @chanyeolsabs  @perfectkimjongin @exodusandchill (only if you want to, of course ^-^)


it’s me! your local jongin stan, recent coverfx custom enhancer drops convert, and dog filter enthusiast💁🏻

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I was tagged by @jungkookfortunekookies (well kinda, hana just tagged me as @billie cause she forgot my URL and I’m laughing lmao) to do the bias selfie tag

I like that selfie of me… and I love that selfie of daehyun. We slay (daehyun slay me)

I tag @the-third-guy-from-the-left @daestopiaa @dreamermoonchan @philophobia999 @jinssmile @fetus-jungkook 💕


I was tagged by @renjunsrealm <3 Well, she actually tagged @sweetlyjoyfulmeee which is my main blog but I don’t really use that one anymore.. so I guess it’s okay if I do it here,right?🤔😅

Please ignore the fact that I look like crap and I shouldn’t post any selfies of myself next to my biases 😅

I’ll tag @dxnghyucks @queenproducer @feather-blades @jaehyundd and whoever who wants to do it! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!!💞


I got tagged a looong time ago by @sugaidc and @seokjinings (and if I forgot someone I’m sorry!!) for the bias selfie challenge.

Here feast upon my non matching awkward as hell face. I’m finally ok with my appearance and self confidence in a long time so yay me

I won’t tag ppl cause I’ve been so many people lately y'all are tired of me for sure lmao but if anyone wants to do it go ahead!!