At around my heaviest weight in many years and I am the most confident I have ever been in a swimsuit.
I spent so many Summers hating myself and preventing myself from creating memories just because of how much I hated how I looked in a swimsuit or a bikini.
But then I realized how silly I was being. How I dreamed of being thin and only then I would enjoy myself. Then I would have a great Summer.
But I guess it took growing up a bit more and maturing a bit more to realize that time will pass anyway. Memories will be created anyway. It’s just up to me if I want to remember all the great times I had or all the times I spent at home hating myself.
Loving yourself has nothing to do with the scale or even with the mirror. It’s something that comes from deep within you and that turns you into a powerful and confident human being.
It’s once you decide to stop waiting for conditions to be met that your love for yourself becomes truly unconditional.