(x) [Loki (Thor)Loki (Avengers)… I think this is called Lokicest or narcissism] Someday I’ll draw something more… hot.[click in the image..it looks better ^:^’]

I Never get tired of drawing little gay things for You  


“Thor!Loki is just so untouched by everything Avengers!Loki had seen and from his look, not getting to the tired eyes and stuff yet, Avengers!Loki is insane, he likes dominating his past self and the look in his eyes is half sadist and half maniacal. I mean he is genuinely enjoying tormenting him and Thor!Loki is horrified because this is what he is about to become. Because for all his clever planning, he didnt see this coming. Thor!Loki is just more cleaner, more groomed, he is still a prince and he hasnt lost all that his future self will lose. He is terrified, the tears in his eyes and tht fact that he is not pushing the other away is just so telling. He has met his match, he cannot predict what this man will do, so he is scared, perhaps for the first time in his life.”(x)