what artist’s mean when they claim they’re self-taught: i’ve gathered resources and taught myself through what is available to me publicly without the aid of having gone to some type of expensive/private class or lesson and while engaging in those types of things is not a bad thing to do and it absolutely can help improve artistic ability, i have gained my skill through searching for references and public teachings/tutorials and proud of where I have gotten myself without official professional aid so far 

not what artist’s mean when they claim they’re self-taught: I didn’t learn from ANYBODY, my art is 100% ME MYSELF AND I, MY FIRST WORDS WERE LINE OF ACTION AND NOT USING BLACK TO SHADE 

Daily #1,662! The problem with being a mostly self-taught coder is that you spend a lot of time thinking you know a lot less than you actually do. 

But the bright side is that tech changes so fast that most people feel this way.


Martín Ramírez. A Madonna Figure, Untitled (Three VW Vans), Untitled (Church with Arches and Tunnels), Untitled (Trains and Tunnels), Untitled (Horse and Rider), Untitled (Trains and Tunnels), Untitled (Horses and Riders), Untitled (Trains and Tunnels), Untitled (Man at Desk), Untitled (Woman and Church), Untitled (Horse and Rider with Large Bugle). 1948-1963.

Hey there! This is a new studyblr and this is my introduction. So… hello, world!

About me

My name is Natasha Redmane and I am 23 years old. I’m from Brazil. Currently, I am a self-taught student and my main focus for 2018 is to start studying Computer Science. I also love learning languages and my main focus is German, although certainly it’s not the only language I’ll be studying in 2018. If you want to know more, I’ll be writing my language goals post soon.

I love science, art, literature. I also love Parks and Recreation and Leslie Knope is my muse.

I am obsessed with learning new things and studying, planning, organization, notes, notebooks, stationery. When I discovered the studyblr community a year ago I felt like I had found my people. I want to be part of this community.
I want to inspire people like they inspire me.
I read a lot of books about productivity, learning, studying, habits, etc. In 2013 I started developing my own methodology for studying and I want to share it. To help others.
I want to keep track of my productivity and to improve my aesthetics game.
I want to talk about adulthood and mental health. About failures and wins.

These are the blogs I like and recommend:
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Here’s more about me if you’re interested:
I graduated from high school several years ago. I spent 4 years after high school studying for an admission exam for this uni in my country. I never got in and in the end I decided it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I want to talk about it more, but this is a conversation for another time, all you need to know is that I am in peace with this decision. Today, I am 23 years old and I am an unemployed self-taught student.
This is not your average studyblr, although most of what I want to talk about is my journey learning new things. I have too many interests that don’t involve studying a textbook and taking notes, and one of my main goals is to be as productive as possible with all the things I am learning. I want to talk about my journey learning to draw, sewing and embroidery projects, learning to write, learning languages, studying computer science… you get the idea. I am very interested in self-improvement, and that’ll certainly going to be a topic on this blog too. I love talking and reading about productivity, organization, studying, learning, planning. All things Leslie Knope.
I have many interests and projects, and because I am not enrolled in a course or employed, I have time to commit to them. My main interest is Computer Science and it’s my main focus for the next years of my life, but I do not limit my time to this one interest, even though it requires dedication and effort.
I have a problem, though. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression. Those 4 years studying for the exam were not exactly good years in my life. On top of that, I have two more years struggling with study and work. And my antisocial and sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help me either. I need to get involved in a community and to hold myself accountable for the goals I set, so the studyblr community seem like a good fit. I will try my best to make this blog a thing that helps my health.
So, what is my plan? I want to be productive again. That’s going to be my main focus: I’ll try to make posts about things I am working on. Ideally, I’d post daily, but mental illness makes simple things very tricky to accomplish. I will try my best. I also intend to write articles and advice. That’ll be great to practice writing essays and to help other people. I want to read more books because it helps to keep me sane, and to write book reviews. I want to get my shit together, and to inspire people to get their shit together. Hope you’ll stay around for that.

The Zodiac Signs’ Deeply Buried Truths and Dreams

To understand a zodiac sign’s motives, you must understand the workings of their mind and heart. Dreams and ideals can help to grasp their patterns of behaviour which would otherwise be inexplicable to us. 

*use sun, moon or dominant sign

The Fire Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

A fire sign’s fantasy world begins where the fairytale book ends. It’s a realm of romance and myth. In fact, the fiery signs mythologize everyday-life to a large extent and transform their reality into a stage where everybody plays their part. Their fantasies can be quite black and white, full of clichés and old and well-known tales. When their lives lack drama, they simply project their brilliantly colorful dreams onto the people or situations in their surrounding. They can not stand the grey dullness of the emprical world and their minds are the best escape.

The Aries’ fantasies are of a quite chivalric nature as, deep down, they are knights in shining armor looking for a noble cause or a damsel in distress. For them the Age of Courtly Love is not over and they live according to the rules of the Round Table or the Order of the Garter as their dreams revolve around honour, loyalty and praise. Aries needs adventure, a lost cause to participate in, a war to fight, a heart to win back, otherwise they grow cold and experience psychic indigestion.

Leos love to create myths and stories concerning their self. They are highly idealistic and envision a world where good is purely good and bad is purely bad - they don’t really see grey shadows or the subtleties of human nature. The lion wants to be the hero or the heroine, anyone really who is respected, looked up to and appreciated. Their dreams are full of romanticism and love they pour into their beloved subjects/children/objects of affection and about the tenderness they receive in return. 

Like their arrows, Sagittarius’ visions are aimed at some distant future or a faraway possibility. In the centaur’s dreams nothing has limits and their abilities and possible journeys are endless. It’s hard for them to cope with people telling them that something is impossible because they strongly believe that every goal can be reached, no matter how absurd it sounds. What really drives a Sagittarius are unexplored paths, unexplicable mysteries and a sense of anticipation that lingers in the air. Because of that boundless realm in their head, the centaur understands that life is meaningful and that everything teaches a lesson and encourages growth but the light of their visions can rarely be transformed into reality. 

The Earth Sings (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

The fantastic and uncomprehensible world exists for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn as well but unlike the fire signs, earth signs tend to not recognize it as a part of their actual life but as something supernatural. They are terribly afraid of disorder which is why most of them will opress their imagination and dreams rather than embrace them. And while they know almost everything about the world surrounding them, spirituality and fantasy have the potential for them to come to terms with their inner self. They probably really need and want to retreat in a realm of dreams but they often feel too occupied with everyday-life and therefore guilty “wasting” their time drowning in fantasy. 

Taurus needs to escape into a world of beauty from time to time. When the reality is too cold or things just do not seem to work out, they like to drown in things which are exquisite and beautiful, either physically or with their mind. If they can’t have their real piece of luxury they like to think about times when they will or had and just generally knowing about all the art in the world, like paintings, music or good food keeps them going. They are one of the most sceptic signs and the ones who value the known and reliable most, so it is most likely that their dreams revolve around something they can actually capture with their senses.

Virgos are quite romantic and imaginative souls but they are not idealistic like most of the water and air signs. Their minds are neatly and orderly arranged knowledge gained through quiet observing and silent curiosity. Their oftentimes cold or brusque exterior is a protection for the possible gunshots reality could take at them. Their safe haven is a mind that has a resolution for every situation, where every thing is coloured and structured in its realest, most detailed form to shut out all dangers from outside. Virgos wish the world were a more equal and better place but they have to protect themselves before they can help others.

Achievement to Capricorn is what romance is to the fire signs. Without goals and challenges, a Capricorn can grow cold and be thrown headfirst into depression because this unfriendly world can not offer him meaning anymore. The most mysterious of the earth signs, known as ambitious, working and plodding, is a magician, a chaser of mysteries in disguise. A true Capricorn knows how to make peace with the earth, and, in the end, all their hard labour is just a steppingstone to a more profound, reflected and introspective side to their nature. Once they have learned how to live in this world, they can use their newly found freedom to pursue their love of the mysteries, which, for them, revolve around all the energies that govern life.

The Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

Air signs are the children amongst the zodiac and there is no one quite so familiar with the existence of wonders like a child. They have an incredible emotional depth and are incurable romantic at heart. Every emotional experience they make is profound and meaningful and immediately valued as one with an idealistic outcome. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius lack a certain worldliness because they seem to understand nearly everything. But all the mysteries and secrets of the world can only be understood by them when matched with a correlating system like religion or occult. They need to understand in order to be sane which is why some mysteries (the truly inexplicable ones) will never cease to fascinate but scare them.

A true Gemini is an eternal child. The world will never cease to overwhelm and amaze them and they will make it their life-long mission to gather broad and comprehensive knowledge about it. Geminis learn for the sole delight of self-taught wisdom and quenching that unbearable thirst that seems to be part of their nature. In-depth analyses are something you will not ever see a Gemini make because there is so much the universe can still teach and they simply have no time to think about something for too long. So it is no suprise that the twins are the least introspective of the signs, the vast pool of wonders around them is more important than sitting down and thinking about one’s own motives.

A Libra’s life is seen through a tinted glass that shows all the bauty it can contain. Like the true children of Venus that they are, Libras seek the Beautiful, the Good and the True and their dreams revolve around a world in which every being has their perfectly fitting counterpart and ordinary life is lifted to idealistic heights. Most of them feel like a part of them is missing and will never stop believing in finding perfection in form of a worthy companion, fulfilling job or just general happiness. Their quest for the Good and Beautiful can seem like hollow flattery to the more sceptic signs like Capricorn and Scorpio but dreamers will appreciate their efforts to preserve fantasies rather than destroy them with a brutal truth that is rarely ever absolute anyways.

Aquarius’ ideals mean everything to them and they would gladly give their life for the realization of their dream about universal love, equality, a brighter future. Without the ideas of an Aquarius, no real progress can take place, like their symbol the Waterbearer they offer the water of life to humanity. Their dreams are their ideals and their ideals are their reality. But while Aquarians always have an inept sense of the big picture, they lack comprehension for the personal and that makes it incredibly difficult for them to not only be humanitarian but also a fearlessly feeling human.

The Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

To the water signs everything is motivated by feeling as they move in the world with instinct, at home with what is irrational and inexplicable. Their reality is made entirely from what they feel and they subconciously assign an emotion to literally everything. Their own world contains a whole universe of dreams and fantasies and they mean so much to them because they are stuffed with profound truths that are part of a water sign’s core personality. They oppose the logical and rational values of our time and the processes of the intellect which are typically assigned to the air signs. They speak the language of the heart or  gut (which is a water sign’s most powerful tool).

Like their symbol the crab, Cancers’ home is the border between earth and water.They need the security of dry land like commitment, promises and truths but they also feel a strong pull towards the depths of the ocean of imagination. Their dreams and longings oftentimes revolve around stability, being needed and loved and the emotional subtleties underlying their fantasies are important for a Cancer’s personal and introspective growth. But individuals born under this sign are painfully self-protective, so do not expect them to talk to you about their secret longings and even if they do, be aware of them not telling you the whole truth. 

While the element of air is idealistic, water signs are more realistic and especially Scorpios know that ideals are important but life is different. They are as sensitive as their watery companions and possess the same emotional awareness but they can not afford romance because they are painfully aware of the human nature not only being great but also very animalistic and vicious. No other sign understands the shadows of being human as good as Scorpio and no one accepts and embraces the darkness as willingly. After all, there is nothing else to do. What really drives this sign is the will to make something of themselves as they want to find the profound truth of their being.

Pisces is the true sign of the mystic and they desperately need and are aware of another reality, a magical, elusive world which makes ordinary life meaningless. A lot of people born under the fishes are deeply religious (not necessary in an orthodox way) as they hold on to practices that are concerned with a side of life that is uncomprehensible, vast and profound. Unlike their watery fellows, Pisces’ sensitivity and deep wisdom about the futility of human behaviour is focused more outward and people with this sign are generally not as concerned with their own well-being and more focused on the hapiness of those around them.

my approximation of St Vincent in an 80s anime
i love my new wacom tablet, i’ve been drawing a ton, so expect to see a lot of my artwork!

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In this post, I’m going to talk about the study methods that have worked for me and that I learned during my time at UCLA!

(see another post like this about being healthy here)

Short Term Productivity

  • Use a stickynote/index card and write a couple goals for today only. Don’t write too many or you will feel overwhelmed! Stick it on your laptop or planner or notebook (somewhere you will see it)
  • Have a whiteboard at your desk and write down things you need to remember (like a simple equation or some vocab)
  • While waiting for something (the bus, your coffee, the shower to warm up) have something to recite in your head (probably something you already know, but would like to reALLY KNOW)
  • When you read, try to tie big concepts to things you would remember easily (like acronyms or symbols) like for example i remember gen chem oxidation as OIL RIG: Oxidation is Loss (of electrons) and Reduction is Gain (of electrons) and I remember the first four unordinary hydrocarbons from Me Eat Peanut Butter (lmao): Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane

Longer Term Productivity

  • Plan out your weeks!!! Plan when you will study on each day of the week and keep track of due dates
  • Make it a habit to do homework/assignments AS SOON AS YOU CAN (like right after you snack or something after classes)
  • Try not to think about how long you will study and rather think about the number of topics you will study
  • Don’t stop until you feel confident in your knowledge OTHERWISE YOULL JUST LOSE IT IT ALL 
  • Keep your notes organized because you never know when something is gonna bite you in the butt again in the future
  • Review everyday. Like, Serioouslyyyy. It helps a lot.
  • Read before going to bed instead of being on your phone for 400 hours :C I THINK ITS TRUE THAT THE STUFF YOU READ BEFORE BED STAYS WITH YOU BETTER BC YOU GET TO SLEEP ON IT
  • Try to keep your area quiet or have only white background noise because if someone is talking about the weather and you’re studying math, best believe you’ll only remember the weather

Reading a Textbook

  • Most of the time, you don’t need to read the introduction paragraphs.
  • Read the bolded titles to see what you will be getting into
  • Before class you can skim lightly!! It will help you not feel lost in class
  • AFTER CLASS you will now FOCUS YOUR READING ON WHAT WAS SAID IN CLASS because most of the time, class-covered topics ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT! save yoself some time!!
  • When reading after class, do NOT just read. If you go over something that makes you go ??? in even the slightest way, read it again to understand. Look it up. Do it in THAT moment because you’re gonna forget to do it later.
  • If you don’t wanna read the whole darn book because ur lazy (like me) or you are cramming, READ!! THE!! SUMMARY!!! 
  • The back of the book might have some seriously useful appendixes 
  • Try not to skip the diagrams and pictures lol they’re there for a reason

Taking Notes in Class

  • dont be on your phone or whatever during class time Like actually PAy attention because if you learn it now, you won’t have to try to learn it again later (you can be on your phone later)
  • Take down everything written on the boards FOR SURE because if the professor/teacher thinks it’s important to write it, you better think it’s important too
  • Be an engaged listener! Don’t let it slide straight thru ur head
  • Try not to scribble your notes so you can read it later
  • Make CLEAR HEADERS for the topics so you can find those notes quickly
  • Def make friends in class in case you miss something on the notes ://

Doing Practice Problems and Homework

  • Homework is seriously a great study tool because your instructor assigned that FOR A REASON (aka it’s prob gonna be tested on)
  • Try to know what you are doing before you start the homework so that you don’t feel lost as heck doing it
  • When doing practice problems, if you have the answers, don’t be afraid to look at the answer the first time around if you don’t know how to do it. IVE SELF TAUGHT MYSELF SOOOOO MUCH by just looking at the answer to a question.
  • Don’t memorize how to do the practice problems, you should memorize the method of solving the problem and understand each step clearly (and understand WHY you do that step!!!) just in case the test pulls some funky stuff on you
  • The more you can do, the better. But don’t be sleepy and do them because you won’t really retain anything

Other Random Things

My organic chem professor actually did a funny study on sleep and test scores. He said on his final exam he asked “How many hours of sleep did you get last night?” 

and like obviously the more hours of sleep reported, generally the higher the student scored on the exam


WHEN YOU SLEEP AND HIT THE REM CYCLE, YOUR BRAIN PROCESSES THE INFORMATION BETTER and it will really stay with you. So yall need to sleep. Don’t do the all nighters. You won’t remember anything

anyways like nike you should Just Do It

I hope you guys find this useful!! Remember that everyone has different needs and preferences, so take these tips as just tips and not rules!! Experiment with things, see what you like best, see what gives you the best scores. 

Good luck with everything~ thank you for reading!


Childhood Signs of Being a ‘Natural-Born-Witch’

Whether it runs in your family or you are self taught, a witch is a witch is a witch. Many practitioners of the craft do, however, show signs of the gift in early childhood. For people born in families either unfamiliar or opposed to the craft, these signs often go unnoticed, neglected (or in the worst case, punished). For those who are familiar, it can be heartwarming to see a child take after you, or at least witness a free spirit thrive. 

Here are common signs NBWs sometimes experience as children :

Odd dreams/sleep habits:

*Not to be confused with any underlying health conditions* I’ve heard many people say that one of the earliest signs that they (or their parents) noticed was abnormal dreams or sleep. Although all children usually experience odd dreams/nightmares/sleepwalking, there may sometimes be more too it than meets the eye. This can start anywhere from the infant stage to young adulthood. For me personally it started out as “sleepwalking” while still in the crib, which later turned into strange dreams and eventually clairvoyance. Chronic or reoccurring odd dreams are probably the most common sign for many. Dreams with strange figures, creatures, individuals, symbolism, or even unfamiliar languages and deceased ancestors are potential flags. 


Children getting Deja Vu in excess, or having the ability to obtain strange knowledge from seemingly nowhere may be showing signs of clairvoyance. This goes beyond basic intuition. Clairvoyance can manifest in many different ways. It could be from dreams, or simply getting “feelings” (good or bad vibes)  in certain situations. This typically gets stronger throughout puberty, but may develop much earlier or later in some. 

Strange obsessions:

  A child taking a natural interest in witchy things is a pretty solid sign. For instance, when I was in third grade I became completely obsessed with herbal medicine for no apparent reason. I was just great at memorizing plants and their uses. Other common obsessions may be the supernatural in general, or perhaps the use of certain symbols in art. Young children may scribble pentagrams or other symbols they feel drawn to in excess. A child may draw strange or reoccurring art of otherworldly places, things, and beings. 

Imaginary friends:

*not to be confused with symptoms of mental illness! This is most common with very small children that typically outgrow it. Older children who ‘keep’ imaginary friends are usually evaluated by medical professionals to insure health.*

 When people think of imaginary friends they often imagine a pegasus or a quirky, colorful character. These would be considered normal to most, but some “imaginary friends” could be described as… unsettling. A child may claim to speak to one or many different imaginary friends. These beings are sometimes described as resembling people or animals that once existed. A child may also describe what these characters say and do. Children may mysteriously have knowledge about something odd, and claim that their “imaginary friend” informed them. There are some who believe that small children can easily see through the veil, and therefore are able communicate with the other side more effectively than adults. 

Strong empathy:

Signs of being an ‘empath’ can start very young. Children with the ability to easily tame wild or feral animals may be using these skills to do so. These children often come off as being mature for their age. They are usually levelheaded and caring of others. Their understanding of emotion may also make them good at lying, or occasionally manipulative. Negative energy affects them very badly, causing stress. This often causes these children to be more fond of animals than other children. Children with strong empathy usually enjoy pleasing others and making others happy. They thrive best in positivity and don’t take criticism well. This trait follows children into adulthood and can sometimes be difficult to manage. 

Other General Signs:

A deep love for nature. A highly active imagination. A fascination with the unknown or supernatural. The urge to heal. An effortless respect for plants and animals. Appearing to be ‘lost in their own world’. A natural knack for herbalism, divination, ect. Seeming wise beyond their years. Abilities that appear otherworldly. Creating strange superstitions or stories, and probably much more that I haven't covered. 

Feel free to add on if you like

Spinning! I am still an amateur, self taught animator but I love making little animations like this, even if they’re so rough. I’m just practicing and trying to not focus on making it look perfect but rather just trying to get the movement down. Only 11 frames just me having fun ^.^

Miraculous Ladybug, of course XD