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The Self-Pub Miniseries: Part 2 – The What

Alright, kids, here’s the second part to the awesome extended version of the self-publishing series. Last time, I talked about why you might consider self-publishing to trade (AKA traditional) publishing. Now, I’m going to talk about what you’ll have to consider.

Many writers who choose the route of self-publication often make the mistake of assuming it’ll be as simple as clicking “publish” and waiting for the masses to swarm and fall in insta-love with the book.

I mean, that would be cool, and allegedly this has happened for the rare few, but I haven’t personally witnessed this (‘witness’ – I’m not sure why I chose that word).

More often, in every case I’ve read about, self-publishing is constant work, and it’s not the same work it’ll be a year from now. Because publishing is changing constantly, the self-publishing road is as well. However, the what that we have to consider never changes, even if how we consider them does.

Here are the whats you can always rely on when it comes to self-publishing:

  • Genre/Category
  • Editing
  • Synopsis
  • Title
  • Cover Art
  • Paperback Formatting
  • Digital Formatting
  • Pricing
  • Publishing Time
  • Where & How
  • The Big Papa – Marketing & Promoting

Whew. Alright, let’s unpack all of this business.

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All for the Game” series by Nora Sakavic

This trilogy, beginning with “The Foxhole Court” is everything I’d ever wanted in a series.  

Meet Neil. He’s sad, lonely, and adrift. Newly alone and on the run, he turns to the only thing in his life that’s ever made any sense: Exy.

A sport as brutal as it is exciting, it’s the only thing Neil has ever learned to want. When a coach from a Class I school comes calling with a chance to play in the college circuit, Neil is powerless to say no.

Enter the Foxes: a ragtag group of damaged and deranged young people with only two things in common: heartbreak, and the love of the game.

Kevin Day, a disgraced former champion and a dangerous figure from Neil’s past promises him a future of fame and glory Neil knows he wont live to claim. Worse, Andrew, team psychopath, dares Neil to believe in tomorrow. 

Can Neil face his past and gain the chance to grasp at his future?

The only place to find out is on the Foxhole Court.

Warnings for graphic violence, sexual violence, alcohol and drugs, homophobic slurs

Photos by Laura Mae Beckerdite
The Oxymoron of Self-Publishing
When I first heard the phrase 'self-publishing,' I envisioned myself at a printing press: paperbacks flying across the garage while my ink-stained fingers desperately tried to stuff the little rascals into boxes.

Good piece.

Historical fiction and fantasy author, Prue Batten, is a pioneer in the field of self-publishing in Australia. I asked Prue for her thoughts on the self-publishing industry:

“In respect of self-publishing, it is that visionary, exciting, forward-thinking move that has enabled good independent writers to prove beyond measure that they haven’t needed the tick of approval from the mainstream system to make their mark. Quite simply, they have something credible, entertaining and marketable and which has resulted in legions of readers who wait impatiently for the next book from those writers. Being independent enables the writer to explore the far-flung corners of subject matter, niche stories that step far outside the square, but that are cloaked in exactly the professionalism and more, that one has grown to expect from the traditional publishing world.”

I’m not sure what to do with Cosmic Callisto. Honestly It kills me that my book is not on shelves on a book store. I really want to start working towards making this a reality. But Im not sure which course of action I should take. Should I hire a literary agent or should I get someone to help me put together a wuery letter and I submit it on my own?Or should I print the book myself and try to get it into stores on my own?

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Bellani wasn’t one of my favorite Maxwell sister, and a lot has to do with how she treated Emma in Blindsided. She was kind of a bitch there, and she no problem with how she acted. As you can tell, this is Bella’s story. We know that she’s the wild child of the bunch, and she has no qualms until her birthday. At this point she starts to flounder over her life decisions, she wants to change, but doesn’t know if she can. Of course, this all changes after her attack. While the old Bella was unafraid and a sense of invincibility, but a new Bella emerges and who is not as confident and scared. At one time she believed to be impenetrable, but she’s finds out she’s like everyone else. Definitely a hard pill to swallow. During most of the story, she kept mainly to herself and hiding from everyone even Cedric, even though Cedric was taking care of her.

Now I liked Cedric. He’s pretty awesome throughout the story. Basically, a reform manwhore wanting one girl. He was basically trying to figure out how to get girl to be his. Granted he received his chance, probably not the form he wanted, hey was willing to work with what he’s got. Anyway, he was a pilar when Bella needed someone to be there. However, she kind of put herself in that situation. Yes, everyone recovers at their own pace, but she probably should have gotten counseling right away.

Overall, I liked Bodychecking. I thought it was a good read, and a pretty solid story. However, there were a couple of times I did have a few concerns on how the story played. One of them was when Cedric and Bella were intimate. Granted it wasn’t right away, but I know I wouldn’t be able to do what Bella did without the counseling that would help. However, I did like how Riley did talk with Bella about getting counseling, because he understood what she was going through. I think those who enjoyed the previous Sockeyes books will enjoy this. Plus, we get to meet Ice’s little brother, and I can’t wait for more of his story. Overall, I did like how Jami address a sensitive subject. It’s not always easy to read a story with an attack on a character. She even got me to like Bella more than I did at the start.

Copy provided by author via Tasty Book Tours.
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Cover it up!

Cover it up! or I’m drooling over my book cover already and it’s not even finished yet.

As I’ve said before I’m heading into self-publishing territory but what I didn’t say was I’m doing things a little backwards. I’m running my manuscript through Critique Circle now to edit it and tighten it up. I’m still researching marketing strategies and how to approach self-publishing as a whole. I haven’t chosen a copyeditor yet. Yet I am working on a cover. Or rather having a cover worked on…

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Comikaze 2015: Indie Creators Share Self-Publishing Experience - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News
By Michele Brittany, SoCal Correspondent Why is self publishing so important? On Saturday afternoon at Stan Lee's Comikaze, the panel Indie Creators, Unite! A Guide to Self-Publishing explored that question. Moderator Fanboy Comics’ Managing Editor Barbra Dillon was joined by Siike Donnelly (Solestar, The King of Neverland); William Orr (Hunter Black); Kevin Bieber (Man vs. Rock); Bryant Dillon (Identity Thief, Something Animal); and Madeleine Holly-Rosing (Boston Metaphysical Society, Kickstart for the Independent Creator: A Practical and Informative Guide To Crowdfunding). Why is self publishing so important? The panelists cited several reasons: “I can be innovative and creative,” Donnelly said. “It’s easier to do when you self-publish.” Orr said that he could do his own thing and more importantly, he could own his project and do what he wanted with it. Bieber concurred citing he was able to work on projects that he could not do elsewhere. Owning one’s IP was crucial: Bryant Dillon used the example of Joss Whedon, who made more money with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along than with The Avengers. Holly-Rosing agreed and added that by owning her own IP she could expand it as she wanted.
Extended shelf life: Downtown library's high-tech, equipment-rich DIY center
MakerSpace is a place for tinkerers, builders, authors, musicians, actors, designers, artists and dreamers.

Love these stories about ways libraries are reinventing to become more important to their communities. Self publishing and the DIY movement are closely aligned. And libraries are great places for self publishing authors.

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Okay, I thought that Katie had gone off the deep end with her villain in Secret Obsession, because we saw him in the inner walls of Red Stone. So, we have the villain roaming the halls, and he has an obsession of Raegan Taylor. Who doesn’t love Raegan, I mean she’s sweet, wholesome, farm girl living in the city. She brings out the protective side of people, especially Ford Burke.

Along with the budding romance of Raegan and Ford, we also have a secondary relationship going on Ruby and Montez. Ruby is Julieta friend and co-worker at the lingerie shop, and Ruby has a crush on Julieta’s brother. Since they’re not Red Stone employees they wouldn’t get their own story and Katie manage to fit them into the story. She did a pretty good job.

Like always Katie had me wondering who this mystery stalker was, and had me a little creeped out, because he had access to the building. I wonder how she’s going to top the creepiness with the next Red Stone book. Other than being creeped out by the stalker, I did like the romance between Raegan and Ford. It seem like it was moving fast, then again Ford has been secretly trying to find the courage to ask her out. He’s a little guy shy after his last girlfriend, and his issue almost ruin his chances with Raegan. Good thing she has overprotective relatives to knock sense into Ford. Overall, a pretty good read. I have to say, Katie made me thinking about the villain and how we don’t what know who’s who when we interact with people.

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Sorry for poor quality. I don’t have a very good cam. Words, music, arrangement, instruments, vocals, film and ink sketches by Porcupine Strongwill.


LYRICS: Do you think of me
the way I always think of you
at the oddest realms of time?

Do I fill your mind
the way you always do with mine,
Painful, pathetic, but perfectly fine?

But I guess you don’t;
you’ve already turned away;
no reason at all to stay,
a hummingbird brought astray.

And I know I don't—
no need to look ‘round twice
to tell I’m a spot on your dice;
better hide behind the ice,
run away from lies.

If once before
you thought of me instead of her,
the moon will cry for us tonight,

till morrow brings
a hopeful sun burning bright,
assure my soul everything will be alright.

Though I can’t change hist'ry—
what has happened happened,
meant to trip when we met,
so I’ll forget regret.

I can’t change what’s been:
you’re now a part of me,
the gleaming silver streams
flowing in my deepest dreams.

A year from now, or two
my heart will laugh as blue
relishing lavish youth—
they say I was in love with you,
but what they say is not quite true:
I’m still in love with you.

© Copyright 2013