so today in college my friend was like 

“if you could meet one celebrity and talk to them for an hour, who would you pick”

so straight away i said Louis and she was like “which ones that, the blonde one?”

and before i could even answer another girl was like 

“no he’s the one with brown hair who looks really gay”

and then the guy was like 

“he is gay isn’t he?”

and I just sat there like wow I taught these bitches well

Things 'Heat' Up...

It was sometime after midnight when Sam finally fell asleep. She lay sprawled out on her bed in a tank top and boxers with the sheet half coving her. It was incredibly hot that night, so she had two desk fans circulating the air and the window cracked open. Her room was mostly clean save for discarded clothes and empty cans of soda on the floor, her dresser was covered in knick knacks and other junk. The only light in the room came from her open window and the soft glow of her cellphone on the nightstand.