1. Remember to treat yourself with respect and love.
2. Nourish your body and mind with your own positivity.
3. Fill yourself with clean, healthy foods, and only clean, healthy foods. Do not forget the beautiful way your body radiates when you fuel it with goodness.
4. Swallow the unnecessary negativity that swarms your mind. Never allow the negativity outside of your person; allow your love and positivity to rid you of all negativity, until one day it no longer grows inside of you.
5. Allow only light to enter. Some people create darkness, but you decided whether or not it dims your light.
6. Be kind. Always. Malice is not comedy: remember that.
7. Appreciate the breathtaking people you are blessed with everyday. Constantly remind them how much you love them (because everyone needs that reminder sometimes). Depend on these wonderful relationships.
8. Be confident within yourself. Accept the fleeting feelings of loneliness. You are an intricate masterpiece and in time people will appreciate your wonder.
9. Show respect and kindness to everyone, but especially those who are going through trying times. You have experienced similar circumstances. Use your positivity to surround them with hope.
10. Remember that when you are content within yourself, it will draw people to understand and appreciate the real you. Do not search for meaningless relationships.
11. You do not need to know who you are. In time that will come. You are constantly developing and evolving, but you must ensure that you develop and evolve into a blessing, not a curse.
12. Drink a green drink once a week. Think of all the aspects of the Earth that went into making you that drink.
13. Plant at least 10 plants this year. The Universe does so much for you: make sure you return the favor.
14. Volunteer. Redirect your time doing meaningless things and put that toward something useful. This will not only help those in need, but you as well.
15. Tell your mom that you love her every day.
16. Never go to bed angry. Do not let unhappy things fester inside you. Release them and fill yourself with forgiveness and acceptance.
17. Be more understanding, and less judgemental. Let people be where they need to be without reacting outrageously or negatively. Remember that what is inside a person means more than what is outside. Do not make blanket judgments. Look beyond stereotypes.
18. Highschool is temporary. Who you are in the real world is what really matters. Developing and loving yourself is more important than popularity could ever be.
19. Pray everyday, even if you are unsure of who you are praying to. Nourish your soul.
20. You create your destiny. You are in charge of your future.
21. You are not boring or weird for being kind and loving.
22. It is okay to cry. It is okay to be sad. It is not okay to wallow in the black hole of self pity. Life is beautiful and everchanging. Certain things are beyond your control. You must surrender and let go, knowing that as much as it may hurt, it is meant to be.
23. Do not be controlled or consumed by jealously. You are a different human and you will achieve different things.
24. Tell you bestfriend that you did well on your paper. Be proud of yourself and others, and do not feel shame in sharing proud moments.
25. Do not dwell on the past. Do not forget what has happened, but do not let it haunt you and do not use it to haunt others. Things happen, but you must always know how to move forward.
—  25 Things I Learned in 2015 (source christieuno)
I don’t know how to make poetry out of this.

I know how to make poetry about him leaving.
About the gaping hole in your chest where someone promised they’d stay.

And I know how to make poetry about the seasons changing,
And the color of her hair,
And of never feeling good enough.

I don’t know how to make poetry about hating my body.
About how it feels like living in a prison cell decorated by your own demons.

The mounds of flesh feel as though they want to crawl outside of your jeans,
as you quietly scream at yourself, shrink, shrink, shrink.

I don’t even know where it came from.
I don’t remember making a decision to see myself as the enemy.
And yet here I stand with a gun pointed at my own reflection.

The only poetry I can see in this
will be the revolutionary act of accepting and loving myself.

There’s so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself without hoping someone will fall in love with you along the way, and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. You need to fill yourself up with love. Not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own. Go on adventures, fall asleep in the woods with friends, wander around the city at night, sit in a coffee shop on your own, write on bathroom stalls, leave notes in library books, dress up for yourself, give to others, smile a lot. Do all things with love, but don’t romanticize life like you can’t survive without it. Live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t any less beautiful.
—  Emery Allen
Be Present. Make love. Make tea. Avoid small talk. Embrace conversation. Buy a plant, water it. Make your bed. Make someone else’s bed. Have a smart mouth, and quick wit. Run. Make art. Create. Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain. Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes. Learn. Know your worth. Love fiercely. Forgive quickly. Let go of what doesn’t make you happy. Grow.
—  unknown
It doesn’t matter who you used to be; what matters is who you decide to be today. You are not your mistakes. You are not your mishaps. You are not your past. You are not your wounds. You can decide differently today and at every moment. Remember that. You are offered a new opportunity with each breath to think, choose, decide and act differently in a way that supports you in being all that you are capable of being. You are not less than. You are enough.
—  Unknown
When you think that you are doing well or poorly at something, check in with yourself. “Is there anything I can improve on?” is a good question to ask yourself. So is, “Am I being too harsh on myself? Does this really make me the worst person in the world or does it make me human?” It’s good to challenge yourself in ways that are productive and appropriate. It’s not good to fall apart because you feel you’re not living up to challenges self-imposed or otherwise.
When you run after your thoughts, you are like a dog chasing a stick: every time a stick is thrown, you run after it. Instead, be like a lion who, rather than chasing after the stick, turns to face the thrower. One only throws a stick at a lion once. -Milarepa
Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving for excellence. Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth. Perfectionism is a defensive move. It’s the belief that if we do things perfectly and look perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgment, and shame. Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around, thinking it will protect us, when in fact it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from being seen.
—  Brené Brown, Daring Greatly