adjacent-rainbow  asked:

Sorry ignore that last one. Does your oc have a backstory? How did you come up with her design?

She does indeed ! Im terrible at fleshing out stories, but she is probably one of my more together characters. Her story begins living through mundane life and overall just being tired of the world. You can see if you zoom in she has scars on her arms from her past, she’s gotten to the point where she isn’t trying to actively end her life but still deals with bouts of depression and anxiety. She gets into an fatal accident that should have killed her but her parents pleaded for the doctor to do anything to save her. The doc stole one of her senses (smell) and infused her with a life source, which is a stubborn lil spirit dude ! The story from there becomes a visual representation of depression. There is a lot of self growth that happens over the course of the timeline, as well as supernatural mischief and some cool abilities.

Design wise, she always had obscenely long hair. Its poofy and unruly and after she gets entangled with her spirit every time she cuts it off it poofs back to the same length ! The blue ringed motif has pretty much been there since the beginning. When I first had the idea of her, I reached out to the wonderful missymoobell ! Her current design has changed mostly body and personality wise.


Please, do not settle. You are deserving, in all of you beauty, in all of your pain, in all of your happiness, in all of your flaws. Don’t make excuses for someone’s lack of love. There will never be a valid enough reason. You deserved to be loved, for everything you were, for everything you are & for everything you will be. Sincerely, E.V. Rogina // @evrogina

Everything is temporary.

And in that moment I knew that what came next was going to be the hardest and most trying few months of my life. But whoever sticks by my side for it are true friends that are about to witness the biggest change one could witness. As the person I’m about to become will be world’s better than who I am. And who I am is already galaxies away in being better than who I was.
—  I’ve never been more scared in my entire life