Ok, so its confession time again..

I am very shy to talk about my personal problems publicly but I have been really struggling to keep it together these last few months. Personal tragedy (including a sudden death in my immediate family and one of my closest friends/supports moving far away) depression, vitamin deficiency, anxiety/panic attacks and all those fun ptsd issues have been draining my focus and energy. I’m finally piecing myself back together but now I find myself running behind on my bills after months of being in a mental fog. My financial situation has unfortunately become rather urgent.

I’m not asking for any charity, but I could really use a boost in Etsy sales to help me have money for rent and other expenses next month! is well stocked with all my usual items, including made-to-order custom plugs, skull pendants and skull terrarium kits.
I’m also working on some new ethically scavenged bone and feather jewelry that I will be available as it is completed and as always~ custom requests are open!
Your support for me and my work is continually appreciated, especially during my struggles with mental illness. My ability to make things and create joy by sharing them with others is not only sustains me financially but keeps me hopeful mentally!

Please check out the new items in my shop, and even if you can’t purchase- reblogging my product posts so I can reach new potential customers would be greatly appreciated!

Much love and many blessings to you!
Xo Jean


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Stiles x Reader

Summery: Stiles comes home after a long day at work to find someone in need of a little attention


Stiles sighed as he let himself into the house, not bothering to turn on the hall light as he shrugged off his coat and kicked off his shoes, letting the greasy overalls with Stilinski stitched on the front pocket fall around his waist. The smell of something delicious hung in the air as he made his way to the kitchen, smiling when he saw the sticky note on the microwave.

“You’re too good to me babe.” He mumbled, heating his food, searching for a beer as he waited for the beep.

He slid the plate onto the breakfast bar, sipping from the beer bottle as he grabbed a fork from the drying rack by the sink and flipped open the laptop sat on the side. He ate quickly, checking up on what everyone was doing before he dumped everything in the dishwasher.

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numbertwooflorien  asked:

I'm writing a story and can you write dialogue or suggestions for a scene where Person A finds out that after like 2 years of marriage Person B is actually evil?

“What do you mean you have a lair in the basement?!”
“I have a lair in the basement.”
“Because you’d be upset that I moved your boxes into a fort.”

“So, I guess it’s time to tell you. This is my partner-in-crime and-”
“Wait, crime?”
“I’m a criminal mastermind, yes. Did I forget to mention that when we got married two years ago?”

“Well, that’s kind of my job.”
“Your job?!”
“Yes, I’m a self employed assassin.”

5 Reasons Why You Should be Self-Employed (Self-Employed Saturday #3)

Being self employed is defiantly not for everyone. When it comes to being in the creative field, working for a company means you are given more structured tasks. More than likely if the company hired you as an animator, then you will be animating, and not in charge of ordering catering for the client, or taking care of the company’s taxes.  When it comes to being self employed be prepared to have full control. The job doesn't  end with just filming an event. First you must find the client, discuss pricing with the client, do the job, discuss revisions, and finally bill the client at the end. A self-employed artist sees the whole picture as opposed to just a small portion of it.

If being in charge of the full process sounds fun to you then self employment may just be the right now career choice for you. Here our 5 reasons why you self employment may be the answer for you.


1. You are free.

You are the schedule maker . Want to take a vacation for a week? Then do it! Do you need extra money to fund that vacation? Then take on extra projects! This sense of complete freedom may be a little daunting to some, but if it sounds like something you can manage wisely then you could be on the verge of a dream job. Typically a person’s life has to revolve around a job. Where they live, when they wake up, what they do for work, etc…is all decided with that 1 job. With self-employment your job will revolve around your life. The choice you make, wither good or bad, will affect the job you have. Chose when you wake up, when you go to bed, where you live, who you work for, and more.


2. You get full value.

Typically working for the man means that the man is getting the full credit for what you did. Being self-employed means you follow the project through from start to finish. This means you can take full credit on the hard work you put into the project.  Being employed means that you only get a small portion of the full value of the project. Working for yourself though opens up the full reward to you and your team. 

3. You open up new career options.

To some people starting out freelance may be their only option if they want to get paid for doing something they enjoy. A lot of larger companies want their new employees to have 3 or more years of experience. Well how do you gain that three years if no one will take you? One option is to apply to work for smaller companies with lower pay and will have you doing jobs that don’t push your creativity. The second option is to begin marketing yourself to anyone and everyone you know. Pick up some smaller jobs and build up. This not only will build your experience credibility, but also may lead you on a path to clients offering the projects you dream to do.


4.  You will learn more.

This might scare away some people, but if you are the type of person who always wants to learn new things, and be on top of the game then this should be extreme motivation for you to become a freelancer. Using a videographer as an example. Not only does freelancing require you to keep your shooting and editing skills top notch. You must also stay up on the current trends in your market to advertise your skills, stay up to date on current cameras and gear, bill clients, pay for assistant videographers, and keep records for taxes. Essentially, once you start freelancing you become a business. If you can’t run your skills and services like a successful business, prepare to fail.


5.  You can keep your day job.

Being self-employed doesn’t always mean that you must give up your 9-5 job. I know many freelancers who work a part time retail job on week days, and do photography at night and on weekends. This can be a win-win combination for some. Not only do you get the stability and benefits of your day job, but you also get to make some extra money doing something you love. Keep in mind that this option is not for everyone. Some businesses frown upon their employees freelancing on the side. You should check with the boss before pursuing extra work.

Being Self Employed is not for everyone. Join us next month with 5 reasons to why you SHOULDN’T be self-employed.